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XBOX Game Pass Ultimate Perks (PC)

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers are eligible for rewards in Phantasy Star Online 2, whether they play the game on Xbox One or PC. We’ll be specifically covering the process for Windows 10 players.


  • PSO2 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Member First Bonus (One-time)
  • PSO2 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Member Monthly Bonus (Recurring)


Step 1

Purchase a monthly Xbox Game Pass Ultimate bundle from the Xbox website.


Step 2

Download the Game Pass app on either your PC or mobile device. The rewards can be found among your perks. You’ll be presented with a 25-digit code that can be redeemed through either the Xbox Game Pass app on PC, or the Microsoft Store.


Step 3

After successfully redeeming a code, you can collect your rewards in-game through the campaign rewards at the Visiphone.



Reward Type
XBOX Jacket M[Ou] Outerwear
XBOX Jacket F[Ou] Outerwear
600: Xbox X/B Emote
601: Xbox O/X Emote
Xbox Wireless Controller Accessory
AC Scratch Ticket (x12) Consumable
AC 500 Ticket Consumable
SG 100 Ticket Consumable
Personal Quarters Use (30 Days) Consumable
Mission Pass Gold Ticket Consumable
Character Storage Expansion (50) Consumable
Grinder (x100) Consumable
EX-Cube (x10) Consumable
Photon Sphere (x10) Consumable


PSE Burst Explained!

Reaching a PSE Burst

PSEs (Photon Sensitive Effect) are boosts that appear in the top right of the Screen. The higher the level, the better the boost will become. PSEs will level up when enemies are defeated and a pillar of condensed photons shoot out of the enemy.

As a side note: A lot of information has spread about Reaching PSEs and what not, but it is really just defeating enemies and hoping for the best.


Reaching a Level 8 on a PSE will give you a chance at achieving a PSE Burst. Enemies will start spawning in the location of the Players. Once an enemy is defeated and the corresponding PSE appears again a PSE Burst will occur.


PSE Burst!

Once you’ve PSE Burst, all the players will want to stick together. Enemies will now rapidly spawn in your location. You’ll still be able to generate PSEs while in a Burst. There is also a chance of receive a ONE MORE and extending your Burst.


Cross Bursts can be achieved by reaching more than one Level 8 PSE. Once a Cross Burst is reached, there will be a guaranteed ONE MORE.