PSO2 Station #7 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.


Secret Phrase

Speak the phrase デウス・エスカ降臨 in chat before April 26th to receive a Sakura Tree and Triboosters



Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • April 15th @ 22:30 (Concert First)
  • Racing the Phantom Mother
  • +100% Rare Drop and EXP Boost


Early May Update

  • Deus Esca Rematch
    • After clearing the EQ, you can participate in a Rematch
    • The rematch requires main/sub class level 80+
    • It’s a 4 person quest with Deus Esca Gracia (I’ll think of a better name)
    • The quest automatically fails with 5 deaths.


Early May Update

  • The Qliphad series will drop from Deus Esca Gracia
  • Trade in your Qliphad Series and convert them to Zeinesis Series
  • Wedding Lobby (~ 6/7)


Early May Update

  • AC Scratch “Winners Design 4 Side B”
  • Contains items from the contest such as Raging Beat, Blood Maria, Innocent Rose Dress, Corn Row 16 and many more!


Early May Update

Episode 4 Side Story [Duel]

  • A highly difficult solo-quest against Phaleg.
  • No Half Dolls! No Scape Dolls! No Easy Mode!
  • Contains a Time Limit and some restriction on HP recovery.
  • Let’s aim for class specific Clear-Titles.


Late May

  • Rainy Bingo 2017 ( ~ 7/5)
  • Rainy 2017 Collection ( ~7/5)
    • Aim for new Fornis weapons!
    • Fornis Haloop (Gunslash)
    • Fornis Esvia (Bullet Bow)
    • Fornis Ratioed (Wand)
    • ★13 Popple Egg
    • ★13 Redran Egg


Late May Update

  • Fresh School Days (AC Scratch)
  • Contains Kohri and Enga’s Avatar Layeredwear
  • Student and Teacher themed outfits
  • Rappy and Lillipa Balloons available as a Scratch Bonus


Late May Update

  • In the Driving Rain EQ ( ~7/5)
  • Esca Darkers and Phantoms will appear
  • Increased spawn rate for Mr. Umblla and Mr. Bowan
  • Chance for Empe Rappy/Izane to spawn.
  • Special prefixed Diabo will appear at the end


Current Update

  • 12 Person Raid Boss
  • Added Emergency Quest Rematch
  • Design Contest Scratch
  • Episode 4 Side Story

5th Anniversary Event: Phantasy Star Festa 2017 Online

  • 5th Anniversary Web Event [ARKS BATTLE CHRONICLE]
  • New LIVE Event
  • Boosted Raid Boss & Boosted Raid Boss Rematch
  • Frame Arms and Frame Arms Girl Collaboration
  • Famous Designer Collaboration Scratch
  • Tokyo Field Real Store Collaboration Part 3


PSO2es Update

  • Play the (11x Bundle [AC] esScratch) three times to unlock the Weaponoid Scratch.
  • This scratch contains only Weaponoid Chips.
  • New Feature: Chip Storage
    • Each character will receive 100 slots for free.
    • You can expand the storage with AC.


New Character Side Stories

  • Seraphy  Side Story [4/19]
  • Annette Side Story [5/10]
  • Bruno Side Story [5/24]

King Rappy Chip available as a score bonus


PSO2es Update

  • iOS 3rd Anniversary (48 Hour Limited Scratch)
    • Guidance Seraphy [Anniversary]
    • Available 5/13 ~ 5/14
  • New Chips
    • Lavis Blade
    • Nox Cadina


PSO2es Chip

  • Personifier of Faith Kohri (AC Limited)
  • Shanefrisa
  • Gigas Spinner
  • Pristine Mallet
  • Ancient Quartz


Attention PlayStation Vita Players

  • Starting July 2017, a 32GB memory card will be required for the download version of PSO2.


Famous Designer Collaboration

  • Suzuhito Yasuda is back with a new collaboration!
  • Rira, Eri, and Quina will be appearing in the game along with their costumes, hairstyles, accessories, and voice tickets. You’ll also have the opportunity to obtain their partner cards!


PSO2 -The Animation- Character Song CD Vol. 2

  • Pre-Sales: June 10th
  • General Sales: June 28th
  • Cost: 2,800 Yen
  • Also contains Mini Dramas


Phantasy Star Online 2 Episode 0

  • Next chapter releases April 26th in the June issue of Shonen Ace.


Phantom Battleship Yamato – Plastic Model –

  • Releases: Summer 2017
  • Price: 5,300 Yen
  • Scale: 1/700
  • Item Code
    • 310 「Hagito Phemut」 (Lobby Action)
    • Male Hagito F Voice (Voice Ticket)
    • (Well I guess they spell it with an F)
    • Borderless Quest Ver. (Music Disc)


A.I.S – Plastic Model –

  • 1/72 A.I.S & 1/72 A.I.S Gray. Ver
  • Each version costs 5,940 Yen
  • Item Codes
    • Evo Device / A.I.S
    • Plastic Model Package Mat # (Room Item)


Phantasy Star Festa 2017 (Offline Event)

  • T-Shirts, Parkas, Caps, and Class Pins are just some of the items you can purchase at the Phantasy Star Festa 2017. The first event will begin June 10th in Tokyo!


Phantasy Star Festa 2017 (Offline Event)

Festa 2017 T-Shirts[Ba] will be available ONLY to those who attend the offline event.


Phantasy Star Festa 2017 (Offline Event)

Each event during the Summer will distribute an exclusive Lobby Action available ONLY to those who are in attendance.


~ ARKS Battle Chronicle ~
~ New Quna LIVE Event ~


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Face Deus Esca Zephyros In PSO2’s April Update

~ April 19th, 2017 ~


Deus Esca Zephyros

Face the divine wrath of Deus Esca Zephyros in the [Phantom God of Creation] Emergency Quest! The ARKS head to the Phantom continent, which suddenly surfaced in the Pacific Ocean. There, God awaits those
who would challenge his will atop the great Yggdrasil Tree.


Repel the remnant forces of Adam’s angelic army and race to the top with the help of Dash Panels. Watch out for Deus’ skewering assault of spikes along your path. Quell Deus Esca in his final form and save this world from being born anew.


This Emergency Quest will only take place at pre-scheduled times and can be cleared only once on each ship per occurrence. A player’s main and sub class must be at least level 75 in order to play the quest on the Extra Hard difficulty.


Phantom God Collection

Be sure to grab one of the [Phantom God Collection] sheets before you head out to get one of the new Zeinesis series weapons. By collecting Qliphad Fuses from the quest, you can unlock a new potential or upgrade the weapons into the Qliphad series.


New ★14 Weapons

Additional ★14 weapons will be added to game’s drop list. As low as the drop rate may be, just think of how satisfying it’ll be when you finally get one! Not to mention, they have fairly unique potentials too. With their elemental and overlimit caps maxed out by default, you’ll be able to grind to +35 right away.


Battle Arena Skill System

Battle Arena is expanding with the addition of a Skill system. Three of these skills will be shown at the start of the match. Among the list, you can select only one skill for use during battle. Each skill has its own individual limit to the number of times it can be activated during the match.


Stun Shot スタンショット

  • Fires a projectile that stuns an enemy player.


Cure キュア

  • Fully recovers your HP.


Sprint スプリント

  • Increases character movement speed for a limited time.


Protection プロテクション

  • Reduces damage and applies resistance to status effects for a limited time.


PP Unlimited PPアンリミテッド

  • Drastically reduces PP consumption.


New Battle Arena Weapons

Jet Boots and Bullet Bows are making their way to the Battle Arena. These weapons can be obtained at random by mining at a Pick-Up Spot.


Jet Boots

Excelling at mobility, these weapons will allow you to reach high in the sky thanks to the addition of a double jumping ability. This weapon will feature one of two photon arts; [Strike Gust], which turns a vertical roundhouse kick into a drop kick through the shift action, or [Gran Wave] which pummels the enemy with high speed kicks allowing you to float away with the shift action.


Bullet Bows

A ranged weapon that plays an active part in mid/close range combat. If you charge its basic attack, you’ll fire arrows in 3 directions simultaneously. This weapon contains [Last Nemesis], a photon art that takes some time to activate, but can heavily damage the target.


Battle Arena Client Orders

Head to Klotho to pick up some Battle Arena client orders! You can unlock them by clearing [A Trial of Precious Time]. These client orders will task you with speaking to Koffie after you’ve won Ranked Matches.


4 vs 4 Ruleset: [ARKS BT 2017 Preliminaries]

A new ruleset will be available for a limited time to help players prepare for the ARKS Battle Tournament 2017. Limited to Password Matches, this ruleset will encompass the new weapons and skills added along with this update. ARKS who are interested in participating in the offline tournament, should use this quest to polish their skills!


Style Catalog

Introducing the Style Catalog, a new system where you can view, evaluate, and save the fashion choices of other characters! With this feature, your character can register a [Style] comprised of costumes, layered wear, and accessories. Prior to completing the process, you’ll have the choice of selecting a genre which represents the theme of your outfit.


[Sexy], [Intellectual], [Wild], [Elegant], and [Cute] are just some of the genres you can choose from. In addition, you can add up to 3 [Search Tags] for your outfit. Lastly, you’ll have the option of selecting a [Lobby Action] and [Expression] to pose in the outfit.


You’ll be able to see other character’s fashion choices by selecting the [Style Catalog] from the main menu. These styles can be sorted into three categories; by [Most Likes!] [Most Views] and [Newest Arrivals]. You can even search for styles based on their tags, genre, race, and gender. Once you find a fashion choice that you like, you can [Bookmark] it and save it as a [My Fashion] preset.


Players will be given the option to [Like!] an outfit using 4 different reactions. Doing so will net you FUN Points in return.


★13 Rappy Pet

The formerly limited Rappy pet will become available for all to obtain! This ★13 edition of the pet is as glamorous as ever, with stats beyond that of the original ★10 version.


Pet Rappy Client Order!

Pietoro will receive a new client order for defeating enemies with your pet Rappy. Complete it to earn a ★10 Bonus Egg!


More [My Fashion] Preset Slots

Premium Set users will receive an additional twenty slots for My Fashion presets.


Timed Ability Expansion

This update will add new timed abilities covering the [Mining Base] quests.


Long-Term Absence Notification

A new social feature will display whether a fellow Team Member or Friend hasn’t logged in for a while.


EXP Weapon-NT

An [EXP Weapon-NT] item will be added to the Recycle Shop. This weapon has a special ability that provides NT Grinding experience points when used as a fodder.


Extra Skill Tree Reset Pass Changes

The in-game currency used to purchase Extra Skill Tree Reset Passes will be switched from AC to Star Gems.


Weaponoid Potentials

Weapons such as [Fubuki Toushuu] and [Whipblade Paratizel] are receiving Weaponoid potentials. You can unlock these potentials by collecting [Weaponoid Boosters] from PSO2es.


Other Features

  • The limit on registered pets will be raised to 25 per character.
  • Mining Base Defense: VR is now accessible through a Quest Trigger.


Annette Returns!

Annette will reappear, joining Gene and Bruno in the lobby until June 7th! The PSO2es trio will offer up new client orders giving you more opportunities for obtaining Chip Fragments.


 Animal Promenade (AC Scratch)

Transform into cute animals with the help of new zoological layered wear and CAST parts! A floral kimono and casual capri pants will also be included among the scratch’s selection of outfits.



 ※Some sections contributed by wowowpenguins


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PSO2 Station #6 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.


April 1st Tidbits

~ Ichitaro and Kimura have a new look! ~

Battle Arena Skills

  • Protection: Reduces Damage & Invalidates Status Effects. Can be used two times
  • Stun Shot: Can be used 3 times.
  • PP Unlimited: Greatly Reduces PP consumption for 20 seconds.
  • Sprint: Increases movement speed for 5 sec. Can be used 3 times.
  • Cure: Completely recovers HP. Can be used 3 times.

Battle Arena Weapons

  • Gran Wave’s invincibility frames will be shorter than normal.’
  • No deband for Gran Wave.
  • No shifta for Strike Gust.

Grind Cap + 1

  • Battle Rank has no effect on the chances for a [Grind Cap +1].

Rappy Suit Mini

  • Costs 100,000 Battle Coins!

Phantom Emblem

  • You get just 1 Phantom Emblem for clearing Chapter 8.
  • Enga’s Weapon Camo supports Assault Rifles and TMGs.

Coordination Catalog

  • Originally called the  “Fashion Catalog,” but they changed the name.
  • This catalog covers only your ship.

Scratch Content

  • Laia and Lumia’s voices will indeed be coming in the PSU Scratch.
  • They plan to revive previously released SG Scratches in the future.

Mining Base VR

  • They plan to release the Mining Base VR Trigger late April.

Deus Esca Emergency Quest

  • Limited to 1 clear per ship.
  • Enemies in the quest are considered Phantom-types.
  • Angels are weak to Dark only. Deus Esca is weak to Dark and Light.

Phaleg Battle

  • This is basically Episode 4’s Gaiden.
  • They believe 5% of players will finish the battle.
  • No easy mode, no half dolls/scape dolls.
  • Features the “damage cap,” explained in the adjustments section.

Zeinesis Weapon  (3 Potentials)

  1. Ability Affixing Success +10%
  2. HP recovery for party members and increases the party’s power.
  3. Doubles the effect of Special Abilities (ATK / DEF )

Potential 3 requires special items dropped by Deus Esca

Qliphad Series (Zeinesis Upgrade)

  • You’ll need a [Zeinesis Weapon] + [Qliphad Fuse] materials to upgrade the weapon.
  • As for the weapons, the upgrade is mainly intended for looks.

14 Star Weapon

  • Takt: Waving the Takt during Alter Ego, releases a megid-like projectile. Automatically assists Pet Sympathy.
  • Wand: Increases normal attack and step attack speed. Unleashes a slash attack on the 3rd normal attack.
  • Double Saber: Changes the color of the whirlwind and extends its duration.
  • These may also drop in Defense-style Emergency Quests


  • They’re aware of the Chaining Marron issue so they plan to make revisions along with other adjustments when Episode 5 hits.
  • Deus Esca is going to set a cap on the maximum amount of damage an attack can deal. (This means there’s a cap towards how much damage you can deal to it through a single attack.)
  • The max damage cap mentioned above will be set to 999,999.

Other Stuff

  • They’re aware that all the Operator names end with [A].

More to come…


~ ARKS Baseball ~
~ Coming April 31st ~

※You know April 31st doesn’t exist right!? Happy April Fools!






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