All About IdoMags


IdoMags are now in IDOLA for you to raise and help your party!

You can have 1 IdoMag per Law and Chaos party. They can boost the party’s strength and reverse rush effects. You can make them grow and gain [Growth Points] by feeding them [Symbol Fragments] and [Personal Meals]. This will help them gain special abilities.

Here are the first few IdoMags!

Canis Minor “Bow” Lynx “Cat” Lepus “Rabii”

Increases the chances of landing a Critical Hit in a Reverse Rush!
Can help land the final blow!

Increases the amount of HP healed to all allies in a Reverse Rush!
Can also heal Status Effects!

Gives the chance of inflicting [Numbness] during a Reverse Rush!
Can help out in a pinch!


Growing an IdoMag

Step 1 – Feeding the IdoMag

You can feed you IdoMag and it will also grow over time.

Step 2 – Feed and Growth

When you give your IdoMag food, the Feed Meter will increase. While the Feed Meter is filled, the IdoMag will eat and grow.

As the IdoMag eats, the Feed Meter will go down. If the Feed Meter is at 0%, the Idomag will stop growing.

Your IdoMag will eat more and grow faster when you clear quests, play in the arena, participate in Idola Battles, etc.

[EneGummy] is a nutritional snack for IdoMags. When they eat it, the rate at which they grow increases.

They also can eat any unwanted [Symbol Fragments] you have.

Strengthening an IdoMag

Step 3 – [Growth Point] Assignment

As the IdoMag eats, it will gain EXP and Level Up. As it levels up and gains more HP, the IdoMag will get [Growth Points].

You can allot [Growth Points] to the following 4 stats; [ATK], [DEF], [SPD], and [Special].

Increasing an IdoMag’s [Special] level will allow them to get [Special Abilities].

※ An IdoMag’s [Special] stat only affects if a [Special Ability] is unlocked or not.

Step 4 – Ability Setup

An Idomag has 2 types of abilities [Special Abilities] that they get from leveling their [Special] stat, and a [Extra Ability] that they can get from a [Extra Ability Kit].

Both types of abilities can be removed any number of times, so feel free to change the abilities to your liking.


Further Growing an IdoMag

Step 5 – Max Level Increasing

You can raise an IdoMag’s Max Level (The highest being Lv. 100) by feeding them [Moon Candy]. It comes in 3 phases; [Cresent Moon], [Half Moon], and [Full Moon].

There is no pre-requirement to raise an IdoMag’s Max Level (ex. Hitting the current Level Cap, etc.), so feel free to give them a [Moon Candy] if you find one.

Once an IdoMag hit Lv. 100, it will get a [Special Ability Gauge].

Every time the gauge is maxed out, one of the IdoMag’s Special Abilities will be strengthened!

When an IdoMag eats, it will increase the gauge instead of gaining EXP.

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