IDOLA Summer Stream Recap

General Announcements

Resource Gain Adjustments

To reconcile some of the critique given, various places will get improved rewards!

Increased ways to earn Star Diamonds:

  • Clear Reward for the Story Quests in Collection Quests
  • Added as a Clear All Missions reward in Idola SP
  • First Clear Reward for Descent Quests
  • Added as Ranking Rewards for the New Gamemode

Increased Ways to Earn Dolls:

  • Clear Reward for the Final Story Quest in Collection Quests
  • Added as Ranking Rewards for the New Gamemode


Permanent Gacha Lineup Update

The lineup of characters in the Permanent Gacha Lineup get a few new additions!

  • After the update in early August, Giselle and Odette will be added
  • From the EX series, Lise [EX] and Abeille [EX] will be added
  • More additions are coming

There will also be a new type of Gacha Ticket that will allow you to draw for the current new character. This will be implemented when the new line of summer characters come out!


Summer Gacha Tickets

While the Summer Gacha banners are up, you can use special Summer Gacha Tickets! They can only be used on these banners, so make sure to use them before they go away! You can get these tickets through various ways like login bonuses or participating in events.


New Characters

Popona In Search Of Summer Support

Popona [Midsummer PR Agent] joins the summer fun at the beach together with her companion Hatosuke ready to recruit! She now has Element Value Convert and a Super Fastest Elemental Blast to help you in a pinch! She is also now featuring Fire Attribute. Because she is limited, you can use limited dolls to up her limit breaks.


Giselle’s First Summer Trip!

With dolphin in hand, Giselle [Summer Memories] is ready to take a dive! This time featuring Giselle features the Wind Attribute. Her kit includes a strong eb that ignores Damage Reduction.


A Third Member At The Coast?

Another unit is coming along for the summer adventure somewhere in August. More information to come at a later date…


Quna Returns For An Encore!

Introducing the idol series with Quna [Songstress Diva]! Unlike her original form, she now is Water Attribute and comes with a buff unique to the idol series called

which unlike allows you to still act!


Stella Is Ready To Lead The Stage!

The second member of the Idol series features our heroine of the Aries Knights, Stella [Aries Knight’s Diva]! She will try her best to support you when she comes in early September!


Wyndis Joins The Idol Trio!

Jasper’s wannabe Idol sister finally gets her way with her new form Wyndis [Big Brother’s Diva]! She is scheduled to appear early September!


Melvi, The Principality Bodyguard

Defending Lockingham through thick and thin, Melvi enters the fray! She’s a Wind Assassin with the ability to increase the Evasion chance of All Allies and to inflict


Zola [EX] Joins The EX Squad

Dancing through the danger, Zola [EX] joins the fray! She features a dance that increases the power of All Allies. Her Elemental Blast is also very strong featuring a chance to inflict


Coco Rock Charges In From EP1

The guardian of the Mausoleum, Coco Rock, joins to protect Leoria as a Water Knight! He has the ability to give a shield to All Allies that reduces damage taken! His Elemental Blast also has a high chance to


New Gamemode

Brigade Battle

Introducing Brigade Battle! A new mode where you fight large scale battles together with your brigade members against rival brigades! These battles can go up to 20v20!

This permanent new mode features asynchronous battles similar to Arena so its not required to login at the same time with your Brigade. You can battle twice a day and can receive various rewards based on participation!

To participate in Brigade Battle your brigade will need at least 5 members. A few changes to the brigade system will be made when the update comes:

  • Brigade maximum capacity 15 → 20
  • You can only be in 1 brigade instead of 2
  • Whatever 2nd brigade you were in will be removed
  • A new function will be implemented to replace inactive brigade leaders

The amount of party slots you have will also increase from 8 to 10 to facilitate the addition of the new mode.

Brigade Battle will be split into several phases:

Phase 1: Preparation Phase

  • In this phase you will make your lineups for the Attack and Defense Teams

Phase 2: Matching Phase

  • Here your opponent brigade will be chosen. You cannot change your lineup after matching, so make sure its correct.

Phase 3: Attack Phase

  • In this phase you can choose any 2 opponents from the Enemy brigade and attack them

Phase 4: Preperation Phase

  • You receive your reward based on participation and result
  • You can then change your lineup as you will
  • If you dont want to change, you can re-enter the matching phase

In the Preparation Phase you can design your Attack and Defense team. You can also choose a Bonus Flag, which gives unique boons to your team!

How well your brigade does influences their Brigade Rank. These Brigade Rank’s go from Bronze all the way up to Argonaut rank. Matching in the Matching Phase will be based on what Brigade Rank you are and how many members both brigades have.

In the Attack Phase you can choose 2 teams from the opponents defense teams to fight. Based on how many characters you defeat you will earn Brigade Points! The brigade with the highest amount of Brigade Points at the end of the Attack Phase will be victorious!

When choosing an opponent, all of the team but 1 unit will be invisible. You will have to attack them to find out. After attacking people in your brigade can see what team you fought and their status. Your team status and the opponents team status will carry over after the battle, so it might be ideal to scout with weaker teams and clearing it out with stronger ones.

In the Preperation Phase you can check 5 Bonus Flags for both your Attack Team and Defense Team respectively. They have various effects such as boosting characters of a specific Type.

After the Brigade Battle has finished you can collect various rewards. You’ll earn a new currency called “Brigade Coin”. These Brigade Coins can be exchanged for various things in the Melissa Shop like Platinum Dolls, Special Symbols and even an all new Type Enhancer that allows you to strengthen a characters specific Type! You can boost Brigade Coins by using special boosted characters.



Summer Gathering Quest

To celebrate the summer event, a Limited Gathering Quest will be held featuring the largest amount of characters so far (including summer characters)!


Idol Collection Quest

With the release of the idol characters comes a special Gathering Quest “Aries Knight’s Red And White Live”! It features 2 idol groups, the female trio called the “White Compass” and the male duo called “Northern Lights”. Following later in August part 2 of the Gathering Quest “Vandor’s Summer Vacation”!


New Dangers Descend Into Descent Quest

A Hydra Type Idola called “Diabolos” threatens Vandor in this new addition to Descent Quest! Exchange Descent Medals to get the new Unique Weapon “Aqua Gladius” based on Coco Rock’s sword. There is also a chance to drop Torbjorn’s staff “Balor Gaze”!


Twitter Retweet Campaign

Retweet this tweet and follow the official twitter for a chance to be one of the 10 to earn 10.000 Star Diamonds! Retweeting to certain milestones also helps getting various guaranteed rewards!

Campaign Milestones:

  • 1000 retweets → 100 Star Diamonds
  • 2000 retweets → 100 Star Diamonds and a Limited Doll
  • 3000 retweets → 100 Star Diamonds and a Platinum Doll

Event Period

  • Stream End ~ July 17th, 2020 @ 23:59 (JST)


Arena Summer Team Campaign

Compete actively in Arena to earn various rewards like Universal Fragments and Dolls!

Participation Rewards:

  • 10 battles fought → 1 Half-Moon Candy
  • 20 battles fought → 1 Universal Soul Fragment
  • 30 battles fought → 1 Universal Weapon Fragment
  • 40 battles fought → 1 Limited Doll
  • 50 battles fought → 1 Platinum Doll

Event Period

  • July 20th, 2020 @ 00:00 ~ August 3rd, 2020 @ 00:00 (JST)


Summer Illustration Contest

Celebrating the summer event an art contest will be held! Send in Idola art with a Summer Theme using the hashtag #イドラの夏2020 to have a chance to earn 3000 Star Diamonds! There will also be rewards given out to everyone based on the number of participants.

Participation Milestones:

  • 10 entries → 3 Gacha Tickets
  • 20 entries → 3 Summer Gacha Tickets
  • 30 entries → 1 Limited Doll

Event Period

  • July 14th, 2020 @ 23:59 ~ August 8th, 2020 @ 23:59 (JST)


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