Idola Phantasy Star Saga Ver 2.9.0

Version 2.9.0

Version 2.9.0 of Idola Phantasy Star Saga will be arriving soon with Story, QoL, Balance Changes and more!


Maintenance Notice

Maintenance Period

After the maintenance period, you must update to version 2.9.0 of the app to play.

※ Please refrain from creating an Idola before maintenance.
※ Battles interrupted before maintenance cannot be resumed after maintenance because of the balance changes.
※ Brigade Battles will be suspended on the day of maintenance. The next set of Brigade battles will start May 26th, 2021, @ 2:00 (JST).


Content Updates

EP2 Record 6: Recapture

A new chapter in the EP2 saga starts with Record 6: Recapture. This time the stargate squad has a vicious shoutout with Luther, who has regained his senses. There’s also the return of Rosalinde and another scheme by the traitorous Kaempfer in wait of discovery.


Tower Quest “Judgment Tower” Pre-opening

A new type of quest will be added in 2.9.0, Tower Quests!

As a response to the survey results asking for more solo content, a solo Tower Quest “Judgment Tower” will pre-open after maintenance! Use your own team to fight through difficult stages and get great rewards! More details about the quest to come later.

Quest Period

  • May 25th, 2021 After Maintenance End ~ June 15th, 12:00 (JST)


Updated Lineup for [First Time Limited] Paid ★5 Character Nomination

The lineup for the nomination gacha will now include 35 new 5★ characters to choose from including Star Fes! This selection includes all characters released by March 2021.

※ Collaboration and Seasonal characters are not available.
※ With the update to the [First Time Limited] Paid ★5 Character Nomination’s lineup, people who have drawn this gacha before are now eligible to do so again.


Shop Updates

Hero’s Insignia Shop

Arena Ranking Weapon
Star Support Virginias
When you apply a Support Effect that increases DEF to a Target, also increase their ATK by 15 (20)% (2 turns).
[Potential Ability] Support Effects that this character casts that last 2 or more turns are extended by 1 turn.

You can now exchange for Star Support Viriginas for 500 Hero’s Insignia.

※ Exchange limit: 1


Descent Medal Shop

When you exchange all 20 “Universal Weapon Fragment (Class)” another 10 will be exchangeable for 7.000 Descent Medals each.

※ The extra 10 fragments will only appear after you clear out all of the 4.000 Descent Medal ones.


IDOLA 2.5 Year Anniversary

Daily Free 10 Pull Dream Star Festival

To commemorate the 2.5 Year Anniversary the current “Daily Free 1 Pull Dream Star Festival” gacha will be upgrade to a 10 Pull! 

Gacha Period

  • May 25th, 2021 After Maintenance End ~ June 4th, 5:00 (JST)

※ During the daily 10 pull the old daily 1 pull will not be available.


2.5 Year Anniversary Step Up Star Festival: Matoi [Innocent Determination]

Matoi returns to the battlefield with the powers of the last 2 successor classes under her belt. She uses a powerful [Super Fastest] skill to both protect and strengthen her Allies making her deserving of being called an anniversary unit! Seeing her try so hard fills you with innocent determination.

Gacha Period

  • May 25th, 2021 After Maintenance End ~ June 8th, 12:00 (JST)


2.5 Year Anniversary Step Up Nomination

Following the 3 selection gacha’s in the Anniversary Eve, another selection gacha will be held featuring all 15 characters featured before!

Gacha Period

  • May 28th, 2021 @ 12:00 (JST) ~ June 11th, 12:00 (JST)


Improvements and Balances

Gacha Changes

Character and Symbol separation

Until now, both symbols and characters could be gotten from the same gacha. Following the update Symbols can only be gotten from the symbol gacha and characters only from the Character gacha. This will cause for a rebalance of the different rarity rates. The end result causes a higher odds to get ★5 characters!

※ All gachas such as the permanent one being held now and limited ones in the future are eligible to these changes


System Improvement

Reduce storage use

In order to help reduce the apps storage use, a new function Reduce App Storage Use (アプリデータ容量削減) can be chosen from the title screen under Transfer/Support (き継ぎ・サポート) and from Game Settings (ゲーム設定).


Fixed Brigade Battle Matching

There was a problem that brigades would fight each other multiple days in a row. This has now been changed so that you can only face a specific brigade once every 7 days.


Increased Party Formation Count

Increased the total of saved party formations from 10 to 12.



Collection Quest Changes

Increased the drop rate for the exchange currency. Also changed the lineup of the exchange shop.

Weekly Descent Quests

Starting with the patch, Descent Quest will go on a weekly rotation changing every Tuesday:


Starting Date DQ
25th of May

Theater Delusion (Fire)

1st of June

Theater Remnant (Wind)

8th of June 

Hydra Diablos (Water

15th of June

Cetus Eclipse (Fire)

22nd of June

Scorpio Abyss (Wind)

※ After Scorpio Abyss (Wind), Theater Delusion (Fire) will be held. The schedule will then just repeat.


Amane’s Special Training Dojo Change

“Amane’s Special Training Dojo” will be changed to: “Weekend Only: Amane’s Intensive Special Training Dojo”. This quest will be held every weekend.

Quest Period

  • Every Saturday @ 0:00 (JST) ~ next Monday 0:00 (JST)

※ Every week the Quest Clear Status will be reset so you can get the “First Clear Rewards” and “Mission Rewards” every week.


Character Upwards Revision

Various characters are getting a buff in version 2.9.0:

  • Adjusted the stats to match EP2 characters
  • Skill 2 (Shifta-Deband) now applies and


  • Adjusted the stats to match EP2 characters
  • Skill 1 (Lion Knight’s Stance) now has a longer duration on and the power of is increased.


  • Adjusted the stats to match EP2 characters
  • Additional effects will be activated on Skills and Elemental Blasts when in making you capable of having stronger attacks.



Database manager for IDOLA bumped

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