Idola Phantasy Star Saga Ver 1.12.0

Version 1.12.0

Version 1.12.0 of Idola Phantasy Star Saga will be arriving soon with quality of life changes and the grand finale of the plot!


Maintenance Notice

Maintenance Period

  • January 21st, 2020 @ 12:00 ~ 18:00 (JST)
  • January 20th @ 10:00pm ~ January 21st, 2020 @ 4:00am (EST)

After the maintenance period, you must update to version 1.12.0 of the app to play.

※ Please refrain from creating an Idola before maintenance.


Content Updates

Story Update

The 1.12.0 Update brings Chapter 14: Beyond All -ultra omnem- and as added surprise Chapter 15!

If you catch up to the story before the chapter comes out, you’ll get 600 Star Diamonds, and more! 


Quest Auto Repeat

You can now activate “Quest Auto Repeat” to retry quests without having to do it manually! You can choose to stop it after certain requirements are met like a character reaching max bond or reaching the max level. In power saving mode the battery power used in auto repeat will be lowered.


Arena Retirement

You can now retire arena runs without having to start a match and forfeiting.


New Gacha Ticket “★5 Character 10% Ticket”

The new gacha tickets “★5 Character 10% Ticket” are separated by attribute type, give a guaranteed ★4+ and have a 10% chance to give you a ★5!


★5 Characters dispatched per attribute

★5 Fire ★5 Water ★5 Wind ★5 Earth
Rosalinde Stella Jasper Astraea
Gustav Anne Maria Wyndis Lise
Gerda Roxanne Meldor Totonotto
Logia Nicole Mint


Idorappy Fever

A new permanent quest “Idorappy fever” has been added. In this quest you fight small and big Idorappies for massive experience gain! To gain access to this quest, you need a new item called [Illusion Map “Idorappy”].


Player Level Cap Increase

The player level cap is getting an increase from 100 → 120.


System Update And Game Balance Updates

Balance Update

  • Stella [Memories]’ Chaos EB “Fresh Chaos Star” will now also calculate in decimal Element Values into it’s damage buff
  • Changed Jasper’s 1st skill from Alter Ego (分身) to Alter Ego Slash (分身斬) which now also deals damage to a single target.
  • To coincide with this change, Jasper [EX]’s Skill 1 will be changed from Alter Ego Slash (分身斬) to Alter Ego Slash EX (分身斬EX).


System Update

  • You are now allowed to use Stamina Gainers above your stamina cap as long as it’s lower than 999.
  • When leveling up an IdoMag’s Special Abilities through over-leveling, the level up will not require you to visit the Special Ability page to make the IdoMag start gaining experience again.

New Year Stream Recap


January 21st Updates

Story Updates

  • Chapter 14 of the Main Story will be released.

Quality Of Life Improvements

  • You can now auto retry quests.
  • Arena runs can be preemptively retired.
  • A new Power-Saving mode is added to the settings to reduce battery usage.
  • The shop will get a UI update.

System Updates

  • The Player Level Cap is increased from 100 → 120.
  • Added a new Gacha Ticket type: ★5 Character Gacha Ticket (Fire/Water/Wind/Earth).
    • ★5 Character Gacha Ticket has a specific one for each element.
    • It only pulls characters of that element with a 10% chance at a ★5 and 90% at a ★4.

Ranking Updates

  • Atlas Zemus and Atlas Zemus EX will be added as new Arena SP ranking rewards.
  • Similarly for Idola Battle Gaels Orbit and Gaels Mirage will be added.

Upcoming Events

  • A new Permanent Boss Quest “Idorappy Fever” will be added!
    • If you find an [Illusion Map “Idorappy”], you can use these to challenge the boss quest and earn a lot of EXP!
  • In celebration of Valentine an Event will be held.
    • A new Limited Quest “Love And Fighting Spirit Of Valentine” with new mag “Lovea”.
    • As a rare encounter you can find Love Rappies that have increased EXP!
  • The Water, Earth and Wind training quests will get a rerun.


Tyrol Joins the [EX] Series!

Tyrol [EX] will be available in the Arena Gacha! She is an Earth element character.


Lisa (Harriet) Joins Idola!

Lisa, the unhinged sniper from PSO2 (also Harriet) will be in IDOLA starting January 24! She introduces the “Ranger” class to the game.


Erwin, the Prince of Leoria

Erwin will be an available Character soon. Something to note, his Idola is somewhat different from his siblings and father…


Dark Leo, Erwin’s Idola

Erwin will be have an Idola named Dark Leo! This Idola is different in appearance to it’s original counterpart and is able to inflict


Selvaria, from Valkyria Chronicles

In a collaboration with Valkyria Chronicles, Selvaria joins IDOLA as a Character!


Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Beyond Everything -ultra omnem- will be coming on January 21st. Erwin, who was resurrected by the Dark Falz has taken over the Regulus Imperial Capital. Now, the Aries Knights go to the final battlefield.


Chapter 15

The final chapter, Chapter 15: [Star Gate] will release along with Chapter 14! How will the final battle against the Dark Falz turn out, and what will become of the Aries Knights?


Episode 2


The IDOLA Main Story will continue with Episode 2! This will come in the big Version 2.0.0 update, which is currently in development. Stay tuned for more info.


Game8 Wiki

Starting with the new patch, all wiki updates will be done on game8. To coincide with this, at January 31st expi will close down.



Illustration Contest Results

The second Illustration contest for IDOLA has finished! The 1st Place winner will have their illustration made into a Soul Symbol that will be given out to all players! Congratulations to all of the winners! You can view the Runner-Ups here.


1st Place Winner
Leorian Empire’s Crown Princess
Artist: 那桜


2nd Place Winner
Little Celebration
Artist: ヨモヒラ


3rd Place Winners
Nova Destruction Wind of Change
Artist: ものぬけ Artist: Azelyra


Judge’s (Popona) Choice
Popona and the Aries Knights
Artist: momen