IDOLA Valentine Stream Recap

General Announcements

IDOLA Stream Recap

It’s time for another stream recap! This time the main topics were Chapter 4 of the story, new characters including Valentine Seasonals and Idola switching Development Studio.


EP2 Record 4: Clash

A new chapter in the EP2 saga starts with Record 4: Clash. We return to Aero to check on Mint and Clemens. But this reunion as per usual does not go down smoothly.


Main Update Changes

The patch coming on the 19th of January will contain the following changes:

  1. After completing EP2 Record 4: Clash the Hero / Heroine will go to Limit Break +2
  2. Melvi, Zola [EX] and Shannon [EX] will be added to the Permanent Character Pool. This includes the daily Free 10 Pull
  3. You can now pull 50x and 100x on the Arena Gacha Banner to speed up the pulling process.
  4. In Descent Quest on the lowest difficulty you can use a Support Partner and the required Team Score to participate has been lowered.
  5. Descent Medal rewards and mission rewards are increased.


Development Changes

New Main Developer

Starting from February 1st, 2021, Japanese developer Appci will take care of developing new content and running Idola. Sega will still stay the publisher and will still be monitoring the game. The main lead of Idola will now be Yoshioka Ken (not to be confused with PSO2’s YSOK).


Planned Changes

After announcing the developer changes, they laid out 6 major changes upcoming for Idola under their development:

  1. A new Radio Show called Popona Radio
  2. Improvement on various pieces of content
  3. Upwards revision for existing characters
  4. The Free Daily 10 Pull will be replaced to a 1 Pull, but will now contain Star Fes characters
  5. Increased Star Diamond gains
  6. A story content addition in each update


New Characters

Matilda, Victoria’s Personal Maid

Victoria’s closest bodyguard and caretaker, Matilda, is a feisty Lycan warrior. She seems to have a some sort of past with Lise.


Mirabel, Astraea’s Silent Aide

Astraea’s aid, Mirabel, appears as a new playable Wind Bard! Her main strengths lie in her insanely potent heals, max HP increase and other Support Effects. She also features the now playable Idola Fenrir!


Sasha [EX] Provokes You To Get Her EX

Stella’s personal Knight and faithful friend Sasha finally gets her own entry in the EX series as a Fire Knight! She features a new Provoke that has a 100% chance to Provoke non-Fire targets.


Lisa [EX] Targets In On The EX Series

Watch your step… as Lisa [EX] is coming as an Earth Shooter! Now featuring an upgraded Sniper Stance which goes through Damage Reduction Support Effects! Just make sure not get in her line of fire...


Farley [Lieutenant Pâtissiere], Sweet Soldier

Getting in the Valentine mood, Farley [Lieutenant Pâtissiere] comes in action as a Water Soldier!


Another Valentine Seasonal?

Another Valentine seasonal was teased, but no details so far. Who could it be now?



Wind Tower

After a long hiatus, the high difficulty element tower returns with a Wind tower. In these quests you are only allowed to bring characters that have the Wind element. Clearing it offers various rewards including exclusive IdoMag Banni!


Ranking Weapons And SP

New ranking weapons have been announced. For SP it stays the currently running Atlas Agria and Atlas Agria EX. For regular arena the weapons will cycle to Star Smasher Scaler and Sacred Star Smasher Scaler! There will also be an SP held for valentine featuring another new IdoMag Debidebi


Valentine Limited Quest

Enjoy a new Limited Quest featuring the both the Aries Knights and Canceed Principality’s Valentine celebration! Rewards feature a new soul symbol featuring Giselle called First Valentine and a weapon symbol named Angelic Heart!


Daily Login Stream Commemoration

As a commemoration to the stream, rewards will be given out daily in your present box after login! The login period starts and ends at 12:00 JST each day:

  • 13th of January ~ 14th of January → Platinum Doll (x1)
  • 14th of January ~ 15th of January → Limited Doll (x1)
  • 15th of January ~ 16th of January → Star Diamonds (x1.000)
  • 16th of January ~ 17th of January → Limited Doll (x1)
  • 17th of January ~ 18th of January → Platinum Doll (x1)
  • 18th of January ~ 19th of January → Star Diamonds (x1.000)


New Years 10.000 Star Diamond Campaign

Starting on the 19th of January, gain upwards of 10.000 Star Diamonds through logging in! Get 1.000 on the first day and 500 each day afterwards.

Login Period

  • January 19th, 2021 ~ February 7th, 2021 @ 12:00 JST


New Year Star Diamond Return Campaign

Gain rewards based on the total Star Diamonds spent by all players in this period!

  1. 50 Million Star Diamonds → Star Diamonds (x300)
  2. 100 Million Star Diamonds → Limited Doll (x1)
  3. 150 Million Star Diamonds → Star Diamonds (x500)
  4. 200 Million Star Diamonds → Platinum Doll (x1)
  5. 250 Million Star Diamonds → Star Diamonds (x500)
  6. 300 Million Star Diamonds → Limited Doll (x3)
  7. 350 Million Star Diamonds → Star Diamonds (x700)
  8. 400 Million Star Diamonds → Star Diamonds (x1.000) and Platinum Doll (x3)

Login Period

  • January 19th, 2021 ~ February 18th, 2021 @ 12:00 JST


Popona’s Gacha Challenge

The staff held a Gacha Challenge where based on Popona’s Gacha pulls players got rewards. After some coercing the new chief Popona got this for the players:

  • Guaranteed 5 Character Gacha Ticket (x1)
  • New Years Gacha Ticket (x15) 
  • 10% 5 Fire Character Gacha Ticket (x1)
  • 10% 5 Water Character Gacha Ticket (x1)
  • 10% 5 Wind Character Gacha Ticket (x1)
  • Platinum Doll (x3)
  • Limited Doll (x1)


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