PSO2 Station #6 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.


Secret Phrase

  • Say the phrase エピソード4いよいよ完結 in chat to receive a plethora of voices!
  • You have until March 29th’s maintenance to complete this task.



Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Racing the Phantom Mother (After Quna Concert)
  • March 18th @ 22:30
  • 150% Rare Drop / EXP Boost
  • +Live Boost when attending concert.


Early April Update

  • Easter Lobby (~5/10)
  • Egg Rappy (~5/10)
  • Acquire Hitsugi, Enga, and Kohri’s Partner Card
  • Receive a [Phantom Emblem] from clearing Chapter 8.
    Trade it in for an Avatar weapon camo.


Early April Update

  • Episode 4’s Final Chapter
  • What will be Earth’s destiny?
  • Save Earth with Hitsugi et al.


Early April Update

  • Item Design Contest Winners Side A  (AC Scratch)


 Mid April Update

  • Laia and Lumia will appear in the lobby ( ~6/7)
  • You can also receive their Partner Cards!
  • They also have 13 star weapon rewards!
    • Laia’s Weapon: Laia Axe
    • Lumia’s Weapon: Viedima



Mid April Update

  • Gurhal Collection 3 (AC Scratch)
  • Contains Laia’s presidential outfit.
  • PSP2i Beast costumes as layered wear.
  • Gives you another chance to acquire previously released costumes!
  • Scratch Bonuses include Nagisa Swimwear[Ba] and Beast Face!


Late April Update

Battle Arena Weapons

  • Jet Boots and Bullet Bows are coming to Battle Arena
  • Bullet Bows will receive Last Nemesis
  • Jet Boots can double jump and will receive Gran Wave or Strike Gust.

Battle Arena Skill System

  • Battle Arena is getting a Skill System
  • 3 random skills out of 5 will be shown at the start.
  • You can select one of these skills.
  • Battle Arena Skill List
    • Protection (Greatly reduces damage)
    • PP Unlimited (Greatly reduces (Technic/PA)  PP consumption)
    • Cure (Recovers HP)
    • Sprint (Increases movement speed)
    • Stun shot (Stuns an enemy for a limited time)
  • Selecting a skill will add it to your sub-palette.
  • Skills can be used a limited number of times.


Late April Update

  • New Items will be coming to the Battle Coin Exchange Shop
    • Rappy Suit Mini
    • Battle Bow Camo
    • Battle Boots Camo


Late April Update

  • Annette will also be coming to the Lobby (~6/7)
  • New COs for Gene and Bruno
  • Added [Timed Abilities] for Mining Base
  • Added [EXP Weapon] to the Recycle Shop
    • Use it as NT grinding fodder at the Item Lab.
    • [EXP Weapon] costs 8 AC Scratch items from Recycle Shop
  • NPCs will give out some Lv.17 PA/Technic disks.
  • [Extra Tree Change Pass] will now charge Star Gems instead of Arks Cash.
  • Premium players can register up to 30 My Fashion presets
  • Klotho is getting Battle Arena Client Orders


New System: Coordination Catalog (I’d rather call it Style Catalog)

  • A catalog in which you can register your character’s style.
  • Use it as a means to peruse the style choices of other characters!
  • You can also [Like!] them (just like Facebook.)
  • Bookmark your favorite styles!
  • You can save your Bookmarks into a My Fashion preset.


Late April Update

  • Animal Promenade (AC Scratch)
  • Animal themed layered wear and Parts.
  • Scratch Bonus: Play with Cat Lobby Action


Late April Update

  • The battle against God begins atop the Yggdrasil Tree.
  • The first part has you fighting Angels along the way.
  • You can also utilize the Dash Panels
  • In the second part, you’ll face [DEUS ESCA ZEPHYROS]



Late April Update

  • Phantom God Collection (until 11/1)
    • ★13 Zeinesis Weapon Series
  • ★13 Weapons & ★12 Unit [Zeinesis] series will drop.
  • ★13 Rappy will drop too!
  • Expect new ★14 weapon drops too!


~ Face Phaleg atop the ESCA Tower ~

Coming Soon!

  • Face Phaleg atop the ESCA Tower

Episode 5 Announced

  • Coming Summer 2017!
  • A Story of Resurrection and a New World!
  • “Reincarnation”

Synonyms for resurrection include, “Revival, Rebirth, or Come-Back,” so you’ll have to decide which of these words could be used in its place.


PSO2es 3rd Anniversary: Visual and Chip Collection

  • Releases April 3rd, 2017
  • Contains art and chip data from April 2014 through March 2017.
  • Item Codes include:
    • Bruno Voice
    • Gene Voice
    • Annette Voice
    • Free Salon Pass


PSO2 Collaborates with Frame Arms and Frame Arms Girl

  • Accessories, Camos, Costumes, and Cast Parts from both Stylets
  • Coming Early Summer!


Soundtracks Announced!

  • PSO2 Original Soundtrack Vol. 5
    • Pre-Sales: June 10th (At Festa)
    • General Sales: June 28th
    • Contains Episode 4’s Tokyo ~ Ultimate Amduscia
    • Contains Item Codes
  • PSO2 Original Soundtrack Vol. 6
    • Coming Summer
    • Contains Item Codes



Phantasy Star Festa 2017

  • Phantasy Star Festas are events where fans come together to hangout and participate in tournaments.
  • Festa 2017 Schedule
    • June 10th in Tokyo
    • June 17th in Sapporo
    • June 25th in Fukuoka
    • July 15th in Nagoya
    • July 30th in Osaka
    • August 12th Finals in Ariake Coliseum 


ARKS Battle Tournament

  • ARKS Battle Tournaments will be held during the Phantasy Star Festa
  • The Tournament consists of 4 vs 4 battles on the PS4 version.
  • Registrations will begin Mid April
  • A Preliminary quest will be released on April 19th.


PSO2es Update

  • So now we’re getting [Character Side Stories]
  • The King Rappy chip will be available through the [Score Bonus]


PSO2es Update

  • 3rd Anniversary Mission: Part 1 (3/22 ~ 04/09)
    • Collect Chip Fragments 2017  and trade them in for a Gene chip.
    • This chip will also be voiced by Gene
  • Annette and Seraphy chips will also have voices and can be displayed in the lobby.
  • Egg Paska will drop for the 3rd Anniversary Event


PSO2es Update

  • EQ Ranking Event: Embryo Vardha and Banther Donna (Early April)
  • EQ Event: Nove Ringadarl (Mid April)


PSO2es Update

  • Available for 48 Hours (4/1 ~ 4/2)
    • Darker Busters [Anniversary] Chip
  • Lufnesia chip (3/22)
  • Fahren Gryph chip (4/12)
  • Grim Barrage PA (3/22)

33 thoughts on “PSO2 Station #6 Recap

  1. Hmm, Ep5 is planned earlier than I thought! That’s great 🙂 I hope it will be full of good surprises. Take your holidays with joy my ARKS friends, a new menace is on the way 😀 x)

    Hitsugi and pals PC, I was hoping that too. Even if finally Phaleg is maybe not so nice it seemed… That’s too bad.

    1. Personal thought: I didn’t expect Phaleg to be a “nice” character given her entrance into the story, I think she made it pretty clear that she had some personal score to settle with Ardem so there was temporary truce with her. Either way I wouldn’t be surprised. But she’s still one of the most interesting characters in this Episode for me. (:

      Nevertheless I’m glad that we’re going out of EP4 now. This episode seemed too much like a typical shounen manga/anime even though there were characters or scenes that I enjoyed (and I can’t wait to find out the story behind Phaleg and Ardem). I’ll be keeping my hopes up for the new Episode!

      1. Well, uh, we still have the risk EP5 will be worst in that direction…

        But to begin with, I was wondering what will happen. The first PSO had four episodes if you count Blue Burst as EP4, who know if they couldn’t stop there.

        … Oh! Let’s go to Ragol on EP5! No? Not possible? Nobody? Erf, sorry ;D

    2. They’re basically confirmed as being Adam and Eve at this point. Both of their goals are to see humanity advance and they each have their own ways of doing it. Plus, Phaleg just is the classic “I love to fight strong things” trope, so theres a million reasons she could turns on ARKS.

      Pretty cool, I wish this was all what EP4 focused on.

      1. It only changed to this recently to make more dedicated pso2 fans like yourself happy once they realized they were losing core players and all their so called casuals were leaving.

          1. pretty sure THAT was a bait comment

            hey man, Erdem just had a giant cutscene for no reason, they never intended it to mean anything

    3. Phaleg was never nice. When you coordinated the attack on Adam, she said that you will be competing with her on your goal to kill him, not cooperating.

      Considering the clear phrase “farewell, Earth” in the video, I’m inclined to believe that they both are sort of super aliens from some distant place.

      In some past interview, it was mentioned that Earth theme and story flow were exclusively tailored towards potential players that found difficult to enter the unfamiliar game with 3 years of setting behind the back. The way anime was introduced, and how earthlings could get on Arks ship, it goes along with a theme of player just joining the game via familiar theme and gradually getting more involved into PSO universe, and now, leaving Earth behind.

      But I’m pretty sure that all upcoming ep5 posts there will be decorated with lengthy novel like comments of why everything is dumb and wrong, and how episode 5 was ruined before it even started. Tradition is a tradition.

      1. Erf, I’m not judging before knowing about it personnally…

        Don’t you think “farewell, Earth” could mean “farewell we’ll try to make it explode”? x))

        Well, maybe I’ve been a little to “enthusiastic” about Phaleg then, I was thinking there was some hope when she gets to talk in the Bridge, then “escorting” her. But anyway, no matter what will happen, bad guys and gals will have their faces smashed to death by PLAYER-chan, Hitsugi and Enga no matters what… (can’t be sure for these two but no need to bet for the first).

        Anyway, what you say, Echidna, makes me more and more curious because it’s interesting, so… We’ll find out in april.

  2. I worry about the power of those weapons. Astra presumably has a higher base and a 40% pp recovery on hits makes it hard to content with. Given that the weapons will most likely have a new factor for s-atk and the sword has Power III… that leaves it with a base of 1217 behind Astra’s 1228. While the pot will decide, I am a bit concerned.

    13* non-prem rappies are an “effin finally”. New 13* tact to go with it makes me optimistic for summoner’s rewards at least.

    And lastly I do worry about the pace that episode 5 is coming out… I can’t see them having the reserved content like they would of when they started to keep pumping out new episodes as quickly either. At least the title is somewhat promising unless it’s meant for Earth then noooo… but maybe the hype will be for a pso1 “brand new world” being “reborn”. Can only hope.

    1. What happened to the dripfeed theory?
      I mean, With Collection files, its pretty much confirmed, since every little addition is going to be extended up to 3-4 months thanks to the CF duration. Every new field and quest is pretty much sustained through exclusive CF now, you can predict when the new thing will be out by simply looking at current CF expiration date.

      1. You don’t even really need the CF dates to make some fairly educated guesses about this sort of thing. Content releases have come at rather predictable intervals for some time now and some things are just constant, like the February web panel event and the June-July “anniversary” web panel event (with collab boss), the December EQ, and so on.

  3. As a Japanese but not a long-time PS fan, I assume Episode 5 takes place in Europian-Medieval-Fantasy planet and someone “reincarnates” from other place than fantasy world. “Otherworld Reincarnation/異世界転生” is one of the biggest trend of Japanese juvenile novels now and the “Otherworld” is always Europian Medieval Fantasy World that remotely inspired by Dragon Quest for unknown reason.

    1. Just throwing this out there as other possible reincarnators, Haddred and the King of Kuron. I just kinda threw Haddred in there but assuming we’ll end up with 3 areas per planet ultimately, we still need a 3rd area for Harkotan.

      1. Gettemhart (maybe with Elder along for the ride) is also another possibility. Hints when running into Falz Hunar during the 3-5 Story Quest imply that maybe the Elder inside double wasn’t the real one, or at least not the full power of Elder, so he might still be lurking somewhere.

        It’d line up pretty well, considering I believe Gettemhart is actually in the PSO2 EP-Zero manga – give a reason for more people to sympathise with him, then bring him back.

        (okay, I just want my silly hammy Elder back, he was so fun ;w;)

    2. @Masataka Touji

      Do you japanese only think of europe? Coming from the fact that North america collector edition games are sometimes watered down versions of what Europe gets and when the RPG swords end up looking like european long swords which are boring. It just comes off as a blatant racist bias.

      1. Well that was thoroughly relevant and topical.

        >European long swords
        fite me m8, I’ve trained with the things. They’re anything but.

    1. That’s only possible, since Persona became Profound Darkness in yours and Matoi’s stead, is if Xiao figured out a way to break the loop. But more likely than not, Persona would just be destroyed. ‘sides, no need for two main characters to be running around in the same timeline.

      1. Idk, seems to be pretty well established in the canon that both PD and Falzes can be removed from the hosts with no meaningful ill effects (possible lingering funky hair coloration aside). Before it finally settled down in its current abode PD was somewhat getting passed around a bit, and we have like 3-4 former [Apprentice] hosts hanging around…

        More practical problem is *how* you’d go about separating the fully incarnated Profound from its host, and narratively speaking since it *needs* one that cannot very well be accomplished without either A) finishing its storyline (ie. doing away with the damn thing) or B) having it switch to a NEW host so it can keep going as the big persistent threat in the background.

        1. how about infusing ether to PD? since ESCA enemies could appear out of thin air, not like darker who need host first, then the player and matoi do the purification dance again just like what they do to mother.

          i admit giving a universe destroying darker a more permanent form aren’t really the best idea though.

          1. Basic Darkers don’t particularly seem to require hosts though, that’s the Falzes and PD. And all of them seem quite cheerfully capable of teleportation even over rather stupid distances if the way they can just up and appear wherever is any indication.

            And PD probably has a pretty good working knowledge of Ether already anyway. It’s been active on Earth *at least* as long as the ARKS and has already twice attempted to incarnate a Falz there (the first time around being the animu, the second Ep 4) – and rather too many beings screwing around with the “Falz essence” from the second attempt within Earth’s “Ether field” is quite likely giving it ample opportunity to study the practical interactions…

            And, of course, the bugger is being *terribly* uncooperative about sticking around when beaten down. Mother at least had the manners to stay still and not engage in Time Fuckery lolh4x once bested.

            Well. Ofc in practice PD won’t be going anywhere until the writers and directors decide it’s time to move forward that plotline. At which point Xiao will presumably finally stop contemplating his watery navel and figure something out (or Patientia beat him to the punch for topkeks).

      2. actually i also want persona loitering around on my room via furniture similar to support partner, as reward for completing the episode maybe, just wishful thinking though

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