IDOLA Phantasy Star Guide

Getting Started

Welcome to the Idola Phantasy Star Saga Guide! This guide will focus on helping you learn the ins and outs of the game.  You can download the game at the link below.

Initial Start

Tap the center to enter the main game, or the button in the left corner for other options.

Transfer and Support

  • データ引き継ぎ | Data Transfer
  • キャシューをクリア | Clear Cache
  • お問い合わせ  | Help Desk
  • プライバシーポリシー | Privacy Policy
  • 権利表記 | Copyright Notice

The next screen informs you of how much space you’ll need to download the game files.
Once this is done you’ll enter your first “Story Gacha” by opening the book.

You’ll receive rewards such as Characters, Weapon Symbols, and Soul Symbols. You can read more about these in the toggles below.

Soul Symbols Have Green Frames

Each character has a slot for one Soul Symbol. Items of this nature generally increase stats or recover HP when certain conditions are met.

For example, this Soul Symbol activates when you defeat Wind element enemies. This will increase your attack power by a certain percentage in the next turn. However, this will occur once per quest.

Weapon Symbols Have Blue Frames

Each character has a slot for one Weapon Symbol. Items of this nature generally increase stats. For example, this Weapon Symbol increases the following stats:

  • HP (0 ~ 0)
  • ATK (3 ~ 10)
  • DEF (1 ~ 10)
  • SPD (0 ~ 0)
  • Values are based on Weapon Symbol Level.

Weapon Symbols are fragments of ancient weapons that have crystallized or fossilized.

The Player Registration screen asks you to first input your name and your birthday.

  • 名前 | Name
  • 誕生日 Birth Month 月 Birth Day 日

The birthday determines the element of the main character Uly. Please take note that you will not be permitted to change your birthday within the game.

Game Tutorial

Within the tutorial, the arrow will point towards the 戦闘開始 Battle Start button indicated by the two clashing swords. After the battle phase is complete, it will then point towards a red icon next to Uly. These icons are known as skills. They become available once a character’s element reaches certain values.

Skills are powerful attacks or effects that become available at certain elemental values. While normal attacks (golden icons) can be used freely, skills (in red, blue, & green icons) will enter a cooldown phase for a certain number of turns after they’ve been used.

Long tap on any red/blue/green icon to learn more about that skill.

LV: Level

対象: Target

使用間隔: Cooldown

[Speed] Effect Description [# of Turns]

Some skills like Stella’s Shifta-Deband require that you select a target.

LV: Level

対象: Target
(味方単体: 1 Ally)

使用間隔: Cooldown

[Fastest] Increases Ally’s ATK by 20% (2 Turns)
Increases Ally’s DEF by 20% (2 Turns)

You might have noticed an elemental icon next to each character.

Elemental Affinity

  • Fire is strong against Wind, but weak against Water.
  • Wind is strong against Water, but weak against Fire.
  • Water is strong against Fire, but weak against Wind.
  • Earth is strong against Earth, but weak against Earth.

Performing actions or killing the enemy will increase the elemental value. If you wish to raise it faster, try attacking them with the stronger element.

When a character’s element reaches a high enough value, their elemental icon transforms into a crest. Tapping on this will allow you to activate their [Elemental Blast].

An action-packed cutscene will commence with your character performing stylish attacks. Even though Elemental Blasts are quite powerful, they will however deplete the character’s element.

Stella’s mother “Anna-Marie” will guide you through choosing the next story quest and setting up the party. From here she’ll ask you to choose a player that will go into the support slot [サポート枠] of your party.

Prior to going out on a quest, the enemy’s main elements will appear at the bottom.

Enemy Tendency | Recommended Lv

Initially you can only choose Stella, but in subsequent quests, you should choose a player on the right hand side that has an element that’s strong against the enemy’s.

On the left side of your screen are parties of Law and Chaos. You can select characters with the Law [ロウ] alignment to fill the four white slots. Characters with the Chaos [カオス] alignment will fill the black slots in the back of this screenshot. At this point in time, your Law and Chaos parties will be created automatically.

Once your parties of Law And Chaos have been made, you’ll gain access to a new attack called [Reverse Rush]. This will allow you to switch to the party of the opposite alignment.

  • Chaos Reverse Rush: Lowers enemies’ DEF.
  • Law Reverse Rush: Reduces damage received from the enemy.

You can also stack Reverse Rush up to three times for more potent effects and increased damage. This is shown at the end of each turn when a glowing orb fills up an empty slot. If you want to achieve the most damage, you should wait until all 3 slots are filled.

Main Menu

Main Menu Guide

1 Your player name and rank. When your rank increases, your DRIVE is restored and the DRIVE CAP is raised. Press the + button to access the drive restoration screen.
2 Your current Meseta
3 Your current Star Diamonds. Press the [+] to purchase more with actual money.
4 Opens the News menu.
5 Opens the Friends menu.
6 Opens the Achievements screen.
7 Opens the Presents screen.
8 Party Setup, Support Setup, Grind Characters & Raise Their Rarities
9 Obtain Characters and Symbols Through the Gacha
10 Purchase Symbols with Meseta, or Trade in Items for Other Items
11 Browse Items, Reread the Story, Access Options
12 Form the Brigade, View Enrollment Requests.
13 Access the Quest Menu
14 Access IDOLA Battles