IDOLA Second Year Anniversary Stream Recap

General Announcements

IDOLA Second Year Anniversary

It’s time for the second anniversary of IDOLA! Celebrate this momentous occasion with a massive 20 events!


EP2 Record 3: Reunion

Explore the new chapter in the EP2 story! Find out what’s happening in Canceed’s headquarters, what’s up with the Capricorn’s Zodiart and have a heartwarming reunion with Anna Marie.


New Characters

Lindsey, Commander Of The Canceed Principality

Lindsey introduces a new class, Commander! Commanders special ability Attack Command allows all allies to attack at the end of the turn. She’s of the Earth element and has a high notation aoe eb. She also is the holder of the Zodiart Capricorn!


Crula, Mad Scientist

Inventor of the Andromeda Idola, crazy scientist Crula enters the battlefield as a Soldier and is Fire Element! Just like Jasper and Wyndis, they have a multi-personality disorder changing their personality entirely based on the side you choose. Naturally they have access to Alter Ego and even a special version of their Idola, Arch Gemini! Their eb has the highest notation in the game coming in at a massive 1100! 


Popona [Celebratory PR Agent] Toasts With 0% Apple Cider

Celebrating another year of IDOLA, Popona [Celebratory PR Agent] is ready to party! This time fitting with her celebratory dress, she’s Water Element. Her buff applies Symbol Activation Up, which allows symbols to proc an additional time. Her eb is also a very cheap aoe, which gives a big stat buff to all allies. 


Gerda [Witch Of Leoria] Is Ready To Trick Or Treat

The Elder Princess bewitches you once again with her new appearance, Gerda [Witch Of Leoria]! This time she is Wind Element. Just like with her Christmas getup, she has Element Value Convert. This time however, she has a new buff Witch’s Blessing! Her eb is a powerful Single Target that has a special effect where based on the element of target. If their element is 6 or higher, you lower theirs by 2 and increase your own by 2. But if they have less than 6, you get to do another EB!


Nicole [EX] For Hire!

Dragon-bearing mercenary Nicole joins as another entry in the EX series! This time she features the Earth element and has a heavy focus on Provoke and other sorts of debuffs.


Mirabel, Astraea’s Silent Aide

Working together with Astraea, Mirabel seems to silently be researching something…


Chairman Of Canceed, Victoria

Chairman Victoria, leader of the opposition in Canceed, is the arch nemesis of Canceed’s Leader Lockingham.


Grand Duke Of Canceed, Irene

Grand Duke Irene is the elder sister of Lockingham and the official lead of Canceed. She rules from her throne room while being connected with red tubes all across her body.


Lambridge, Chief Of The Military

Strategic Leader of the Canceed Army, Lambridge is one of Lockinghams close aide’s.



Idorappy Comes With Presents!

With the second anniversary many freebies will be given out such as the free character Idorappy, more than 110 Second Anniversary Tickets and over 5000 Star Diamonds as well as other various rewards!


Gerda Makes A Mag-nificent Entry

Various Gathering quests will be (re)ran during the event period. There’s also a special Anniversary Arena Gacha, Idola SP and Arena SP. Various rewards include a Gerda idomag drawn by the Yuru Idola artist and 2 new ranking weapons.


Super SP Missions

Complete weekly Super SP Missions that reward you various things! There’s also special Gathering Quests that have a new Idomag “Idorappy” and a new soul symbol!


Anniversary Tournament

A tournament between different groups of characters will be held! Vote on your favorite team to get them to win!


Yuru Idola Manga

After the many adventures Uly and Stella have had you can finally purchase it in this padded E-book available for preorder soon for 850 Yen (excluding tax)!

Preorder Period

  • October 14th, 2020 ~ November 27th, 2020


Log-in Rewards

Enjoy various different log-in rewards during the duration of the Second Anniversary including many Dolls and Star Diamonds!


Twitter Retweet Campaign

Retweet this tweet and follow the official twitter for a chance to be one of the 10 to earn 10.000 Star Diamonds! Retweeting to certain milestones also helps getting various guaranteed rewards!

Campaign Milestones:

  • 1000 retweets → 100 Star Diamonds
  • 2000 retweets → 100 Star Diamonds and a Limited Doll
  • 3000 retweets → 100 Star Diamonds and a Platinum Doll

Event Period

  • Stream End ~ October 20th, 2020 @ 12:00 (JST)


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