PSO2: 12 Hour Spring Break Score Attack

Hosts and guests from various PSO2 Broadcasts will be participating in a 12-hour Spring Break stream. Players who participate can earn Star Gems at a future date by defeating bosses within specific Level Up Quests.

「Border Breaking Bird」March 25th @ 18:00 ~ 0:00 JST
「Chaotic Darkness」 March 26th @ 0:00 ~ 6:00 JST

Star Gems will be distributed based on the following formula:

  • (Total Score + # Of Broadcast Viewers) ÷ 10,000

Points can be earned by defeating Bosses within the Limited Quest:

  • Normal: 1 Point
  • Hard: 2 Points
  • Very Hard: 3 Points
  • Super Hard: 4 Points
  • Extra Hard: 7 Points

Reward Qualifications

  • By clearing [Border Breaking Bird] or [Chaotic Darkness] at least once during the event period.

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PSO2 Station #6 Recap

Warning! This post is updating in real time!
Please take note as the information below is subject to change.


Secret Phrase

  • Say the phrase エピソード4いよいよ完結 in chat to receive a plethora of voices!
  • You have until March 29th’s maintenance to complete this task.



Emergency Quest Boost Poll

  • Racing the Phantom Mother (After Quna Concert)
  • March 18th @ 22:30
  • 150% Rare Drop / EXP Boost
  • +Live Boost when attending concert.


Early April Update

  • Easter Lobby (~5/10)
  • Egg Rappy (~5/10)
  • Acquire Hitsugi, Enga, and Kohri’s Partner Card
  • Receive a [Phantom Emblem] from clearing Chapter 8.
    Trade it in for an Avatar weapon camo.


Early April Update

  • Episode 4’s Final Chapter
  • What will be Earth’s destiny?
  • Save Earth with Hitsugi et al.


Early April Update

  • Item Design Contest Winners Side A  (AC Scratch)


 Mid April Update

  • Laia and Lumia will appear in the lobby ( ~6/7)
  • You can also receive their Partner Cards!
  • They also have 13 star weapon rewards!
    • Laia’s Weapon: Laia Axe
    • Lumia’s Weapon: Viedima



Mid April Update

  • Gurhal Collection 3 (AC Scratch)
  • Contains Laia’s presidential outfit.
  • PSP2i Beast costumes as layered wear.
  • Gives you another chance to acquire previously released costumes!
  • Scratch Bonuses include Nagisa Swimwear[Ba] and Beast Face!


Late April Update

Battle Arena Weapons

  • Jet Boots and Bullet Bows are coming to Battle Arena
  • Bullet Bows will receive Last Nemesis
  • Jet Boots can double jump and will receive Gran Wave or Strike Gust.

Battle Arena Skill System

  • Battle Arena is getting a Skill System
  • 3 random skills out of 5 will be shown at the start.
  • You can select one of these skills.
  • Battle Arena Skill List
    • Protection (Greatly reduces damage)
    • PP Unlimited (Greatly reduces (Technic/PA)  PP consumption)
    • Cure (Recovers HP)
    • Sprint (Increases movement speed)
    • Stun shot (Stuns an enemy for a limited time)
  • Selecting a skill will add it to your sub-palette.
  • Skills can be used a limited number of times.


Late April Update

  • New Items will be coming to the Battle Coin Exchange Shop
    • Rappy Suit Mini
    • Battle Bow Camo
    • Battle Boots Camo


Late April Update

  • Annette will also be coming to the Lobby (~6/7)
  • New COs for Gene and Bruno
  • Added [Timed Abilities] for Mining Base
  • Added [EXP Weapon] to the Recycle Shop
    • Use it as NT grinding fodder at the Item Lab.
    • [EXP Weapon] costs 8 AC Scratch items from Recycle Shop
  • NPCs will give out some Lv.17 PA/Technic disks.
  • [Extra Tree Change Pass] will now charge Star Gems instead of Arks Cash.
  • Premium players can register up to 30 My Fashion presets
  • Klotho is getting Battle Arena Client Orders


New System: Coordination Catalog (I’d rather call it Style Catalog)

  • A catalog in which you can register your character’s style.
  • Use it as a means to peruse the style choices of other characters!
  • You can also [Like!] them (just like Facebook.)
  • Bookmark your favorite styles!
  • You can save your Bookmarks into a My Fashion preset.


Late April Update

  • Animal Promenade (AC Scratch)
  • Animal themed layered wear and Parts.
  • Scratch Bonus: Play with Cat Lobby Action


Late April Update

  • The battle against God begins atop the Yggdrasil Tree.
  • The first part has you fighting Angels along the way.
  • You can also utilize the Dash Panels
  • In the second part, you’ll face [DEUS ESCA ZEPHYROS]



Late April Update

  • Phantom God Collection (until 11/1)
    • ★13 Zeinesis Weapon Series
  • ★13 Weapons & ★12 Unit [Zeinesis] series will drop.
  • ★13 Rappy will drop too!
  • Expect new ★14 weapon drops too!


~ Face Phaleg atop the ESCA Tower ~

Coming Soon!

  • Face Phaleg atop the ESCA Tower

Episode 5 Announced

  • Coming Summer 2017!
  • A Story of Resurrection and a New World!
  • “Reincarnation”

Synonyms for resurrection include, “Revival, Rebirth, or Come-Back,” so you’ll have to decide which of these words could be used in its place.


PSO2es 3rd Anniversary: Visual and Chip Collection

  • Releases April 3rd, 2017
  • Contains art and chip data from April 2014 through March 2017.
  • Item Codes include:
    • Bruno Voice
    • Gene Voice
    • Annette Voice
    • Free Salon Pass


PSO2 Collaborates with Frame Arms and Frame Arms Girl

  • Accessories, Camos, Costumes, and Cast Parts from both Stylets
  • Coming Early Summer!


Soundtracks Announced!

  • PSO2 Original Soundtrack Vol. 5
    • Pre-Sales: June 10th (At Festa)
    • General Sales: June 28th
    • Contains Episode 4’s Tokyo ~ Ultimate Amduscia
    • Contains Item Codes
  • PSO2 Original Soundtrack Vol. 6
    • Coming Summer
    • Contains Item Codes



Phantasy Star Festa 2017

  • Phantasy Star Festas are events where fans come together to hangout and participate in tournaments.
  • Festa 2017 Schedule
    • June 10th in Tokyo
    • June 17th in Sapporo
    • June 25th in Fukuoka
    • July 15th in Nagoya
    • July 30th in Osaka
    • August 12th Finals in Ariake Coliseum 


ARKS Battle Tournament

  • ARKS Battle Tournaments will be held during the Phantasy Star Festa
  • The Tournament consists of 4 vs 4 battles on the PS4 version.
  • Registrations will begin Mid April
  • A Preliminary quest will be released on April 19th.


PSO2es Update

  • So now we’re getting [Character Side Stories]
  • The King Rappy chip will be available through the [Score Bonus]


PSO2es Update

  • 3rd Anniversary Mission: Part 1 (3/22 ~ 04/09)
    • Collect Chip Fragments 2017  and trade them in for a Gene chip.
    • This chip will also be voiced by Gene
  • Annette and Seraphy chips will also have voices and can be displayed in the lobby.
  • Egg Paska will drop for the 3rd Anniversary Event


PSO2es Update

  • EQ Ranking Event: Embryo Vardha and Banther Donna (Early April)
  • EQ Event: Nove Ringadarl (Mid April)


PSO2es Update

  • Available for 48 Hours (4/1 ~ 4/2)
    • Darker Busters [Anniversary] Chip
  • Lufnesia chip (3/22)
  • Fahren Gryph chip (4/12)
  • Grim Barrage PA (3/22)

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Bruno and Gene Stop by in PSO2’s Early Spring Update

Class Level 80 Unleashed!

~ March 22nd, 2017 ~

Obtain even more power with the Class Level 80 Cap! In order to access the new cap for your class, you’ll need to acquire two distinct Titles. The first Title requires you to have a ★13 weapon natively equipped by your class, with a grind value of +35.

The second Title requests that you clear [The Perfect <Class> IV] from your class trainer NPC. You can learn more on the specifics required for each class by reading the Class Level 80 Unlocking Guide!

※ Due to the above changes, an All-Skill Tree Reset Pass will be distributed!


Mining Base Defense Training: VR

Necky’s Challenge, the notorious quest released as part of the Famitsu Cup, will be updated into a new pre-scheduled Emergency Quest. This time, the quest will add ESCA Darkers among the enemy lineup. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the [Esmoth], a new ESCA iteration of the Damoth enemy. They’ll swarm the base to unleash a suicide strike. 

In order to access this quest on [Extra Hard], you’ll need to have main and subclass level of 70+.


Spring 2017 Bingo Reverse

The [Reverse] side of the Spring 2017 Bingo will be added. This side of the card includes objectives targeting the new Emergency Quest, and rewards such as the [Evo. Device / Sakura Nyau]. Let’s wrap up the [Front] side in time for the update!


Sakura Nyau Returns!

*ブロッサムローゼ | Blossom Rose

The spring incarnation of Nyau will return with a new Partisan weapon camo drop!


Two Weapon Series Revivals

The highly popular Orbit series will be revived through a Collection File through May 24th. This time, the collection will feature a ★13 egg for Summoners.


The Aura series will also be revived through its own Collection File. You can even unlock a different potential thanks to the release of Arena Boosters from the Battle Coin Exchange Shop.


Zieg’s Emblem Exchange Shop

Pick up the [*Clarissa III] by trading in one [Creator’s Emblem] at Zieg’s Exchange Shop.


Weapon Design General Election

The winners of the [Weapon Design General Election] will be released as weapon camos on March 22nd. Don’t forget to take them to the Item Lab to change their photon colors!


New Quest Trigger

Now you can play [Racing the Phantom Mother] on your own schedule with the release of the [Phantom Mother] Trigger.


New Weaponoid Potentials

New weaponoid potentials will be released for [Avenger], [Vraolet], and [Volcano Mace]. These potentials can be unlocked by collecting Weaponoid Boosters from PSO2es.

Avenger: Lv.1: Critical Power: +13% & Critical Rate: +50%
Vraolet: Increases JA PWR, increases the amount of PP recovered with non-JA normal attacks.
Volcano Mace: Increases Fire technic damage.


PSO2es 3rd Anniversary

PSO2es is celebrating its 3rd Anniversary! As part of the festivities, Bruno and Gene will appear in the ARKS Lobby for a limited time. The two will be offering up new client orders, with their Partner Cards and [Chip Fragments 2017] as rewards.


For her third PSO2 appearance, Gene will be sporting her original, more modest costume. Gene and Bruno will also pop up in Emergency Trials across Free Exploration Quests.


On top of that, Gene will be hosting a new exchange shop. Here you can trade in your [Chip Fragments 2017] for Weapon Camos and Weapono! style room items.

But that’s not all in store. On March 29th, PSO2es will be launching a new Web Event with plans of a Chip Illustration Contest and a Boost Event!


Support Item Selection (AC Scratch)

A support item Scratch will be running from March 15th ~ March 22nd



Galaxy Star Heroine (AC Scratch)

ステライノセント | Stella Innocent

Varsity jackets, a maid uniform, and an elegant dress will be available in a new AC Scratch! Gene and Bruno’s outfits will also make an appearance.

スケアードフィッシュ | Scared Fish
スタジアムジャンパーF [Ou] | Varsity Jacket F
タンクトップデニム[Ba] | Tanktop Denim
スタジアムジャンパーM[Ou] | Varsity Jacket M
ピュアグレース[Ba] | Pure Grace
292 「立ち乗り二輪車」| 292 [Upright Scooter]
進化デバイス/モア | Evo. Device / More

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