Idola Phantasy Star Saga Ver 2.12.0

Version 2.12.0

Version 2.12.0 of Idola Phantasy Star Saga will be arriving soon with Story, QoL, Balance Changes and more!


Maintenance Notice

Maintenance Period

After the maintenance period, you must update to version 2.12.0 of the app to play.

※ Please refrain from creating an Idola before maintenance.
※ Battles interrupted before maintenance cannot be resumed after maintenance because of the balance changes.
※ Brigade Battles will be suspended on the day of maintenance. The next set of Brigade battles will start September 28th, 2021, @ 2:00 (JST).


Content Updates

EP2 Record 9: Phoenix Part 1

A new chapter in the EP2 saga starts with Record 9: Phoenix Part 1. Where we last left off Cromwell’s defense was taken care off. Giselle is getting taken to the battleship in preparation for cave’s revival. Stella is going in pursuit using the water tower to her advantage.


Permanent Gacha Additions

The following characters will be added to the permanent lineup of characters:

  • Sasha [EX]
  • Luther [EX]
  • Lisa [EX]
  • Melissa [EX]


Free Dream Star Festival Additions

The following characters will be added to the once a day 1 Free Pull Dream Star Festival lineup of characters:

  • Farley [1st Lieutenant Pâtissiere]
  • Luther [EX]
  • Melissa [EX]


Shop Lineup Updates

Hero’s Insignia Update

  • ★5 Character: Coco Rock
  • ★6 Arena Ranking Weapon: Star Striker Scaler


Star Beast Medals Update

  • ★6 Idola Ranking Weapon: Skvarl Orbit


Event Updates

Awakening Character Step Up Gacha

Awakened to their full potential, Uly [New Power] and Giselle [Phoenix Wings], arrive with full force to take down Dark Falz Cave!

Gacha Period

  • September 28th, 2021 After Maintenance ~ October 12th @ 12:00 (JST)


[Paid] 10 Pull All ★5 Gacha

The next incarnation of the 10 Pull All ★5 gacha is here. This time the pickup units are Gerda [Seaside Imperial Princess], Popona [Celebratory PR Agent] and Matilda! 

Gacha Period

  • September 28th, 2021 After Maintenance ~ October 10th @ 12:00 (JST)


Improvements and Balances

System Improvement

Batch Gacha Ticket Use

You can now use up to 10 of any single Gacha Tickets at a time when pulling on a compatible banner!

※ Even if a normal 10 Pull would guarantee at least 1 ★4 pull, pulling with x10 single Gacha Tickets will not.
※ The bonus item obtained for pulling a 10 Pull is not available when pulling x10 single Gacha Tickets.


Added Automatic Story Playback

You can now make the story play by itself using the “Auto Playback Function” (オート再生機能)! You can now also hide the message window using the “Message Box Hiding Function” (メッセージウインドウ非表示機能).


Spoiler Check Functionality

The game will now give you a popup if the Fate Divergence story you are reading contains a spoiler for things you haven’t seen in the main story yet.

※ This popup will not appear if you have seen the chapter of the main story in question.



Story Quest Difficulty Adjustment

Difficulty of some story quests will be lowered so more people can clear it. The chapters in question are:

  • Episode 2 Record 7: Turbulence
  • Episode 2 Record 8: Truth


Character Upwards Revision

Various characters are getting a buff in version 2.12.0:

  • Adjusted the stats to match EP2 characters.
  • She now has various [Super Fastest] priority abilities that support your allies with healing effects and Support Effects.
  • This is especially strong on her Neutral B where [Super Fastest] Co-Star is in play.


  • Adjusted the stats to match EP2 characters.
  • Her self buffs will now be bigger than before and these buffs can also not be erased anymore.
  • Her kit is built around building up power through self buffs to then do a power Elemental Blast that scales with Reverse Rush Level!


Gerda [Christmas]
  • Adjusted the stats to match EP2 characters.
  • Increased the amount of element that she can create.
  • Chaos now has more Curse scaling and deals % HP damage.



Database manager for IDOLA bumped

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