Idola Phantasy Star Saga Ver 2.11.0

Version 2.11.0

Version 2.11.0 of Idola Phantasy Star Saga will be arriving soon with Story, QoL, Balance Changes and more!


Maintenance Notice

Maintenance Period

After the maintenance period, you must update to version 2.11.0 of the app to play.

※ Please refrain from creating an Idola before maintenance.
※ Battles interrupted before maintenance cannot be resumed after maintenance because of the balance changes.
※ Brigade Battles will be suspended on the day of maintenance. The next set of Brigade battles will start August 17th, 2021, @ 2:00 (JST).


Content Updates

EP2 Record 8: Truth

A new chapter in the EP2 saga starts with Record 8: Truth. We get the long awaited return of Jasper and his crew in new gowns. More truths about Irene are also revealed.


Scout Badge Additions

Starting with 2.11.0 you can now exchange for Descent Quest Subjugation Scrolls!


  • Subjugation Request [Remnant]
  • Subjugation Request [Delusion]
  • Subjugation Request [Diablos]
  • Subjugation Request [Eclipse]
  • Subjugation Request [Abyss]

※ Exchange limit of 10 per month each.


Brigade Battle “Seasonal Battle” Introduction

A new form of Brigade Battle will be introduced called “Seasonal Battle”!

In the Seasonal Battle event the ranking of the brigades will now be based on battle results obtained during the event period such as points obtained from participating in Brigade Battle and if the total result was a win or a loss. As a ranking reward you will be able to obtain a special frame!

Seasonal Battle will be held starting from August 18th every other season. The rewards will not only be given out brigade wide but also based on individual performance so please do your best!

More details will be posted on a later date.


Event Updates

Principality’s Bond! Irene, Grand Duke Of Canceed

After a long wait the one and only Grand Duke of Canceed, Irene, will be available! As fitting with such a position her class type is Emperor and her idola is Cancer. Her specialty lies in protecting her allies while assisting them with various buffs.

Gacha Period

  • August 17th, 2021 After Maintenance ~ August 31st @ 12:00 (JST)


Judgment Tower Support Gacha

With the next incarnation of Judgment Tower, a new Support Gacha will be held with characters that are good for tower!

Gacha Period

  • August 17th, 2021 After Maintenance ~ September 7th @ 12:00 (JST)


Improvements and Balances

System Improvement

Added Team Organization Restoration

When a team formation would normally get damaged after changing a characters Fate Divergence you can now use a “Restore Formation (編成復元)” button! This will bring the team back to its old state. 

With this you can build teams without worrying about breaking them after Fate changes. If you press Restore Formation it’ll even change the Fate’s back for you so the team will work again!

※ If you change the fate of a character and place them in a different place the formation of the party will not be stored anymore.
※ If you depart with this team before pressing Restore Formation, the damage character slot will be considered empty for that quest.


Added Symbol Organization

You can now apply symbols to a team without a character being equipped in that slot. Due to this change if you remove a character from a slot the symbols will remain.

※ If you apply a character to a slot with a symbol they cannot equip the symbol will be removed.
※ If you only organize a symbol but no character in that slot and depart on a quest, the symbol slot will be considered empty for that quest.


Raised Element Score Limits Arena

The max damage and/or healing required to fill an Element Score bar in arena has been doubled from its previous value.



Ranking Rewards Adjustment

Ranking rewards will be adjusted will be adjusted in arena:

  • Adjusted the amount of Star Diamonds received in each ranking of Arena Battle.

※ This reward update will take place on August 23rd @ 5:00 (JST).


Character Upwards Revision

Various characters are getting a buff in version 2.11.0:

Stella [New Year]
  • Adjusted the stats to match EP2 characters
  • Applies Support Protect to a Single Target with [Super Fastest] priority.


Rosalinde [Christmas]
  • Adjusted the stats to match EP2 characters
  • Counter upgraded to Overcounter and now has Self-Sacrifice.
  • Law now has a chance to apply Freeze to countered targets. Chaos gains [Super Fastest] priority.


Karin [Halloween]
  • Adjusted the stats to match EP2 characters
  • Increased the chance to inflict Terror. Elemental Blast now also deals more damage to targets with Terror applied.


Discontinuation Of Monthly Pass

Sale of the “Star Diamond 4000 Pass” will be discontinued starting from version 2.11.0.

To replace it a new “IdoMag Expansion Pass” will be available.

IdoMag Expansion Pass (120 Yen):

  • Star Diamond (Paid) x100
  • Starting from 30 days of purchase:
    • Obtain EneGummy+1 as a daily login reward
    • Increase IdoMag feeding slots by 1
    • Increase max food meter by 50%

※ Customers who already had an active pass before version 2.11.0 will continue receiving their rewards until the expiration date.
※ Customers who own an active “Star Diamond 4000 Pass” cannot buy the “IdoMag Expansion Pass” until the old pass expires.
※ Customers who have just started playing will not be able to buy the “Star Diamond 4000 Pass” starting from August 13th @ 12:00 (JST).


Database manager for IDOLA bumped

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