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AC Scratch Eyes

Narrow Eyes (L) Narrow Eyes (S) Star Contacts (L) Star Contracts (S)
Round Eyes A (XS) Round Eyes B (XS) Cat Eyes (L) Cat Eyes (S)
No Highlights (L) No Highlights (S) Narrow Eyes (XL) Narrow Eyes (XS)
Extreme Highlights (L) Extreme Highlights (S) Pupils: White (L) Pupils: White (S)
Anime Eyes (XS) No Highlights (XS) Luminous Eyes (L) Luminous Eyes (S)
Varza Eyes (L) Varza Eyes (S) Anime Eyes (L) Anime Eyes (S)
Wide Highlighted Eyes (L) Wide Highlighted Eyes (S) Rounds Eyes C (XS) Heartful Eyes
No Highlights B (L) No Highlights B (S) Narrow Eyes B (L) Narrow Eyes B (S)
Narrow Eyes B (XS) Concentric Eyes (XS) Spiral Eyes (L) Spiral Eyes (S)
Bloodshot Eyes (S) Bloodshot Eyes (XS) Twinkling Eyes (L) Twinkling Eyes (S)
Heart Eyes (L) Heart Eyes (S) Anime Highlighted Eyes (L) Anime Highlighted Eyes (S)
Scope Eyes (L) Scope Eyes (S) Monochrome Eyes Transparent Pupils
Narrow Highlighted Eyes (L) Narrow Highlighted Eyes (S) Color Contacts (L) Color Contacts (S)
Lower Highlights (L) Lower Highlights (S) Cyborg Eyes (L) Cyborg Eyes (S)
Flowery Eyes Hexagram Eyes (L) Hexagram Eyes (S) Colored Irises: Yellow Eyes
Colored Irises: Blue Eyes Yin-Yang Eyes (L) Yin-Yang Eyes (S) Tearful Anime Eyes (L)
Tearful Anime Eyes (S) Anime Eyes E (L) Anime Eyes E (S) Concentric Eyes B (L)
Concentric Eyes B (S) Concentric Eyes B (XS) Anime Eyes C (L) Anime Eyes C (S)
Anime Circular Eyes (L) Anime Circular Eyes (S) Lower Highlights B (L) Lower Highlights B (S)
Anime Eyes B (L) Anime Eyes B (S) No Highlights C (L) No Highlights C (S)
Psychedelic Eyes (L) Psychedelic Eyes (S) Snake Eyes (L) Snake Eyes (S)
Anime Eyes D (L) Anime Eyes D (S) Anime Circular Eyes B (L) Anime Circular Eyes B (S)
Illustration Eyes (L) Illustration Eyes (S) Bloodshot Eyes B (L) Bloodshot Eyes B (S)
Cat Eyes: White (L) Cat Eyes: White (S) Illustration Eyes C (L) Illustration Eyes C (S)
Dark Outline Circular Eyes (L) Dark Outline Circular Eyes (S) Manga Eyes D (L) Manga Eyes D (S)
Blackhole Eyes Anime Eyes F (L) Anime Eyes F (S) Distinct Pupils (L)
Distinct Pupils (S) Elmir Eyes Illustration Eyes B (L) Illustration Eyes B (S)
PSO2 Anime Eyes C Manga Eyes B (L) Manga Eyes B (S) Narrow Cat Eyes
Manga Eyes C (L) Manga Eyes C (S) Dark Eyes C Glow-in-the-Dark Eyes
Psychedelic Eyes B (L) Psychedelic Eyes B (S) Cross Eyes: Yellow (L) Cross Eyes: Yellow (S)
Manga Eyes E (L) Manga Eyes E (S) Thin Narrow Eyes Glass Eyes (L)
Glass Eyes (S) Dark Eyes B (L) Dark Eyes B (S) Sparkly Eyes
Gear Eyes (L) Gear Eyes (S) X Eyes (L) X Eyes (S)
Manga Eyes F (L) Manga Eyes F (S) White Pupils B (L) White Pupils B (S)
Serrated Eyes Diagonal Cross Eyes Pupils: Black (L) Pupils: Black (S)
Heart Eyes B (L) Heart Eyes B (S) Anime Eyes G (L) Anime Eyes G (S)
Manga Eyes G (L) Manga Eyes G (S) Butterfly Eyes Two-Tone Eyes
Lukot Eyes Sardhuo Eyes Anime Eyes H (L) Anime Eyes H (S)
Manga Eyes H (L) Manga Eyes H (S) Manga Eyes I Star Highlights (L)
Star Highlights (S) No Highlights D Anime Eyes I (L) Anime Eyes I (S)
Luminous Eyes B (L) Luminous Eyes B (S) Distinct Highlighted Eyes Illustration Eyes D (L)
Illustration Eyes D (S) Dichromatic Eyes (L) Dichromatic Eyes (S) Heart Eyes C (L)
Heart Eyes C (S) Gradient Eyes (L) Gradient Eyes (S) Distinct Pupils B (L)
Distinct Pupils B (S) Stardust Eyes (L) Stardust Eyes (S)  

FUN Scratch Eyes



SG Scratch Eyes

Luther, the Fallen Replica Eyes Kohri Eyes    

AC Scratch Eyelashes



FUN Scratch Eyelashes


Fine Eyelashes A: Black
Fine Eyelashes A: Navy
Fine Eyelashes A: Brown
Fine Eyelashes A: White
Fine Eyelashes B: Black
Fine Eyelashes B: Navy
Fine Eyelashes B: Brown
Fine Eyelashes B: White
Accentuated Lashes: Black
Accentuated Lashes: Navy
Accentuated Lashes: Brown
Accentuated Lashes: White
Thick Eyelashes: Black
Thick Eyelashes: Navy
Thick Eyelashes: Brown
Thick Eyelashes: White
Flashy Eyelashes: Black
Flashy Eyelashes: Blue
Flashy Eyelashes: Brown
Flashy Eyelashes: White
Thin Eyelashes: Black
Thin Eyelashes: Navy
Thin Eyelashes: Brown
Thin Eyelashes: White
Slit Eyelashes: Black
Slit Eyelashes: Navy
Slit Eyelashes: Brown
Slit Eyelashes: White
Anime Eyelashes: Black
Anime Eyelashes: Blue
Anime Eyelashes: Brown
Anime Eyelashes: White
Distinct Eyelashes: Black
Distinct Eyelashes: Blue
Distinct Eyelashes: Brown
Distinct Eyelashes: White
Dbl. Anime Lashes: Black
Dbl. Anime Lashes: Navy
Dbl. Anime Lashes: Brown
Dbl. Anime Lashes: White
Fine Distinct Eyelashes: Black
Fine Distinct Eyelashes: Navy
Fine Distinct Eyelashes: Brown
Fine Distinct Eyelashes: White
Full Slanted Lashes: Black
Full Slanted Lashes: Navy
Full Slanted Lashes: Brown
Full Slanted Lashes: White
Upper Distinct Lashes: Black
Upper Distinct Lashes: Navy
Upper Distinct Lashes: Brown
Upper Distinct Lashes: White
Lower Eyelashes: Black
Lower Eyelashes: Navy
Lower Eyelashes: Brown
Lower Eyelashes: White

Painted Eyelashes: Black
Painted Eyelashes: Brown
Painted Eyelashes: Navy
Painted Eyelashes: White

Sharp Eyelashes: Black
Sharp Eyelashes: Brown
Sharp Eyelashes: Navy
Sharp Eyelashes: White

Thin Eyelashes: Brown
Thin Eyelashes: Navy
Full Eyelashes: Black
Full Eyelashes: Navy
Full Eyelashes: Brown
Full Eyelashes: White

Defined Lashes

Full Lashes: Black
Full Lashes: Navy
Full Lashes: Brown
Full Lashes: White

Fine Slit Lashes: Black
Fine Slit Lashes: Navy
Fine Slit Lashes: Brown
Fine Slit Lashes: White

Illustration Eyelashes: Black
Illustration Eyelashes: Navy
Illustration Eyelashes: Brown
Illustration Eyelashes: White

Thick Lower Lashes: Black
Thick Lower Lashes: Navy
Thick Lower Lashes: Brown
Thick Lower Lashes: White

Sharp Flashy Lashes: Black
Sharp Flashy Lashes: Navy
Sharp Flashy Lashes: Brown
Sharp Flashy Lashes: White
Flashy Distinct Lashes: Black
Flashy Distinct Lashes: Navy
Flashy Distinct Lashes: Brown
Flashy Distinct Lashes: White

Flashy Full Lashes: Black
Flashy Full Lashes: Navy
Flashy Full Lashes: Brown
Flashy Full Lashes: White

Distinct Slanted Lashes: Black
Distinct Slanted Lashes: Navy
Distinct Slanted Lashes: Brown
Distinct Slanted Lashes: White

Upper Full Lashes: Black
Upper Full Lashes: Navy
Upper Full Lashes: Brown
Upper Full Lashes: White



Dyed Eyelashes: Black
Dyed Eyelashes: Navy
Dyed Eyelashes: Brown
Eyelashes: White





SG Scratch Eyelashes


AC Scratch Eyebrows



FUN Scratch Eyebrows

Traditional Japanese Eyebrows No Eyebrows Unibrow Thick Eyebrows
Mini Eyebrows Forked Eyebrows Straight Eyebrows Hot-Blooded Eyebrows
Multibrows Straight Eyebrows B Thin Level Eyebrows Thick Droopy Eyebrows
Thin Shrewd Eyebrows Thin Straight Eyebrows Spacious Eyebrows Medium-Thick Eyebrows
Thin Troubled Eyebrows Thin Straight Eyebrows B Straight Eyebrows C Skeptical Eyebrows
Slit Eyebrows Natural Eyebrows Thin Arched Eyebrows Slanted Thick Eyebrows
Thin Worried Eyebrows Spacious Thick Eyebrows Warrior Eyesbrows Thin Skeptical Eyebrows
Timid Eyebrows Spacious Mini Eyebrows    


SG Scratch Eyebrows


AC Scratch Makeup

Natural Makeup B Blaze Makeup: Red
Blaze Makeup: Blue
EyeShadow: Blue
EyeShadow: Brown
EyeShadow: Orange
EyeShadow: Pink
EyeShadow: Purple
Rose Makeup: Red
Rose Makeup Purple
Luther Tattoo Kabuki Makeup Rouge Faint Blush
Animal Paint Natural Makeup C Anime Freckles Elemental Star: Blue
Elemental Star: Purple
Elemental Star: Red
Shy Blush Natural Makeup D Leafy Camouflage
Desert Camouflage
Lip Gloss: Light Pink
Lip Gloss: Pink
Lip Gloss: Red
Lip Gloss: Orange
Goro Majima Facial Hair Line Makeup Sukunahime Makeup Smith Makeup
Heart Makeup: Pink Heart Makeup: Blue Occultic Third Eye Light Rouge
Kumadori Makeup Phantom Q Makeup Huey Makeup Foundation
Aigis Face Guard Midcheek Lines Heavy Makeup B Stubble Beard B
Gothic Makeup A Gothic Makeup B Half-Skull Paint Lip Gloss B: Light Pink
Lip Gloss B: Pink
Lip Gloss B: Red
Lip Gloss B: Orange
Burn Marks Hariette Makeup Blaze Makeup: Purple Folly Paint
Hermedio Makeup Bat Makeup Gettumhult Tattoo Elmir Makeup
Schreger Mustache Illustration Makeup Lip Gloss C: Light Pink
Lip Gloss C: Pink
Lip Gloss C: Red
Lip Gloss C: Orange
Forehead Makeup: Green
Forehead Makeup: Red
Forehead Makeup: White
Hornet Zooey Makeup Steck Makeup Gesang Makeup
Cat-Eye Flick: Green Cheek Snowflakes: Water Cheek Snowflakes: White Stitch Makeup
Flushed Face Chrome Makeup Phantasm Makeup Stella Makeup
Stella Manga Blush Jasper C Makeup Uly C Face Zola Makeup
Abeille Makeup Eye Bags Makeup Natural Makeup E Manga Blush B
Fornis Paint: Ice-Light Fornis Paint: Dark-Fire Fornis Paint: Lightning-Wind Paw-Shaped Undereye Mark
Mouth Makeup Lip Gradation Set Glam Rock Makeup Contour Makeup
Natural Lipstick Natural Makeup F Red Eyes Makeup Natural Makeup G
Almond Shape Eye Makeup Glossy Cheeks V Rock Star Makeup V Rock Star Makeup B
Doll Makeup Gothic Doll Makeup Butterfly Makeup: Black Butterfly Makeup: Blue
Butterfly Makeup: Red      

FUN Scratch Makeup

Anime Blush Manga Blush Spiral Cheek Makeup White Makeup
Sassy Cheek Makeup Dark Undereye Circles Cold Sweat Colorful Star
Red EyeShadow: Large
Red EyeShadow: Small
Spike Paint Monochrome Makeup: Red Slap Mark
Halloween Makeup Black Halloween Makeup Cheek Star: Red
Cheek Star: White
Cheek Star: Black
Spell Sign A: Blue
Spell Sign A: Purple
Spell Sign A: Red
Face Stripes: Red
Face Stripes: Red-White
Panda Makeup Bloody Makeup A Bloody Makeup B
Monochrome Makeup: Green Bloody Makeup C Cheek Spade: Black
Cheek Spade: Blue
Kiss Mark: Black
Kiss Mark: Red
Cheek Diamond: Red
Cheek Diamond: Pink


SG Scratch Makeup

Viel Tears Luther the Fallen Tattoo Dusty Makeup Ophiel Goatee
Cleft Chin Exmarie Face Wolf Makeup Corruption Makeup