Idola Phantasy Star Saga Ver 1.8.0

Version 1.8.0

Version 1.8.0 of Idola Phantasy Star Saga will be arriving soon with new content and quality of life changes!


Maintenance Notice

Maintenance Period

After the maintenance period, you must update to version 1.8.0 of the app to play.

※ Please refrain from creating an Idola before maintenance.

Content Updates


Idomags make their way into ver. 1.8.0! Idomags can be assigned to a Law or Chaos party.

They can boost the party’s strength and reverse rush effects. You can make them grow and gain [Growth Points] by feeding them [Symbol Fragments] and [Personal Meals]. This will help them gain special abilities.

There is a tutorial in-game on how they work, and you can get materials for them from the Rappy Feather Exchange!


Limited Season Episode

After the update, the Limited Season Episode will be available to play until September 10th, 2019 @ 12:00 (JST)!

After you clear the episode, you can view the event’s story again by going to the キャップ (Camp) menu, 閲覧 (Browse) choosing 回想 (Scenes), and then クリアしたシナリオの回想 (Remembering Cleared Scenarios).  


System Updates

Daily Achievement Change

Rewards and objectives of the Daily Achievements will be updated to better fit the current set of content.

Finish All Daily Achievements Star Diamonds (x100)
Pull once from a Gacha Idola Core (x20)
Complete a Quest Rainbow EXP Book +2 (x10)
Summon an Idola Meseta (x50.000)
Participate in Idola Battle Idola Core (x30)  

※ Due to the change to Daily Achievements, updating Idola to version 1.8.0 will reset the clear status of the Daily Achievements.


Star Diamond 4000 Pass Expansion

New functions will be added to the Star Diamond Pass coming with the introduction of Idomags.

  • Idomag Training Limit +1
  • Food Maximum +50%

※ The price of the Star Diamond Pass will not change with the update.

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