PSO2 Station #7 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.


Secret Phrase

Speak the phrase デウス・エスカ降臨 in chat before April 26th to receive a Sakura Tree and Triboosters



Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • April 15th @ 22:30 (Concert First)
  • Racing the Phantom Mother
  • +100% Rare Drop and EXP Boost


Early May Update

  • Deus Esca Rematch
    • After clearing the EQ, you can participate in a Rematch
    • The rematch requires main/sub class level 80+
    • It’s a 4 person quest with Deus Esca Gracia (I’ll think of a better name)
    • The quest automatically fails with 5 deaths.


Early May Update

  • The Qliphad series will drop from Deus Esca Gracia
  • Trade in your Qliphad Series and convert them to Zeinesis Series
  • Wedding Lobby (~ 6/7)


Early May Update

  • AC Scratch “Winners Design 4 Side B”
  • Contains items from the contest such as Raging Beat, Blood Maria, Innocent Rose Dress, Corn Row 16 and many more!


Early May Update

Episode 4 Side Story [Duel]

  • A highly difficult solo-quest against Phaleg.
  • No Half Dolls! No Scape Dolls! No Easy Mode!
  • Contains a Time Limit and some restriction on HP recovery.
  • Let’s aim for class specific Clear-Titles.


Late May

  • Rainy Bingo 2017 ( ~ 7/5)
  • Rainy 2017 Collection ( ~7/5)
    • Aim for new Fornis weapons!
    • Fornis Haloop (Gunslash)
    • Fornis Esvia (Bullet Bow)
    • Fornis Ratioed (Wand)
    • ★13 Popple Egg
    • ★13 Redran Egg


Late May Update

  • Fresh School Days (AC Scratch)
  • Contains Kohri and Enga’s Avatar Layeredwear
  • Student and Teacher themed outfits
  • Rappy and Lillipa Balloons available as a Scratch Bonus


Late May Update

  • In the Driving Rain EQ ( ~7/5)
  • Esca Darkers and Phantoms will appear
  • Increased spawn rate for Mr. Umblla and Mr. Bowan
  • Chance for Empe Rappy/Izane to spawn.
  • Special prefixed Diabo will appear at the end


Current Update

  • 12 Person Raid Boss
  • Added Emergency Quest Rematch
  • Design Contest Scratch
  • Episode 4 Side Story

5th Anniversary Event: Phantasy Star Festa 2017 Online

  • 5th Anniversary Web Event [ARKS BATTLE CHRONICLE]
  • New LIVE Event
  • Boosted Raid Boss & Boosted Raid Boss Rematch
  • Frame Arms and Frame Arms Girl Collaboration
  • Famous Designer Collaboration Scratch
  • Tokyo Field Real Store Collaboration Part 3


PSO2es Update

  • Play the (11x Bundle [AC] esScratch) three times to unlock the Weaponoid Scratch.
  • This scratch contains only Weaponoid Chips.
  • New Feature: Chip Storage
    • Each character will receive 100 slots for free.
    • You can expand the storage with AC.


New Character Side Stories

  • Seraphy  Side Story [4/19]
  • Annette Side Story [5/10]
  • Bruno Side Story [5/24]

King Rappy Chip available as a score bonus


PSO2es Update

  • iOS 3rd Anniversary (48 Hour Limited Scratch)
    • Guidance Seraphy [Anniversary]
    • Available 5/13 ~ 5/14
  • New Chips
    • Lavis Blade
    • Nox Cadina


PSO2es Chip

  • Personifier of Faith Kohri (AC Limited)
  • Shanefrisa
  • Gigas Spinner
  • Pristine Mallet
  • Ancient Quartz


Attention PlayStation Vita Players

  • Starting July 2017, a 32GB memory card will be required for the download version of PSO2.


Famous Designer Collaboration

  • Suzuhito Yasuda is back with a new collaboration!
  • Rira, Eri, and Quina will be appearing in the game along with their costumes, hairstyles, accessories, and voice tickets. You’ll also have the opportunity to obtain their partner cards!


PSO2 -The Animation- Character Song CD Vol. 2

  • Pre-Sales: June 10th
  • General Sales: June 28th
  • Cost: 2,800 Yen
  • Also contains Mini Dramas


Phantasy Star Online 2 Episode 0

  • Next chapter releases April 26th in the June issue of Shonen Ace.


Phantom Battleship Yamato – Plastic Model –

  • Releases: Summer 2017
  • Price: 5,300 Yen
  • Scale: 1/700
  • Item Code
    • 310 「Hagito Phemut」 (Lobby Action)
    • Male Hagito F Voice (Voice Ticket)
    • (Well I guess they spell it with an F)
    • Borderless Quest Ver. (Music Disc)


A.I.S – Plastic Model –

  • 1/72 A.I.S & 1/72 A.I.S Gray. Ver
  • Each version costs 5,940 Yen
  • Item Codes
    • Evo Device / A.I.S
    • Plastic Model Package Mat # (Room Item)


Phantasy Star Festa 2017 (Offline Event)

  • T-Shirts, Parkas, Caps, and Class Pins are just some of the items you can purchase at the Phantasy Star Festa 2017. The first event will begin June 10th in Tokyo!


Phantasy Star Festa 2017 (Offline Event)

Festa 2017 T-Shirts[Ba] will be available ONLY to those who attend the offline event.


Phantasy Star Festa 2017 (Offline Event)

Each event during the Summer will distribute an exclusive Lobby Action available ONLY to those who are in attendance.


~ ARKS Battle Chronicle ~
~ New Quna LIVE Event ~


29 thoughts on “PSO2 Station #7 Recap

  1. “Starting July 2017, a 32GB memory card will be required for the download version of PSO2.”

    When you say “download version”, is for those that do not have a cartridge of PSO2, correct?

    1. Likely, as with the cartridge version you have slightly less needed to download. Still should get around to getting a 32GB Memory Card for the future anyway if you haven’t already.

        1. Yeah, not to mention they aren’t around that easily…
          Still.. What’s that message about “something 2018 something 32GB” ?
          Can anyone translate the full text of the image?

          1. They project Deluxe Package / Special Package users will need a 32GB card around summer 2018. (Though the website states early 2018)

  2. yasuda again? not knocking ‘im, but were they having a problem finding a third “famous” person to have make some throwaway NPCs?

    1. We can at least appreciate the way they didn’t think of Tony Taka… (he worked on Shining most recent episodes and it’s been a while since we don’t have a new Collab’)

  3. “Episode 4 Side Story [Duel]

    A highly difficult solo-quest against Phaleg.
    No Half Dolls! No Scape Dolls! No Easy Mode!
    Contains a Time Limit and some restriction on HP recovery.
    Let’s aim for class specific Clear-Titles.
    We hope you WON’T EVEN TRY this mission because you’ll maybe say it’s shitty”

    … Oops sorry, I added this last line. But will they make PB unusable too? No they didn’t think of it right now?

    Eri (Kitamura?) and Qu(i)na, what a lack of imagination?

    Oh that’s too much troll from me, it’s unusual, sorry. Well, let’s continue with better note.
    These AIS and Yamato models are cool ideas. Still things that will certainly be hard and expensive for JP outsiders but nice. And if Quna’s back, I’m happy 🙂

    1. I mean let’s be honest here, did anyone seriously think “difficult” was going to mean anything other than “bullshit parade”?

      1. Lets be actually honest here, players operate on a clear two bit spectrum between “since I can beat it now, I will brag about how piss easy it is, and everyone who doesnt is a drooling retard” and “I still have difficulties to increase my efficiency, so I will call yet unmastered challenge a bullshit parade, which is rather annoying than difficult, the game isnt actually difficult at all hahah”. I hope that will help others in their future discussions about what sort of difficulty is “fair”.

        1. goofypls.jpg

          Arbitrary mechanical restrictions are artificial fake difficulty, also known in agrarian societies as “bullshit”.

          1. IDK, not breaking your own damn rule set to cover for your inability to program a legitimate challenge within that framework?
            ʅ ( • ε • ) ʃ
            But YMMV…

          2. Well, the game ruleset is already beyond broken in favor of the player. It is mathematically impossible to create a challenge unless a lot of power is removed from the players, because according to posts here, more hp on enemies isn’t extra difficulty, and more damage on enemies doesn’t have really any effect when every enemy attack either instantly kills you no matter what, or is 100% passively recoverable before their next attack. Heck, we’ve reached the point where using Resta as Techer (instead of attacking) is reportable for outright intentionally slowing the pace down.

            I’ve argued before that if Sega wants to create challenges, they need to massively nerf both all HP recovery options and all PP recovery options.

          3. Can you provide examples of a “legitimate challenge” instead of inventing more synonyms to no true scotsman, or we will continue to prove what I said in my previous post?

            This difficulty talk isn’t exclusive to PSO2, instead of constructively discuss what creates challenge in videogames, people often engage in sophistical battle over superior methods of testing player skill. Of course, this way they always writing themselves in a corner, they have to admit that no single player game is challenging, since entirety of so-called “”difficulty”” can be overruled by repetition and memorization.

            Don’t make this mistake again.

          4. And regarding the wording “broken in favor of the player”, this is a misunderstanding. Enemies in the game are DESIGNED to be beaten. It shouldn’t cause a shock that puzzles have a solution, they lose their whole point if they don’t. In videogames, this situation is equivalent.

          5. In my opinion, making a hard fights needs to do something more than Dark Falz in PSPo2I, where he had deadly attacks that drain you and force you to go between the two plans of the area wisely.
            So a good timing and learning the patterns, thinking “wow I’ll have hard times here” is making a good fight.

            If Phaleg is as hard to defeat as the last fight of the episode with its three poor attacks you can avoid so easily by keeping your distances when you have to, it will be not be so hard… What I fear the most is maybe the time restriction (I like to take my time to kill an enemy! fufufufu, fufufufufufu… oops sorry I’m doing like Risa).
            Anyway if it feels so hard, just go to a main class lower as possible with a Sub at max level and everything should be fine…

            (Of course, all of that doesn’t keep the fact we can hope an impressive and well-designed fight :))

          6. @Echidna It’s broken in the sense that the game massively helps the player recover from any mistakes, either without active player interference (mag healing, just reversal healing etc.), or by some active “limited” options (mates, atomizers, etc.). Not only that, but the opportunity cost of the active options is so miniscule that it can be considered equal to 0, unless the player is trying to beat a specific time,

            Contrast this to other games where the player needs to find cover to recuperate, and even then not back to full hp in one go.

            The hp/duration of the bosses isn’t the problem, the reaction time required to avoid their attacks isn’t the problem. The problem is the massive amount and low opportunity cost for all recovery actions.

          7. @random
            By your logic then all games ever made use a fake difficulty. The difference is pso2 get restricted later on and other games is restricted from the start.

        2. @Dark Mits,
          there is a plethora of situations where you can be chain juggled to death without any possible chance to recover. Various stuns, attack power proportional to amount of telegraph (i.e. purple Anga nukes).

          Battle in PSO2 isn’t reliant on attrition, you ought to recover back to 100% in most cases, due to how powerful most of the attacks are.
          In my view, gameplay is more technical in comparison to, say, toukiden or god eater, where you can push on monster that blindly flails around or idles for half a minute after another stun, and you’re obliged to keep and sustain hp due to enemy health pool.
          In pso2 you can have evasive fighting style, or complement reckless attacks with automate and whatnot, but if your attacks or style aren’t efficient, just relying on recovery won’t salvage it.

          Basing on my observation of other online rpg games, castrating local recovery opportunities only pushes meta around, if playstyle options are too diverse. For instance, if you cull PP recovery all the way to PB charge times, then people will just move on powerful normal attacks, and whatever requires minimum to no PP.

          I honestly don’t know why people still press on the difficulty question so much. Compare Mother phase 2-2 behavior and Luther. Luther does slow telegraphed hits and is mostly stationary, while his dps check is 4+4 fragile objects, where just breaking one is enough. Mother constantly spins around, goes back and forth sends 60-80% damage hits overlapping with gravity/cars/pools, and her dps check is 12 exclusive tough moving targets that will murder everyone unless you break at least 10-11 of them.
          It is obviously not an issue with game difficulty, that on the contrary keeps rising, its a problem with expectations of people that have experienced and learned most of game mechanics and now somehow want to turn most of the game content into limited high failure rate challenge simply because…. current success rate is too high?

          I wouldn’t argue about it during last summer, but after ult amduscia portion of content is definitely aimed towards core players. But of course nothing of whats to come will be completely unbeatable or “fair and satisfyingly difficult”, due to arrogance dichotomy that I wrote initially. No one is going to say that he liked losing that one challenge completed by no less than 20% of players, mentality is different.

          1. Changing the meta may be something that Sega should explore, and players should welcome, because it will somehow force players to re-learn their characters under a new ruleset, thus breaking the monotony. As you’ve explained, we’re already at the point of high-dps checks and split-second reaction windows. Maybe Sega could add a 3rd check in the form of resource management, which will push the meta around as you say, and reignite interest of bored veterans.

            The don’t even need to actively nerf our characters to achieve that. They don’t need, for example, to nerf all healing by 75%. They can increase our healthpools by 300% (but keeping all %-based heals at their initial values). They don’t need to nerf PP regeneration but they can increase our PP pools and add new lvl PA/Tech that are a lot more poweful and require a lot more PP (to maintain damage/PP ratio), while again keeping all PP recovery options at their current absolute values.

            It’s not about epeen and wanting others to fail; it’s about keeping players interested in the game. New outfits and anime cutscenes won’t do it.

  4. Well looks like they’re ruining Quna. Sounds like your standard idol trash instead of a distinctive voice in that video.

    1. Eri seems to be bending her voice to sound what Quna actually sounds like. She has a history of being incapable of singing in anything other than her natural voice.

      1. you realize that Assassin Quna is how she actually sounds, right? That’s supposed to be the character’s natural tone, as opposed to when she’s playing her excitement and tone up as an idol.

    2. TBH when I heard her for the first time in EP4 I was wondering if it still was Eri ’cause her voice was so different. But when I hear her singing, I feel like there’s something between her previous talking voice and her real singing voice.

      Anyway I’m impatient to hear the full songs. I was waiting for that for so long.

  5. Dont know how much hp she has but if its like endless darkness that makes it only dps check you can play very well dodge every attack but if you dont have enough damage you will always lost

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