PSO2 Episode 5: Hero Class

Hero Class Unlocking

Phantasy Star Online 2 introduced the Hero class as part of its Episode 5 update. This class has the unique ability to fluidly switch between three weapon types in the heat of battle.

Heroes have swords, twin machine guns, and talises among their arsenal. Thanks to their unique Photon Arts and Weapon Actions, they’ll utilize the weapons a bit differently than what we’ve seen so far.

In order to unlock the class, you’ll need to acquire 3 Titles, each from a class representing the main forms of attack. This client order unlocks upon heading to the Campship.

Title #1: 打撃を極めし者

  • One Lv. 75 Striking Class (Hu / Fi / Bo)

Title #2: 射撃を極めし者

  • One Lv. 75 Ranged Class (Ra / Gu / Br)

Title #3: 法撃を極めし者

  • One Lv. 75 Technic Class (Fo / Te / Su)

Once you’ve acquired all three Titles, head to Koffie to clear the following:

  • ヒーロークラス解放許可試験 (Hero Class Unlocking Trial)


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Photon Arts and Weapon Actions

Heroes encompass a playstyle allowing you to change the action of your PA depending on how long you hold the button. In some cases you’ll actually switch weapons from Sword to Talis, to Twin Machine Guns, and vice versa.


Hero Sword

Energy Blast

A striking-dependent long distance attack.
Recovers PP upon hitting the enemy.
its power increases when charged.


Rising Slash

Press to throw the sword upwards.
Hold to jump and continuously slash.
You’ll keep slashing until you run out of PP.

Brightness End

Contains Guard Points & slashes the surroundings.
Hold to charge up the attack.
Release for a forward wide-area slash.


Flash Trick

Charge forward and thrust the sword.
Hold to switch to Talis.


Vapor Bullet

Fire energy blasts while moving.
Hold to switch to TMGs.


Hero Twin Machine Guns

Twin Machine Guns perform powerful rapid fire attacks. Unlike the Gunner counterpart, their basic attacks consume PP.

Step Attack

  • Heroes can perform Step Attacks with TMGs.
  • This action, however, will consume PP.



Hold the button down to recover PP.
Perform a [Just Reload] for faster PP recovery.
You can also [Reload] in the air.

Brand New Star

A wide forward piercing attack.


Final Storm

Fancifully shoot the surroundings
while cartwheeling around.


Second Edge

Quickly approach the enemy
to perform a zero distance attack.


Moment Trick

Quickly approach the enemy
to perform a zero distance attack.


Hero Talis

Talises can be thrown pretty fast, but they unfortunately do not have the ability to remotely activate Technics.

Step Attack

  • Heroes can perform Step Attacks with Talises!


Agile Shift

Shoot a “Marker” and teleport to its location.
You can also attach it on an enemy to travel towards them.
You can shoot it in the air and warp to that location.

Jet Wheel

A shuriken spins around for a limited time.
You can perform other actions as it spins


Wise Hound

Throws shuriken towards the target(s).
The shuriken can hit several parts of a single foe.


Dive Bullet

Quickly hop in any direction and stun enemies.
Hold to switch to Twin Machine Guns.


Racer Edge

Another attack that can stun enemies.
Throws a spinning talis towards the target.
Hold to draw closer and switch to Sword.



Hero Skill Tree

The following information is incomplete.

Hero Boost Hero Counter First Blood   Hero Mag Step
Hero Weapon
Bonus 1
Hero Gear /
Hero Time
H Attack Bonus     Step Attack
Hero Weapon
Bonus 2
Hero Time Finish HT Counter Bonus HT Counter
PP Gain
  Just Reversal
  Zero Range
Gear Up
Long Range
Gear Up
Gear Up
Hero Gear
Time Gain
Next Jump
Aura High Charge Combo Aura
Short Charge
TMG Attack
PP Save
H Talis
Charge Keep
Come Again Hero One
More Jump
H Flash
Hero Will All Tech
PP Save
Victory Shout Weak Attack Critical  
HP Up PP Up All ATK Up All DEF up    



  Hero Boost ヒーローブースト (Max Lv: 10 )  
Power steadily rises over time. Resets if you receive a certain % of damage within a short while. During Hero Time, it increases the power bonus rate / sec.



  Hero Weapon Bonus 1 ヒーローウェポンボーナス1 (Max Lv: 10 ) 威力 = Power
Increases power when a Sword, Twin Machine Guns or Talis is equipped.
  Hero Weapon Bonus 2 ヒーローウェポンボーナス2 (Max Lv: 10 ) 威力 = Power
Increases power when a Sword, Twin Machine Gun, or Talis is equipped.




  First Blood ファーストブラッド (Max Lv: 1 )  
Treats the first attack as a Just Attack. Technics are not covered.




  Hero Counter ヒーローカウンター (Max Lv: 5 ) 威力 = Power
Increases the power of [Step Attack] after successfully using [Step] to evade an enemy’s attack.



  Hero Gear / Hero Time ヒーローギア / ヒーロータイム (Max Lv: 1 )  
Performing a variety of attacks will help to increase the Gear Gauge. Once the gauge reaches MAX, you can activate Hero Time! During Hero Time, your ATK will rise based on the number of times you damage enemies.

Hero Time Finish ヒーロータイムフィニッシュ (Max Lv: 1 )  
Reactivating Hero Time prior to the gauge depleting will trigger a finishing move unique to the weapon type. 

Zero Range Gear Up ゼロレンジギアアップ (Max Lv: 5 ) ギア上昇率 = Gear Accum. rate
Increases the amount of gear that fills when attacking at close range.

Long Range Gear Up ロングレンジギアアップ (Max Lv: 5 ) ギア上昇率 = Gear Accum. rate
Increases the amount of gear that fills when attacking at long range.

Combo Gear Up (Max Lv: 5 ) xxx
Increases the amount of gear that fills if your combo starts with a PA/Technic and leads to a different PA.

Hero Gear Time Gain ヒーローギアタイムゲイン (Max Lv: 1 )  
Hero Gear gradually rises after the start of a quest.

HT Counter Bonus HTカウンターボーナス (Max Lv: 1 ) xxx
Restores Gear when you evade attacks during Hero Time

HT Counter PP Gain HTカウンターPPゲイン (Max Lv: 1 ) xxx
Restores PP when you evade attacks during Hero Time.

H Attack Bonus Hアタックボーナス (Max Lv: 5 ) xxx
Increases the power of Weapon Actions and Basic Attacks when Swords, TMGs, and Talises are equipped.

Aura High Charge オーラハイチャージ (Max Lv: 5 ) xxx
Enables the Sword’s weapon action to charge to its 2nd stage. 

Combo Aura Short Charge コンボオーラショートチャージ (Max Lv: 1 ) xxx
Reduces the charging times of Sword’s Weapon Action if used in a combo.

TMG Attack PP Save TMGアタックPPセイブ (Max Lv: 5 ) xxx
Reduces the PP consumption of TMG’s basic attack.

H Talis Charge Keep Hタリスチャージキープ (Max Lv: 1 )  
(Talis Only) Keeps the charging status of the technic/wpn action, if you interrupt it with an evasive action. 

Come Again カムアゲイン (Max Lv: 1 )  
Allows you to travel to the marking shot twice.

Hero Mag ヒーローマグ (Max Lv: 1 )  
Converts the mag’s total ATK (from S-ATK + R-ATK + T-ATK) and distributes it as S-ATK, R-ATK, T-ATK.

Next Jump ネクストジャンプ (Max Lv: 1 )  
Enables the usage of a double jump with Swords, TMGs, and Talises.

Hero One More Jump ヒーローワンモアジャンプ (Max Lv: 1 )  
Enables another jump if you step on an enemy with Next Jump.

H Flash Guard Hフラッシュガード (Max Lv: 10 ) 被ダメージ率 = Taken damage %
Reduces damage received.

Hero Will ヒーローウィル (Max Lv: 5 ) 発動率 = Activation Rate
Grants a one-time survival of a fatal blow if activated.  Applies very short invincibility. 

All Tech PP Save オールテックPPセイブ  (Max Lv: 5 ) PP消費割合 = PP Cost %
Reduces PP consumption of all Technics.

Victory Shout  (Max Lv: 5 ) xxx
 Attracts the attention of enemies. Restores PP based on number of enemies.

Weak Attack Critical ウィークアタッククリティカル (Max Lv: 5 ) xxx
Increases the critical rate for attacks that hit a weak area, and Technics that match the elemental weakness.

HP Up HPアップ (Max Lv: 10 )  
Increases MAX HP

PP Up PPアップ (Max Lv: 10 )  
Increases Max PP.

All ATK Up 全攻撃力アップ (Max Lv: 10 )  
Increases S-ATK/R-ATK/T-ATK.

All DEF UP 全防御力アップ (Max Lv: 10 )  
Increases S-DEF/R-DEF/T-DEF/DEX.

Hero Client Orders

Some information needs to be verified.
Please send us screenshots of the client orders!

Client Order Objective
Hero Class Unlocking Trial

Acquire Title: 打撃を極めし者
※Title 1 requires one Lv. 75 Striking Class. (Hu / Fi / Bo)
Acquire Title: 射撃を極めし者
※Title 2 requires one Lv. 75 Ranged Class. (Ra / Gu / Br)
 Acquire Title: 法撃を極めし者
※Title 3 requires one Lv. 75 Technic Class. (Fo / Te / Su)

Hero Class Aptitude Test 1
Clear [Hero Basics] Training Quest.
※Reward: Hero Level Cap License I (Lv.40)
Hero Class Aptitude Test 2
Clear the target quest on N+ difficulty.
※Target: Any Free/Arks/Ltd Quest as a Hero
※Reward: Hero Level Cap License 2 (Lv. 55)
Hero Class Aptitude Test 3
Defeat 50 enemies with Swords
Defeat 50 enemies with TMGs
Defeat 50 enemies with Talises
※Target: Any Lv. 1+ enemy.
※Reward: Hero Level Cap License 3 (Lv. 70)
Hero Class Aptitude Test 4
Defeat LV. 61+ Zeshrayda using Swords
Defeat LV. 61+ Blu Ringahda using TMGs
Defeat LV 61+ Guar Zigmorde using Talises
※Defeat each enemy without a party.
※Each enemy must be defeated as a Hero.
※Reward: Hero Level Cap License 4 (Lv. 75)
Hr Level 75 Cap Release
Acquire Title: Pioneer of Hero NT Upgrades
※Grind ★13 or higher NT weapon to +35
※Only one Hero weapon type is needed.
Acquire Title: Seeker of Hero Perfection
※Clear Stratos CO: The Perfect Hero IV
Reward: Hero Level Cap License 5 (Lv. 80)


Client Order Objective

Defeat 30 Lv1+ Enemies as a Hero.
※Reward: Stratos Partner Card


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18 thoughts on “PSO2 Episode 5: Hero Class

  1. i have 3 each class 75 is Hu, Bra , Fo . i obtain the tille too , why koffie dont give me a Quest to get hero ?

  2. Make sure you walk towards the Launchpad (the Tunnel), you should get an Update that Coffee has new Client orders.

  3. Not just any 3 classes, one striking class (HU/BR/FI/BO) One ranged class (RA/GU) one tech class (FO/TE/SU)

    For example; being 75 Fi, Te, Gu would unlock Hero

  4. Copied my translation from Discord to help out. Going to bed now… 7am… Night.

    [6:44 AM] Max: So, for now, Hero is fun… But completely overpowered. Enemies die too fast to actually enjoy what you’re doing…
    [6:47 AM] Max: Hero Skill tree below
    Keep in mind that it will be ALL SKILLS, even default ones, top to bottom, left to right.
    [6:52 AM] Max: Row 1
    Hero Boost, 10 points. Max level, your power increases 1% for 60 seconds to a max 60% buff. Resets on taking damage.
    Hero Counter, 5 points. Succesful dodge results in your dash attack powering up 110%. Must use invincibility frames to avoid damage.
    First Blood, 1 point. Gives the first attack on drawing a weapon the Just Attack bonus.
    Hero Mag, default. Transfers all S, R, and T ATK on a mag into S, R, and T ATK stats. a Lv200 S ATK mag will give +200 to all attack stats, for example.
    Step. Default.
    [6:53 AM] Max: Row 2
    Hero Weapon Boost, 10 points. Equipping a sword, mech guns, or talis increases power by 50% at max level.
    Hero Time / Hero Gear, 1 point. Adds gear gauge and Hero Time active skill. Gauge fills VERY slowly, but super state lasts a long time.
    Hero Attack Bonus, 5 points. At max level, increases basic attack and weapon action power by 20%.
    Step Attack. Default.
    [6:57 AM] Max: Row 3
    Hero Weapon Boost 2, 10 points. Same effect as Hero Weapon Boost 1 above it, for an additional 50% damage boost at max level.
    Hero Time Finish, 1 point. While in Hero Time, activate the skill again to perform a finishing move. Think Katana Combat; Hero Time must be reactivated before the gauge runs out.
    Hero Time Counter Bonus, 1 point. While in Hero Time, successful Hero Counters (perfect dodges) restore gear to extend time in the super state.
    Hero Time Counter PP Gain, 1 point. While in Hero Time, successful Hero Counters restore 30PP.
    Just Reversal. Default.
    [7:00 AM] Max: Row 4
    Zero Range Gear Up, 5 points. At max level, increases gear accumulation by 20% while attacking in close range.
    Long Range Gear Up, 5 points. At max level, increases gear accumulation by 50% while attacking from long range.
    Combo Gear Up, 5 points. Using DIFFERENT PAs in succession raises the gear gauge 50% faster.
    Hero Gear Time Gain, 1 point. After starting a quest, the gear gauge will slowly increase over time.
    Next Jump, 1 point. A double jump.
    [7:04 AM] Max: Row 5
    Aura High Charge, 5 points. At max level, allows Hero sword weapona action to charge to second state, and increases power by 10%.
    Combo Aura Shot Charge, 1 point. Using the sword weapon action in a combo will release a charged energy blast instead of the uncharged burst.
    TMG Attack PP Save, 5 points. At max level, TMG basic attacks use 80% PP (so, a 20% reduction in PP cost for basic attacks).
    Talis Charge Keep, 1 point. Allows Hero to hold a charged tech or weapon action while dodging with a talis equipped.
    Come Again, 1 point. Allows Hero to use a teleportation mark from a talis twice.
    Hero One More Jump, 1 point. If Next Jump hits an enemy, gain an additional jump in midair.
    [7:07 AM] Max: Row 6
    Hero Flash Guard, 10 points. Reduce all damage taken by 10%.
    Hero Will, 5 points. Once per life, at max level, gain a 100% chance to survive fatal damage with 1HP. Gain 5 seconds of invulnerability after activation.
    All Tech PP Save, 5 points. Reduce PP cost of all technics by 20% as Hero.
    Victory Shout, 5 points. At max level, generate 400% hate for 30 seconds, and restore 7PP per enemy whose aggro you reset (max 35PP, so five enemies to max the effect).
    Weak Attack Critical, 5 points. When attacking a weak spot, gain 60% critical chance at max rank.
    [7:09 AM] Max: Row 7
    HP Up. 50 HP at max rank. Avoid this skill.
    PP Up. 10 PP at max rank. Avoid this skill.
    All Attack Up. +50 to all attack stats at max rank. Avoid this skill.
    All Defense Up. +50 to DEX and all defense stats at max rank. Avoid this skill.

    1. “Hero boost reset damage once hitted” sounds like gunner’s tmg gear or Gix weapon pot

      “Hero counter must use i-frame to dodge attack increase damage”, is hero class can learn step advance skill?

        1. I guess so, Hero class broken if has step advance skill

          How long i-frame when dodge direct attack with hero class? 0.1 sec?

    1. No. You need 1 class of (Hunter / Fighter / Bouncer) AND 1 class of (Ranger / Gunner / Braver) AND 1 class of (Force / Techer / Summoner).

  5. If you are sure you should have level 75 classes across the three categories, try swapping between your characters and checking your titles at the title desk with each of them. The required titles are new, and likely have not been added to your account yet. You need to visit the title counter with each character that has one of the three category classes at level 75. When done, you should be able to unlock hero class.

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