PSO2 Station #10 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.

Post Livestream Update

  • Removed a typo from the Hero skill list.


Secret Phrase

  • Say the phrase 集え、英雄 in chat to receive the following:
    • EX Voice A22
    • EX Voice A25
    • PS Festa 2017 Logo Sticker
    • +100% Tribooster (x3)



Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Deus Esca EQ Boost And Quna Concert
  • Rare Drop +250% & EXP + 250%
  • July 15th @ 22:30 ~ (Quna Concert Comes First)


Late July Update

  • Episode 5 will launch with brand new characters.
  • Conversation Events will be presented in a 2D style.
  • Action and important scenes will be in 3D.
  • A detailed map will visualize the current battle situation within the story.




Late July Update

  • Character Selection screen lets you switch EP 4 ~ 5 and EP 1 ~ 3
  • Switch to EP4 or EP5 at the Bridge.
  • Story Quests can be started from the quest counter or the bridge.
  • Story Progress is shared to all characters.


Omnibus Quests: EP 1

  • Episode 1 ~ 3 Omnibus Quests will be released sequentially
  • With Alma’s thoughts, the story becomes easier to understand.
  • You can also start these quests from the Quest Counter.


Hero Skill List (Based on Video) (UPD: Removed Typo)

  • Hero Boost
  • Hero Counter
  • First Blood
  • Hero Mag (Default)
  • Step (Default)
  • Step Attack (Default)
  • Just Reversal (Default)
  • Hero Weapon Bonus 1
  • Hero Weapon Bonus 2
  • H Attack Bonus
  • Hero Gear / Hero Time
  • Hero Time Finish
  • HT Counter Bonus
  • HT Counter PP Gain
  • Zero Range Gear Up
  • Long Range Gear Up
  • Combo Gear UP
  • Hero Gear Time Gain
  • Next Jump
  • Hero One More Jump
  • Combo Aura Short Charge
  • TMG Attack PP Save
  • H Talis Charge Keep
  • Come Again




Late July Update

  • Hero themed Layered Wear and Parts
  • Cuent Kingdom Summoner Layered Wear
  • Scratch Bonus: Hero Pose LA and EP5 Poster


Late July Update

  • Summer Lobby (~9/6)
  • Summer Bingo and Summer Xie
  • Web Panel 1 Rewards


Late July Update

  • Beach Wars 2017
  • Earn Weapons Badge 2017 based on the clear rank.
  • Characters will appear in swimsuits during E-Trails.
  • Aratron Phemut will appear as a boss and drop “Grandia” Partisan.
  • Beach 2017 Collection (~9/6)
    • Fornis Knuckle / Rifle / Rod


Late July Update

  • Everything that was said in the July 26th Post
  • Using the same (aesthetics based) ticket on two of your characters will enable that product for the entire account.
  • Added a quick play feature when you first download the PC version.
  • Added a “Recommended Skill Tree” setting for each class.
  • Upgraded Casino Coin carryout limit to 10,000,000.
  • Added counters for NPCs and changed some NPC locations.
  • Catapult to the bridge from the front of the Gate Area.
  • Stratos Partner Card, Client Order, E-Trial.
  • Trade in the [Scratch Exchange Ticket] for an item you wish to have from the AC Scratch. Unwanted [Scratch Exchange Tickets] can be traded in at the Recycle Shop for an [EX +150% Tribooster]. Scratch Exchange Tickets can be obtained as a Scratch Bonus reward. For example, you can receive one ticket by playing the Legendary Heroes scratch 30 times.


Expert Block Removal

  • Expert Blocks will be removed on July 26th.
  • Instead, there will be a new setting that you can check mark in order to match up with fellow “Expert Players”. This feature will not be available for [Free Match] Buster Quests. 

Multi-Block Matching

  • Generally you can match up with players across all blocks in the affiliated ship. However, the following blocks can only match up with blocks that share the same name.
    • Beginner
    • Solo Play
    • Chat
    • Photography/Filming
    • Premium Set
    • Free Playstyle


August 9th Update

  • Alisa Landale from Phantasy Star 1??
  • Maiden of the Sword.


August 9th Update

  • Lutz from Phantasy Star 1??
  • Full Name: Lutz Cero Ray Cuent


August 9th Update

  • Magic Knight Fairy (AC Scratch)
  • Alma and Fairy Xiera layered wear.
  • Cuent Kingdom Soldier Layered Wear
  • Lobby Action: Pole Dancing and Camera Appeal
  • Scratch Bonus: Mascot Parasol and Playing in the Pool


August 9th Update

  • Omega: a dream derived of all the universe’s memories.
  • Also inhabiting Omega are characters who’ve “left” Oracle, and characters from other Phantasy Star games.


August 9th Update

  • Summer Bingo 2017
  • Added difficult to obtain items to the Treasure Shop
  • 5th Anniv. Web Panel 2 Rewards.


Buster Quest

  • Instead of difficulty, the quest will utilize a grade system
  • Grade is dependent on the amount of Buster Points you have.
  • The higher the grade, the stronger the enemies.
  • Main Matches have a limit on the amount of times you can play.
  • Free Matches can be played an unlimited number of times.
  • Even if there are differences in Class levels, the stats will automatically adjust to match the current grade.
  • Main Match: Advanced is excluded from the stat adjustment feature.
  • In order to reduce the graphical load, the PSVita & PC version on [Setting 1], will only load detailed models of 4 characters.


August 9th Update

  • Deploy the defensive armaments in front of the Buster Tower.
  • Choose a setup out of a list of four different arrangements.
  • Defensive Armaments are available from Grade 2 and up.
  • Your adversaries are the demons summoned by the Demonic Castle.


August 9th Update

  • Added Timed Abilities for Parallel World Omega
  • Added Client/Daily/Team Orders for Buster Quests
  • Collection File: Ivrida Collection (~10/25)
    • Has a strange visual effect that rises from the ground.
    • Can be upgraded at Zieg
  • Ivrida Series Upgrade
    • Requires Ivrida weapon & “Cleasis Boosters” to upgrade.
    • Cleasis weapon potential is beneficial for Buster Quests.
  • Well if you want to suggest a better name, now’s the time!
  • ★12 Ivrida units and ★14 weapons from the Hero trailers can drop.
  • Trade in “Buster Medal A” at the exchange shop for:
    • Mercenary Suit
    • Victory Pose LA
    • And more!


PSO2es Update

  • 10% of the EXP earned in PSO2es will contribute EXP towards Hero when you log into PSO2.
  • Shironia, Las Vegas, Seabed, Vol. Caverns, Desert will be added to Quick Search.


Gene Chip

PSO2es Update

  • Sunshine Gene [Summer Vacation]!
  • Releasing August 1st.


PSO2es Update

  • Summer Style Annette [Summer Vacation]
  • Releasing August 9th.


PSO2es Update

  • Bluesy Requiem [Summer Vacation]
  • Login between 7/26 ~ 8/23 to receive the chip.


PSO2es Update

  • Bardiche Weaponoid Chip
  • Frenetic Zuckerd [Premium]
  • Assassin Claw Weaponoid Chip
  • Fighting Beat Weaponoid Chip
  • Starling Fall Photon Art Chip


PSO2es Special Quest

  • Collect Seashells in the Special Quest and trade them in for Bluesy Requiem [Summer Vacation].



PlayStation 4 Theme

  • July 26th, 2017 ~
  • Episode 5 theme is coming to the PlayStation Store for free.


Happy Rappy Campaign

  • Rappy Balloon Lobby Action available as a reward for logging in from a netcafe for 30 hours.


July 27th Dengeki PlayStation Magazine

  • Purchase Dengeki PlayStation going on sale July 27th for:
    • *Arb Boa
    • EX +75% EXP Booster
    • Dengeki PS Poster


August 10th Famitsu

  • Purchase the Famitsu that goes on sale August 10th
    • *Claíomh Solais
    • Famitsu Poster
    • EX +75% EXP Booster


WEB Manga “Weapono!” Comic

  • July 27th, 2017 ~ (850 Yen)
  • Purchase Weapono! Comic to receive four [Weapono! Memory].
  • You can trade these in for a Lobby Action and Weapono Room Items.
    • Tasty Lobby Action = 3 Weapono! Memories
    • Each Room Item = 1 Weapono! Memory
  • We’ll make a post about it later.


PSO2 Fashion Catalog 2016 ~ 2017 Realization of Illusion

  • Price: 3240 Yen
  • Release Date: August 12th
  • Contains the following Item Codes
    • Left Arm Hellfire (Acc)
    • Braided Half Up GV (Hair)
    • Color Changing Floor Light (Room)
    • Look Up (Lobby Action)
    • Color Change Pass
    • Free Salon Pass


July 26th Shonen Ace

  • Purchase the Shonen Ace going on sale July 26th to receive four Episode Zero Memories. You can trade them in at the Exchange Shop for the following items from Gettemhart and Melphonsina.
    • Neighbor Quartz [Ou] or [Ba]
    • Sheena Inner [In]
    • Melphonsina Hair
    • Flammegash [Ba]
    • Flammegash Neck
    • Gettemhart Hair
    • PSO2 EP Zero Poster A
    • PSO2 EP Zero Poster B


QUNA: Album

  • Date: August 23rd (Early Sales at 8/12 Festa)
  • Price: 2800 Yen
  • Item Codes:
    • Quna Pose (LA)
    • VO Performance 4 (LA)
    • CD Package Mat 9
    • Quna Panel A / B
    • Quna Voice (Same as the already released ticket)


33 thoughts on “PSO2 Station #10 Recap

    1. This is actually an improvement. Instead of forcing players to log in 1 hour before an event and then force them again to stay absolutely entirely afk, without even allowing them to go to My Room or Team Room so as to not lose their spot in the Expert Block, now you can login like 15seconds before an event, select to play ony with other Expert players, and voila! Same result as the current functionality of Expert Blocks.

      1. In addition you get to play with a larger variety of expert players, which I think is better as compared to current system where you only play with players within the same block. Even within Expert Blocks, everybody just wants to get into B23 desperately because the clear time / S rank rates are just that slightly higher / faster than the blocks below it. For better or for worse, the performance of all expert MPAs may be somewhat leveraged by shuffling all expert players around… but I still think it’s a pretty neat function.

    2. I’m not surprise that this happen, given the current situation, I believe that SEGA want to spread the succession rate of EQ to all channel especially for new players since the highest succession rate of EQ and LQ, especially Deus ESCA, are in Expert Block. why? the top difficulty of most EQ and even the LQ currently is set on XH 75/75+ instead of old XH of 70+, combine with CF that mostly need you to do XH, fresh player need to grind through there level to 75/75 using any equipment they can get. that also means the most player that reach 75/75 outside expert block don’t have the equipment of those in experts block.

  1. Wait, omnibus quests will be released sequentially? What about episode 5? Will it be released fully completed, or chapter by chapter again?

  2. There never were expert blocks (not really). The condition to get in was to easy, even when it was announced. PSO2 should do a better job of grouping players.

  3. Looks like hero’ skills have to learn lots to become powerful. Either go learn for single weapon, dual weapon or triple weapon. Definity not enough SP to learn all.

    1. I’d love a collaboration with the Grandia games so much .__. (In fact that’s one of the Collabs I’ve always dreamt of… )

  4. Alisa Landale… And Lutz…

    … Don’t tell me I’m dreaming, tell me they’ll reach the Lobby and share a Cola and a Partner Card. Please, pretty please. ^^ (Well, I’d prefer the PC than a Cola but well)

    1. I wonder how many people will have parties with Alisa and two out of Quna, Matoi, Karen Erra and RINA if she does have a partner card, just to have two eras of heroines stood by them.

    1. I’d put a “Like” to your message if I could. 😀

      Seriously, I don’t know what’s going on in the head of Mizuno Akikazu with her but wow. :/ (and I like his chara-design of Annette)


    When I read “Rappy Balloon Lobby Action available as a reward for logging in” I gasped with excitement and then read “from a netcafe for 30 hours.”” v.v There are so many exclusive(?) LAs coming out.. wah.

    I also mistakenly thought at first that that picture of Io for the Camera Appeal LA was showing that they added an option to wink with your right eye instead of just the left. And I thought “ABOUT TIME” but I guess that’s too much to ask for.. lol ;;

  6. Is there a particular reason why the videos are from and not youtube?
    Just wondering. In case like, they can’t be on youtube cuz they’d be taken down or something..??

        1. SEGA’s been going on a copyright strike frenzy recently and have been taking down reposts of their PSO2 STATION! videos and streams.

          1. That will happen as soon as official videos will appear. There is a delay in publish, they probably want to keep an element of exclusivity to all live events.

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