ARKS Battle Chronicle [Web Panel Rewards]

Phantasy Star Online 2 is celebrating its 5th anniversary with the ARKS Battle Chronicle. Players can earn points for the event by defeating bosses within the limited quest. These points will be tallied across all players to unlock prizes listed on the official site.

Item rewards will be distributed to players who have cleared any of the qualifying quests at least once during the event. 



  Phantasy Star Festa 2017 ~Online~
ARKS Battle Chronicle
Web Panel Part 1 June 7th ~ July 5th
Web Panel Part 2 July 5th ~ July 26th
Reward Period Part 1 July 19th ~ July 26th
Reward Period Part 2 August 2nd ~ August 9th
Limited Quests
Infiltration: Episode 1 June 7th ~ June 14th
Infiltration: Episode 2 June 14th ~ June 21st
Infiltration: Episode 3 June 21st ~ June 28th
Infiltration: Episode 4 June 28th ~ July 5th
Infiltration: EP 1/2/3/4 Re-Release July 5th ~ August 9th
Infiltration: Episode 1 ~ 4 July 5th ~ August 9th
Arks Investigative Report
Player Stats  June 7th ~
Quest Stats  June 21st ~
Equipment Stats  July 5th ~
Extra Stats  July 26th ~
ARKS Licensure Exam
Arks Licensure Exam 2017 June 7th ~ July 26th

Item Design Contest

Phantasy Star Online 2 is holding its 5th annual Item Design Contest. Contestants can submit designs for weapons, outfits, and accessories they’d like to see in the game. This year’s contest is adding a new category! Artists can now submit concepts for body paint and makeup. What sort of wild and interesting designs will you come up with? Let SEGA know by submitting your design today!


Weapon Camo
Wired Lance
Twin Dagger
Double Saber
Dual Blade
Assault Rifle
Twin Machine Gun
Bullet Bow
Jet Boots
Makeup / Body Paint
Body Paint

Submission Guidelines

  • Submissions for hairstyles and cast parts are not being accepted at this time.
  • Submissions for layered wear are not being accepted at this time. However, it is possible that the staff may convert your costume into layeredwear.
  • Weapon Camo submissions are only valid for categories appearing in PSO2.
  • Submissions of things attached to the player’s skin such as lipstick, under armor, socks, etc, will qualify for the corresponding makeup/body paint categories.
  • Submissions of designs which target body parts from the neck up will not qualify for the Body Paint category. (In other words, submit your face-related designs into the Makeup category. From the neck up = Makeup. From the neck down = Body Paint)
  • Entries submitted as Body Paint, may be implemented as [Innerwear].
  • Designs which have multiple variations under the same theme, should be submitted separately instead of putting them all into the same image.

Submission Process

  • Entries must not be shown to the public, and can only be submitted by the creator themselves.
  • Images must be submitted in JPEG format, up to 1MB in size.
  • Players are allowed to submit as many entries as they want.

Important Links

Submission End Date

  • June 21st @ 16:00 JST

Character Contest

Phantasy Star Online 2 is accepting submissions of your character wearing outfits under a particular theme. Winners will receive a Trophy, Star Gem Ticket, Free Salon Pass, and Color Change Pass.

Contest Themes

  • A Leisurely Outdoor Summer Ensemble!
  • A Japanese Style Ensemble Perfect For Enjoying A Cool Summer Evening!
  • I am a Guardian! Free Snapshot Division*

Submission Requirements

  • (One) Screenshot of Your Character
  • (One) Screenshot of the Player ID Above The Character
  • (One) Character Creation File

First Screenshot Requirement

Have your character wear an ensemble depicting one of the themes for the contest. Weapons, Mags, and Units should not be displayed in the screenshot. In addition, NPCs, enemies, and other players should not be shown within the screenshot. Images should be submitted in landscape orientation. The screenshot must be taken in a way in which both the character’s knees and body parts above are visible within the entire scene. This condition in particular is not required for the “I am a Guardian” division. Lobby Actions and facial expressions are also acceptable.

You may use the camera to change the angle and positioning of the screenshot. UI elements, including chat boxes and symbol arts, are not allowed in the main screenshot.

Second Screenshot Requirement

Your Player ID must be displayed overhead the character entering the contest. The screenshot should be taken in a way where their entire body is visible.

Character Creation File

You must upload the character creation file of your character wearing the ensemble depicted in the screenshot.

Submission Process

  • Each entry should be submitted in JPEG, up to 1 MB in size.
  • You can submit ONLY 1 entry per contest theme. (Max: 3)
  • Entries must not be shown to the public, and can only be submitted by the creator themselves.
  • Please refrain from editing the image. (i.e cropping)

Important Links

Submission End Date

  • June 14th @ 16:00 JST


Art Contest

Phantasy Star Online 2 is now accepting entries for its 5th Anniversary Art Contest! This year’s contest tasks artists with commemorating the 5th anniversary of PSO2. You can submit an illustration under whatever theme you like, whether it’s art depicting your favorite character, or a recollection of your favorite moments from Episode 1 ~ 4.

The winning illustrations will have their artwork converted into in-game room items which can be proudly displayed on the wall.

Submission Process

  • Entries must not be shown to the public, and can only be submitted by the creator themselves.
  • Images must be in the size of 1280 x 720 pixels.
  • Each contest entry must be submitted as JPEG, up to 1 MB in size.
  • Players are allowed to submit as many entries as they want.

Important Links

Submission End Date

  • June 28th @ 18:00

Each boss defeated during the limited quest will add points based on the quest’s difficulty.

  • Normal = 1 Point
  • Hard = 2 Points
  • Very Hard = 3 Points
  • Super Hard = 4 Points
  • Extra Hard = 7 Points

These points will be tallied across all players to unlock rewards featured on the official event page.

ARKS Licensure Exam

A multiple choice quiz of twenty questions will be presented on a daily basis. Players who earn a certain amount of points during the quiz period will receive prizes like accessories and stickers.

Quiz Period June 7th ~ July 26th @ 23:59 JST
Quiz Link Official Quiz Page

You can take the quiz any number of times during the campaign period. Each correct answer nets you 5 points, for a total of 100 points if all questions are answered correctly. The quiz itself will reset each day at 00:00 JST.

Highest Score
20 Points 銅メダル
(Bronze Medal)
Accessory (x1)
40 Points

(Silver Medal)
Accessory (x1)

60 Points 金メダル
(Gold Medal)
Accessory (x1)
80 Points アークス検定2017合格
(Arks Licensure Exam 2017: Passed)
Sticker (x2)
Daily Quiz Attempts
1 Day Attempt トライブースト+100%
+100% Tribooster (x1)
3 Day Attempts 46「○ or ×」
Lobby Action (x1)
5 Day Attempts 月桂樹の冠
(Bay Laurel Crown)
Accessory (x1)

Instructions on Finding Answers

You can find the answers to the quiz questions on Twitter or other Japanese fan blogs. You’ll need to first determine what day it is in Japan by googling “What Time is It In Japan.” For example, if it is June 20th, then the date will be written as 6月20日. Afterwards, you can check out the following links for the quiz answers.





This Week’s Quest

(Special Training: Episode 3)

Web Panel Rewards

Panel Prize Reward Date
#1 Casino Coin Pass (x5) (7/19)
Casino Super Boosts (7/19 ~ 7/26)
 #2  *Vita D Saber   (7/26)
#3  Lambda Grinder (x30) (7/19)
Photon Sphere (x30)
+40% Affixing Success (x1)
 #4 *Vita Bow  (7/26)
#5 10 Rappy Medals (7/19)
#6 *Vita J Boots (7/26)
#7 +100% Challenge Miles (7/19 ~ 7/26)
#8  Head Riding Mother (7/26)
Head Riding Aratron
#9 20% OFF Recycle Shop (7/19 ~ 7/26)
#10 +150% EXP Boost (7/19 ~ 7/26)
+150% Meseta Boost
#11 +150% Rare Drop Boost (7/19 ~ 7/26)
+150% Rare Enemy Rate

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