IDOLA PSO2 Station + Stream Recap

Story Announcement

PSO2 Station + Idola Recap

During the final PSO2 Station + an IDOLA update section was held with all new info for content coming up!


EP2 Record 5: Karma – Fate

A new chapter in EP2, Record 5:Karma – Fate, comes with update 2.8.0! Meet the Sagittarius Zodiart, Lulutemia, and fight in a fateful battle versus Lindsey where the girls secret is finally revealed…


Meanwhile the Stargate Squad also find their own fateful encounter next to a recognizable wreckage.


General Announcements

Birthday Login Bonus

Celebrate the birthday of your favorite characters starting on 4/16 with Reiner. Get a bonus of 100 Star Diamonds when you login to say Happy Birthday!


2.5 Year Anniversary

The 2.5 Year Anniversary of IDOLA will be held in mid April!


Sleepy Giselle Nerf

Although not announced in the stream, Sleepy Giselle will be nerfed in version 2.8.0.

  • Before: At the start of the final battle, apply Support Effect Removal (1 turn) [Potential Ability] The skill can last for 2 turns. ※ Once per quest
  • After: At the start of the final battle, apply Support Effect Removal (1 turn) with 1 use [Potential Ability] Increase speed by 20% (2 turns) ※ Once per quest

As a compensation 1000 Star Diamonds will be delivered to all users.


New Characters

Lulutemia, Young Ruler Of The Desert Country

Young Queen of the desert, Lulutemia, enters the fray. She has the ability to summon the mighty Arch Sagittarius! She has a Fastest aoe attack that can pierce defense buffs!


Ihelma, 1st Commander Of The Desert Country

Stand your grounds soldiers as the 1st Commander, machina Ihelma, has arrived. She features an Attack Command that applies Numbness to the Targets it hits! Shes also wind element. Just like her leader, she is also a Sagittarius!


Giselle [Memories], Little Bird

Stella [Memories] finally gets a playmate with the introduction of Giselle [Memories]. She features a new skill Little Bird Manage which works similar to Guts, but instead of living at 1HP you prevent death and recover a chunk of HP!


Database manager for IDOLA bumped

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