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16 thoughts on “PSO2 Guide List

  1. after the launcher is launch, then i click start game but nothing come out but the game is running

    any solutions?

  2. i really love the pso series and wanna play this game but when i try to go to to download the jp client the page just wont load for me. is it a region thing (i live in the US) or is the site not working anymore? thanks!

    1. Did you try setting it to Wumbo? No but seriously try downloading it off the playpark website,. It’s going to take a while but it might be worth. Last time I heard the site was under ddos attacks

  3. Sega has done this no connection issue for vita in American for far to long we share video games made in America with the Japanese oversees and they can’t share one phansty star online two with us and continue to block us vita pso2 players just because they can and they will because they have a stupid terms of service crap and they don’t want Americans on their servers at all cause we ant their targeted market and sega says we can’t play and then their is the ddos attack that happned and made it that people who play the vita version can’t play unless they use Vpn/ proxey on pc to play is in fair I i hate you guys gitting pissed at me because you can play via vpn if it worked on vita which it does not is stupid also I don’t want to here your aruging at me for this post at all guys if you bought a copy of vita pso2 and they drop service to you you would be angry I am cause it was not cheap and if sega even read this blog they would do some thing about it cause they know how to speak English they are just refusing to help Americans play again also where is the American release sega stop saying it is delayed cause it ant sega that’s all you ever say sega Japan

    1. I think they are afraid of Disney’s hold of Star Wars. Sad, though, their kin fought hard to end the Meiji era long ago, and I like their art. This is certainly a regressive move from a cultural perspective on Sega. I’m sure not all Japanese companies would have made such a silly move with this IP. Egg on Sega’s face.

  4. Does the english patch you have linked here apply to Vita as well? How much of this page is Vita and how much is PC? I can’t tell.

  5. I kinda have a stupid/self-explanitory question…due to the fact I’m downloading the game from the PS Store. Whenever I try to select my character after I choose the ship, it gives me a pop-up message in Japanese, apparently blocking my access from the game after I dismiss it. Do I need to let the application data finish installing to fully play the game, or does it have to do with the fact that I’m playing on a US PSN instead of a JP PSN?

      1. Ahhh, okay. It’ll take a while then because my internet can spike with download speeds, ranging from 6-10 MB to 500kb-1MB. Thank you for answering, I’m ssure it’ll be worth it once it finishes.

  6. Hi, i have a problem.
    Im now owner of a 4K tv and now if i want to play pso2 all Text and inventory is soooo tiney, i cant even read it if i sit in front of my tv and starring at it.
    I was trying 5 houres every setting of PSO, resolution, PC settings and stuff like that. But it only gets even smaller.
    Can someone help me out?

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