Phantasy Star Online 2 Celebrates its 5th Anniversary!

~ June 7th, 2017 ~


5th Anniversary Quests

Phantasy Star Online 2 aims to celebrate its 5th Anniversary by releasing a new quest per week. These quests will commemorate each of the game’s episodic expansions, starting with [Special Infiltration Training: Episode 1]. Expect to see various bosses and locales that debuted in the first episode.

Play freely with friends or strangers without fear of failure, as the quest will clear even if time expires. Players will be able to claim their loot from the container that appears once the quest is over.


[Special Infiltration] will also reward players with Titles for clearing the quest on any difficulty, and S-Ranking the quest on Extra Hard.


Web Panel Event and Exam

Held alongside the 5th Anniversary is the interlocking Web Panel event. During its first iteration, players can earn points by defeating bosses within certain quests. These points will be tallied at the official site to unlock a plethora of prizes.

Players will also be able to participate in the first ever ARKS Licensure Exam. Various quiz questions will be presented daily, giving wonderful rewards based on the number of correct responses.


5th Anniversary COs and Exchange Shop

Xie will return to the lobby donning a nun’s habit. New client orders will have players solving her inquiries into the [Special Infiltration] quests. Completion rewards include [5th Anniversary Badges] for use at her exchange shop.


More Weaponoid Potentials

This update will release weaponoid potentials for Darl Weigle, Shooting Drive, Flowdia, and more! You’ll need to acquire a [Weaponoid Booster] from PSO2es to unlock these potentials.


Other Adjustments

Mining Base Defense Adjustment

  • Increased the base’s stamina on difficulties Super Hard and lower.


Frame Arms Replica (AC Scratch)

The collaboration with Kotobukiya’s popular Frame Arms / Frame Arms Girl model kits blasts off with Stylet CAST parts and costumes! A number of additional optional parts will be included as accessories.


SA-16 スティレット | SA-16 Stylet
スティレットGシリーズ | Stylet G Series
*60mmガトリングガン | 60mm Gatling Gun
*ガンブレードランス | Gunblade Lance
ACSクレイドルA | ACS Cradle A
2連ミサイルランチャー | Twin Missile Launcher
311「フライングベース」 | Flying Base

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Don Quijote Is Selling PSO2 Merchandise!

Popular discount store, Don Quijote, is teaming up with Phantasy Star Online 2 to bring you boxer briefs and bath towels! Don Quijote stores across Japan will begin selling these exclusive products on June 9th, 2017!


As an added bonus, each product will contain a code for a random assortment of in-game items. Redeeming these special codes will allow your character to wear boxer briefs just like the ones sold in stores.


Lastly, an in-game rendition of the storefront will appear in the Tokyo field from June 9th through September 6th!


Boxer Briefs

Boxer Briefs / Rappy

Boxer Briefs / Arkuma

Boxer Briefs / Lillipan


Boxer Briefs / Dark Falz Loser

Boxer Briefs / Weak Bullet

Each Boxer Brief
Costs 1,480 Yen

Set 1

  • Lobby Action: [Loser] Pose
  • Room Item: Donki x Quna Panel

Set 2

  • Music Disc: Miracle Shopping
  • Male Inner: Donki Briefs 1 [In]

Set 3

  • Music Disc: Miracle Shopping
  • Female Inner: Donki Inner 1 [In]

Set 4

  • Accessory: Head-riding Donpen
  • Male Inner: Donki Briefs 2 [In]

Set 5

  • Accessory: Head-Riding Donpen
  • Female Inner: Donki Inner 2 [In]

 Each purchase comes with a random item set.




Bath Towels

Bath Towel / Empe Rappy

Bath Towel / Mascot Character

Each Bath Towel Costs 2,980 Yen

Set 1

  • Lobby Action: [Loser] Pose
  • Room Item: Donki x Quna Panel
  • Male Inner: Donki Briefs 2 [In]
  • Female Inner: Donki Inner 2 [In]

Set 2

  • Music Disc: Miracle Shopping
  • Male Inner: Donki Briefs 1 [In]
  • Female Inner: Donki Inner 1 [In]
  • Accessory: Head-riding Donpen

 Each purchase comes with a random item set.


Item Codes

Loser Pose

Miracle Shopping

Donki x Quna Panel

Head Riding Donpen

Donki Briefs 1 [In]

Donki Inner 1 [In]

Donki Briefs 2 [In]

Donki Inner 2 [In]

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PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Fresh School Days

Fresh School Days
(Until 6.21.2017)



タイトジャケット[Ou] ║ Tight Jacket [Ou]
(4 colors)


スーツスカート[Ba] ║ Skirt Suit [Ba]
スーツスカート紅[Ba] ║ Skirt Suit Crimson Red [Ba]
スーツスカート雪[Ba] ║ Skirt Suit White Snow [Ba]
スーツスカート栗[Ba] ║ Skirt Suit Chestnut Brown [Ba]


スーツスカート2[Ba] ║ Skirt Suit 2 [Ba]
スーツスカート2紅[Ba] ║ Skirt Suit 2 Crimson Red [Ba]
スーツスカート2雪[Ba] ║ Skirt Suit 2 White Snow [Ba]
スーツスカート2栗[Ba] ║ Skirt Suit 2 Chestnut Brown [Ba]


レース2[In] ║ Lace 2 [In]
レース2雅[In] ║ Lace 2 Elegant Purple [In]
レース2桜[In] ║ Lace 2 Sakura Pink [In]
レース2影[In] ║ Lace 2 Black Shadow [In]



天星初等部制服F[Ou] ║ Tensei Elementary F [Ou]
(6 colors)


天星初等部制服F[Ba] ║ Tensei Elementary F [Ba]
天星初等部制服F栗[Ba] ║ Tensei Elementary F Chestnut Brown [Ba]
天星初等部制服F葉[Ba] ║ Tensei Elementary F Leaf Green [Ba]
天星初等部制服F夜[Ba] ║ Tensei Elementary F Night Blue [Ba]
天星初等部制服F紅[Ba] ║ Tensei Elementary F Crimson Red [Ba]
天星初等部制服F影[Ba] ║ Tensei Elementary F Black Shadow [Ba]



氷を召す理装[Ou] ║ Frigid Ideal [Ou]
(6 colors)


氷を召す理装[Ba] ║ Frigid Ideal [Ba]
氷を召す理装 紅[Ba] ║ Frigid Ideal Crimson Red [Ba]
氷を召す理装 空[Ba] ║ Frigid Ideal Sky Blue [Ba]
氷を召す理装 萌[Ba] ║ Frigid Ideal Sprout Green [Ba]
氷を召す理装 夜[Ba] ║ Frigid Ideal Night Blue [Ba]
氷を召す理装 影[Ba] ║ Frigid Ideal Black Shadow [Ba]



ゾディアック・カモM[Ou] ║ Zodiac Camo M [Ou]
(4 colors)

ゾディアック・カモF[Ou] ║ Zodiac Camo F [Ou]
(4 colors)


ゾディアック・カモ[Ba] ║ Zodiac Camo [Ba]
ゾディアック・カモ栗[Ba] ║ Zodiac Camo Chestnut Brown [Ba]
ゾディアック・カモ雪[Ba] ║ Zodiac Camo White Snow [Ba]
ゾディアック・カモ影[Ba] ║ Zodiac Camo Black Shadow [Ba]



天星初等部制服M[Ou] ║ Tensei Elementary M [Ou]
(6 colors)


天星初等部制服M[Ba] ║ Tensei Elementary M [Ba]
天星初等部制服M栗[Ba] ║ Tensei Elementary M Chestnut Brown [Ba]
天星初等部制服M葉[Ba] ║ Tensei Elementary M Leaf Green [Ba]
天星初等部制服M夜[Ba] ║ Tensei Elementary M Night Blue [Ba]
天星初等部制服M紅[Ba] ║ Tensei Elementary M Crimson Red [Ba]
天星初等部制服M影[Ba] ║ Tensei Elementary M Black Shadow [Ba]



  • シフォンワンピース涼[Ba] ║ Chiffon One-piece Cool Blue [Ba]
  • シフォンワンピース銀[Ba] ║ Chiffon One-piece Metal Gray [Ba]
  • ベアトップドレス陽[Ba] ║ Bare Top Dress Orange Sun [Ba]
  • ベアトップドレス冬[Ba] ║ Bare Top Dress Winter White [Ba]
  • ベアトップドレス鋼[Ba] ║ Bare Top Dress Steel Gray [Ba]
  • シャープベスト静[Ba] ║ Sharp Vest Tranquil Blue [Ba]
  • シャープベスト鉛[Ba] ║ Sharp Vest Gray Lead [Ba]

Gradient Variations

  • サフィーア・ヘッドGV ║ Saphir Head GV
  • サフィーア・ボディGV ║ Saphir Body GV
  • サフィーア・アームGV ║ Saphir Arms GV
  • サフィーア・レッグGV ║ Saphir Legs GV
  • ヴァリエス・ヘッドGV ║ Valiesse Head GV
  • ヴァリエス・ボディGV ║ Valiesse Body GV
  • ヴァリエス・アームGV ║ Valiesse Arms GV
  • ヴァリエス・レッグGV ║ Valiesse Legs GV

Female Voice #149 (CV: Mika Kikuchi)

  • 女性追加ボイス149
  • 女性C追加ボイス149 (Cast ver.)

Male Voice #114 (CV: Yoshimasa Hosoya)

  • 男性追加ボイス114
  • 男性C追加ボイス114 (Cast ver.)

Lobby Action

  • 302「ダンス45」 ║ Dance 45 (/la dance45)

Female Layered Wear

  • ロングカーディガン[Ou] ║ Long Cardigan [Ou]


  • コオリロングヘア ║ Kohri Long Hair

Mag Devices

  • フードデバイス/技量 ║ Food Device / DEX

Grind Support

  • 属性変化(炎属性) ║ Attribute Change (Fire)
  • 属性変化(風属性) ║ Attribute Change (Wind)
  • 属性変化(光属性) ║ Attribute Change (Light)
  • 特殊能力追加(打撃&PP) ║ Add Special Ability (S-ATK & PP)


Bonus Scratch

Play this scratch a specific amount of times to receive exclusive bonus items!

(1) Draw the AC Scratch 5 times to receive:

  • Free Salon Pass

(2) Draw the AC Scratch 10 times to receive:

  • Rappy Balloon (Accessory)

(3) Draw the AC Scratch 15 times to receive:

  • Grind Success (100%)

(4) Draw the AC Scratch Gold 2 times to receive:

  • Ragol Memory

(5) Draw the AC Scratch Gold 4 times to receive:

  • Lillipa Balloon (Accessory)

(6) Draw the AC Scratch Gold 6 times to receive:

  • +150% Tribooster

※Players can receive each item only once. All of these items are untradeable.


FUN Scratch

PSPo2 Music Discs

  • Affection
  • Former Lover 1
  • Former Lover 2
  • Passion

Panzer Dragoon

  • 飛翔
  • Main Theme
  • スタッフロール


  • オフィサーツーブロック ║ Officer Two-Block
  • カメラヘッド ║ Camera Head


  • デフォルメまつげ 黒 ║ Black Deformed Eyelashes
  • デフォルメまつげ 青 ║ Blue Deformed Eyelashes
  • デフォルメまつげ 茶 ║ Brown Deformed Eyelashes
  • デフォルメまつげ 白 ║ White Deformed Eyelashes


  • ジュエリーヘアバンド 桃 ║ Peach Jewelry Hairband
  • ブラックフラワーリストR ║ Black Flower Wrist R
  • ブラックフラワーリストL ║ Black Flower Wrist L 
  • 手錠 ║ Handcuffs
  • 懐中時計 金 ║ Gold Pocket Watch
  • 懐中時計 銀 ║ Silver Pocket Watch
  • 棺桶 ║ Coffin
  • 印籠ストラップ ║ Inro Strap
  • スポーツバッグ ║ Sports Bag
  • スポーツバッグB ║ Sports Bag B

Lobby Action

  • 138「前ならえ」 ║ Mae Narae (/la line)

Room Items

  • ウエディングケーキ ║ Wedding Cake
  • ファイトリング ║ Fight Ring


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