IDOLA Episode 2 Pre-Release Stream Recap

Episode 2

Launch Date

After a long wait Episode 2 will finally release on May 21st!

New Story

Start your adventure into Episode 2 with the new story content Record 1: Awakening featuring Giselle with her partner Niu! You can start Episode 2’s story even when if you have not finished Episode one.

New Characters

Giselle, Episode 2’s Heroine

Introducing Episode 2’s Heroine Giselle! She’s fire element with a newly introduced class Striker. She also has a unique new Elemental Blast type called Multi-Step. This Elemental Blast can be used at different element values for different effects, such as Law becoming [Fastest] and Chaos guaranteeing a Critical Hit.

Stella, Head Of The New Aries Knights

Stella returns in all her glory in Episode 2 as Stella [EP2]! Stella acts as the head of the New Aries Knights. With Uly, the squadron captain, she heads into a new battle… She now has a special variant of her Idola called Arch Aries.

Episode 2’s Main Protagonists

Episode 2 introduces a new protagonist! You can enter a name for the character, and choose the gender and element. This time around, the protagonist will be silent. They come with their own idola which is to be revealed…

Uly’s 5* Variant

Uly finally gets his 5* variant that he won in the Community Character Rarity Up vote! 

New Arena Gacha Character, Luke

Luke sneaks in as the new Arena Gacha Character. He is a water assassin.

Rockingham, The Cancer Zodiart

Rockingham is the Prince of Canceed, the General Commander of the nation’s army, and is also the Zodiart of Cancer.

Lindsey, The Capricorn Zodiart

Major Lindsey storms into battle wielding the powerful Capricorn Zodiart!

Farley, The Lieutenant Soldier 

Lieutenant Farley holds strong on the front line. She introduces a new class called Soldier! Comes with low cost skills with side effects.

Melvi, The Principality’s Bodyguard 

Defending Rockingham through thick and thin, Melvi enters the fray!

Demonic Shooter Odette

Odette creeps from the shadows of Episode 1 as an Earth Shooter! She comes with a skill with [Super Fastest] which has priority over regular [Fastest].

Mechanical Idola Andromeda

The new mechanized Idola Andromeda is rearing into action! The red one, Andromeda G is Giselle’s. They seem to be man-made creations…


1.5 Year Anniversary

Celebrate the 1.5 year anniversary of Idola with this new event! Earn [Anniversary Medals] to pull on the anniversary Box Gacha for rewards such as Uly’s 5* variant, tickets and dolls!

Episode 2 Countdown Gifts

Episode 2 will release on May 21st! Until then, a Retweet and Follow campaign will be happening! You can enter be one of 20 people to win a Law or Chaos Hoodie or one of 40 people to win an autograph from one of the ★5 characters!

  • To help commemorate the live stream, ★5 Character Character 10% Gacha Tickets will be distributed!
  • Also to countdown to Episode 2, you’ll get a Gacha Ticket every day you log in from May 16th @12:00 to May 21st @ 12:00 (JST).
  • Once a day, you can draw from the Star Festival gacha for only 1500 Star Diamonds! You can get every Star Festival character from this gacha to help get your parties ready for Episode 2! This Gacha lasts from May 16th @ 0:00 to May 21st @ 12:00 (JST). 

Illustration Contest Symbol

The 1st place symbol from the Illustration Contest is now available to all players!

1st Place Winner
Leorian Empire’s Crown Princess
Artist: 那桜


New Features

Character Type

Introducing a new way to customize your characters using a character Type. Types are special character specialization’s for your fate divergence. Now every fate has separate stats and can even have special effects on them. With this change you can now adjust which fate you choose without using a fate divergence scroll and can even go back to before divergence. Fate divergence scrolls will now be used for special bond increase quests!

Unique Weapon Symbols

Another way to customize your character is using new Unique Weapon Symbols. These symbols have powerful abilities, but are only usable by a specific class. You can get them from rare drops, achievements and exchange shops!

Descent Quest

Episode 2 will feature an all new mode called Descent Quests! Take arms against Dark Falz in raid type battles to get rare drops and earn [Descent Medals], which you can exchange for Unique Weapon Symbols, special Descent Soul Symbols and Unique Weapon Fragments. To take part you have to use a [Subjugation Request].

Daily 10 Pull Gacha

Starting with Episode 2, A new daily gacha will be introduced! Each day, you can do a free 10 pull from this gacha with EX characters in it’s line up! Its lineup will also be updated now and again!

New Arena Symbols

Episode 2 brings new things to the Arena!

  • Following Star Edge Lionel, Star Edge Lamb’s Grace and Divine Star Edge Lamb’s Grace will be the new ranking rewards.
  • The new symbols “Lindwurm” and “Backs to Each Other” have their parameters increased in the arena and have been added to the gacha lineup!
  • After the start of Episode 2, the arena coin increase effect on symbols has adjusted the number of items in box gachas accordingly.

3D Models

With the advent of Episode 2 comes an update to character models from 2D to 3D! This also includes Elemental Blast animations!

Various Other Changes

  • Battle Model and Elemental Blast before divergence are fixed
  • You can play Episode 1 of character fate quests without having the character itself
  • You no longer have to battle in fate quests
  • A quest’s special effects are given to characters for a limited time
  • Uly’s element can now be changed in the settings
  • Home Screen changes based on the current time


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  1. Can you switch between 2D and 3D? Why do the new models still use the default form when you pick the Chaos or Law versions off an ally list?

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