Main Menu Guide: Idola Phantasy Star Saga

Main Menu

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フレンド Friends   イドラバトル IDOLA Battle
実績 Achievements イドマグルーム IdoMags アリーナ Arena
プレゼント Giftbox キャンペーン開催中 Boosts クエスト Quest

Organize / Grind Menu

Organize Party
Organize Support
Organize Idola
Strengthen Character
Fate Divergence
Remove Character
Character List


Strengthen Character

(Elemental Blast)
(Limit Break)

Press the [+] sign to select the character you wish to strengthen.

Level Up

Leveling up your character requires both meseta and items called [EXP Books]. Each book comes in one of the four main elements of the game. The higher the star rarity, the more EXP the book will provide to the character.

The character will receive even more EXP than normal if they use a book that matches their element. There’s also multi-elemental books that provide bonus EXP to any element.

You can find EXP Books in Daily Quests

Elemental Blast Leveling

You can strengthen the power of your elemental blast by trading in item drops from enemies. Each character requires specific materials found in a variety of quests.

  • Daily Quests: Randomly drops elemental blast materials.
  • Free Quests: Check each quest’s reward icon for the material you need.
  • Special Quest: Tends to drop materials for the class it’s boosting.

Sometime you’ll have to play further into the Story before some items begin dropping.

You can find these materials in Daily Quests, Special Quests, or Free Quests.

Limit Break

Limit Break allows you to further enhance your character’s stats beyond their maximum values. In order to perform this action, you’ll need an extra copy of the character. This copy will be removed from your roster. Tap the [Empty] space to begin!

Limit Break also has the added benefit of raising the element at the start of battle.

Each character can perform up to 4 Limit Breaks.


Another way to Limit Break a character is by use of Dolls. Dolls allow characters to limit break without using an extra copy of the character! These dolls come in 2 forms:

  • Limited Dolls only allow characters with the tag “Limited” on their character cards to limit break.
  • Platinum Dolls allows any character to limit break (with the exception of Uly).

To do a limit break, you need 10 of the respective doll.

Destiny Bonus

Another way to improve your characters stats is by the use of Destiny Bonus. You unlock this if you have a character of which you have 2 different fate divergences. The amount of stats you gain is based on the sum of your limit breaks between those fate divergences. So if you have a no fate Melissa of limit break +3 and a chaos version of +2, you would gain a destiny bonus of +5. A few characters are not capable of earning destiny bonus:

  • Levi
  • Mikasa
  • Eren
  • Uly
  • Rappy

Rarity Rise

You can increase the rarity of your character by providing them with Starstones. These items can be found either by [Removing Characters] or through [Achievements].

Rarity increases the level cap of the character only if the character is at max level.

Removing Characters

All of your current characters will be presented in a grid. Tapping on a character and pressing the confirmation button twice will remove them from your roster. In return, they will present you Starstones upon their departure.

3 Star Characters Give:
4 Star Character Give:
5 Star Characters Give:

Organize Symbol

Strengthen Symbols
Symbol Creation
Symbol Disassembly
Sell Symbols
Symbol List

Symbols are separated into two categories ウェポン (Weapons) and ソウル (Souls). These items can be attached to a character to provide them with stat bonuses and effects (in the case of Weapons) and conditional effects (in the case of Souls).

Strengthen Symbols

The interface is organized in the following manner from top to bottom:

  • シンボル総数 (Total Amount of Symbols)
  • 所持数 (Amount Held) \ ウェポン (Weapons)  \ ソウル (Souls)
  • Symbol List

Symbols that are grayed out indicate you don’t have the required amount of materials. Symbols with the green 使用中 text shows the item is in use.


Symbols require fragments of the item you wish to strengthen.

Strengthening a “Claymore” sword requires items called “Claymore Fragments,” while strengthening the “Lucky Star” soul requires items called “Lucky Star Fragments.” In other words, you’ll need to have fragments that have the same name as the item you wish to strengthen.

For example, the screenshot above displays the following message:

  • In order to strengthen this [Symbol] you’ll need the following.
    • Meseta: 600 (Current: 101,626)
    • Claymore Fragment 3 (Current: 1)

Since I do not have the required amount, I won’t be able to strengthen the [Claymore] symbol


Fragments can be found from quest drops or through [Symbol Disassembly]

If you have a Symbol that can only be obtained through the Gacha, then you’ll have to play the Gacha again to get multiple copies for [Symbol Disassembly].

Press the blue buttons to level up your Symbol. As the symbol becomes stronger, new special abilities will attach granting bonus stats like ATK or SPD.

Universal Fragments

Another way to upgrade symbols is through the use of rare Universal Fragments. You can use these fragments instead of using the regularly required fragments. You can see if you have enough fragments with the little symbol next to the regular required amount. Before using them you’ll get a confirmation box. The fragments come in form of universal weapon and soul fragments:

Symbol Creation

This menu allows you to create [Symbols] using the fragments you’ve found on quests or through disassembly. You can press the tabs at the top to switch between the ウェポン (Weapon) and ソウル (Soul) lists.

Item Name  
(Fragment Cost)
(Current Fragments)
Meseta Cost

This menu shows up only if you have enough fragments and meseta for the symbol you’re creating. Just press the blue buttons to confirm.


Symbol Disassembly

This menu allows you to disassemble symbols for the purpose of creating fragments. Recall that in order to strengthen a specific symbol, you’ll need fragments that share its name. Tap on the symbols you wish to disassemble and press the glowing 分解 button at the bottom to confirm.

Symbol fragments share the same icon of the item you wish to disassemble.

A “broken plate” icon will display in the top left corner to indicate that this particular item is a fragment of a symbol. Press the blue button to complete disassembly.

イドマグルーム IdoMag Feeding イドマグ強化 IdoMag Reinforcement

To find out more about IdoMags, read up about it here!

Shop Menu

Item Exchange
Daily Shop
Star Diamonds
Feature Expansion

The Item Exchange menu allows you to trade in certain materials for other items.

  • ラッピーの羽根交換 (Rappy Feather Exchange)
  • 星獣の勲章交換 (Idola Medal Exchange)
  • スカウトバッヂ交換 (Scout Badge Exchange)


Rappy Feathers drop from Rappies. These enemies appear randomly in quests.

You can receive Idola Medals in the following ways:

  • Rewards for having your IDOLA beat 25/50/75/100 people.
  • Monday’s Weekly Ranking Rewards for battling other players’ IDOLA.
  • Monday’s Weekly Ranking Rewards for your IDOLA beating other players.


These are awarded when you play the Gacha without using a gacha ticket.

Daily Shop

In this shop the lineup changes every day at 5:00 JST to random new stuff and can even feature a Gacha Ticket or a Small Star Stone! 

Star Diamond Shop

You can purchase [Star Diamonds] with real-life currency. Special sales have red banners.

Feature Expansion

Here you can expand the max amount of [Characters] or [Symbols] you can hold.

  • キャラクター最大所持数拡張 (Max Character Expansion)
  • シンボル最大所持数拡張 (Max Symbol Expansion)

Camp Menu

Here you can re-watch past story scenes or change certain game options.

  • 閲覧 (Browse)
    • 所持アイテム一覧 (Your Item List)
    • 回想 (Scenes)
  • ヘルプ (Help)
  • オプション (Options)

Options Menu

The Options menu contains data transfer settings and other game options.

  • 設定 (Settings)
  • 引き継ぎパスワード発行 (Issue Transfer Password)
  • アカウント連携 (Link Account to SEGA ID)

Settings Menu

Push Notification Settings

運営メッセージ Turn ON to activate notices from the game
行動力の回復通知 Turn ON to receive notices when your stamina is completely restored.
出撃回数の回復通知 Turn ON to receive notices when the IDOLA battle stamina is fully restored.
イドラバトル通知 Turn ON to receive notifications for the IDOLA you created.
BGM Volume Slider for Background Music
SE Volume Slider for Sound Effects
VOICE Volume Slider for Voice

一括ダウンロード Batch Download

  • Downloads game data which reduces the amount of online communication and provides a more pleasant gaming experience.

Issue Transfer Password

To transfer your game data to another device, you’ll be required to have either the [Transfer Password] OR [Sega ID]. We recommend linking to your SEGA ID instead of using the Transfer Password method.

Using the [Transfer Password] method requires both the [Password] and [Player ID].

When you issue your transfer password, you will be presented with a screen that lists your Player ID and Password. You have one week from the date that you created this password to transfer it to another device.

  • プレイヤーID (Player ID): ###,###,###
  • パスワード (Password): ######

Install IDOLA on the other device and press the little button on the lower left corner.


Account Link

Players who link their account with their SEGA ID can earn IDOLA points for PSO2. Linked accounts will have a much easier time with transferring their account to another device.

Device transfers with the [SEGA ID] method requires linking IDOLA to your SEGA account.

Install IDOLA on the other device and press the little button on the lower left corner.



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    1. Tap on name/level on main menu, then on profile screen, bottom left has character icons, left/right, self explanatory from there.

  1. Can you transfer an account from iPhone to Android? Because I want to buy the monthly ticket on the android, and then go back to the iPhone. Also, is there a risk for me getting banned because I transferred device in a short amount of time?

    1. Yes you can. I’ve done this several times to purchase packs from the shop. You need to link your account with your sega ID though.

    1. To transfer data you must register your account to sega ID and you can find the table to input the Sega ID in botom left in the title.

  2. Hi. I am trying to link my account but I do not know how to unbind from my old device. I have no access to it anymore too. Can someone help me with this?

    1. Did you bind it using a SEGA ID? If its with a SEGA ID you can just click on the bottom left button on the main menu, go to link SEGA ID and login there.
      If its not by SEGA ID and you lost your device transfer password, you probably have to contact sega. They generally dont respond to English emails though, so you probably have to make it in Japanese.

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  4. Ok so Uly’s element is our birthday date based.

    But what about SZN2 Hero/Heroine??

    How do u change their element?

    1. Same as Uly. You can also just change both Uly and Hero’s element by going to the home screen -> clicking on your profile in the top left -> then one of the buttons at the bottom right is gender and element. You can choose there.

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