PSO2 JP: RINA, Lilika, and Silva Return for Valentine’s Event

~ January 25th, 2017 ~


PSO2 The Animation Characters

The ladies of PSO2 The Animation are back in the lobby for the Valentine’s event! Clear all of RINA, Silva, and Lilika’s client orders and something will happen during the White Day event.

RINA will also make an appearance in Emergency Trials.  Among the rewards for clearing them are [Arm / Fiogulls]; a ★12 unit that provides ranged, fire, lightning, and dark resistances, while raising the Max PP, R-ATK, and R-DEF.


RINA’s Weapon Camo

*フレイフェーゲン | Frey Faegen

Impress that special someone by clearing RINA’s client orders. Doing so will net you the [*Frey Faegen ], a weapon camo with both Launcher and Talis functionality.


New Story Events

After revealing his true colors, Ardem’s relationship with the ARKS has become estranged.  Even with Al’s return, Ardem’s next move remains unknown, with Enga regretting his inability to stop his former leader. What sort of events will transpire under Ardem’s ambition for a “Paradigm Shift?”


Valentine’s 2017 Bingo

進化デバイス/ポーラー | Evo. Device / Polar

The Valentine’s 2017 Bingo will see players chatting up the ladies around the ARKS Lobby. One reward of note is the [Evo. Device / Polar], a Mag fashioned after a lovin’ teddy bear.


The Chocolate Way 2017

The annual Valentine’s [Chocolate Way] Emergency Quest is back with a time-based evaluation! The faster you clear the quest, the higher your ranking will be. On difficulties of Hard or above, the number of Weapons Badge 2017 you receive at the end hinges on your ranking.


The Volcanic Caverns are filled with Darkers and Ultimate Amduscia enemies. Girls galore will pop up throughout the quest during Emergency Trials to help out. The Drago Deadleon with a prefixed name serves as the final boss. Defeat this deadly foe with the help of your friends and hope for a lucky rare drop!



Chocolate 2017 Collection

The Chocolate 2017 Collection includes Sarah’s signature “Flow Razor” Wired Lance. Apart from that, the collection features weapons from the Fornis series, such as the [Fornis Beset] Twin Daggers and [Fornis Physis] Twin Machine Guns. To top it off, you’ll find ★13 Viola and Synchro pet eggs among the selection.


Sweet Love Passion (AC Scratch)

スウィートショコラ[Ou・Ba・In] | Sweet Chocolat

Woooo! In this corner we have the wrestling layered wear of a true champ of the ring. And in the other corner we have a cute apron and bondage gear. Sweet and sexy, these outfits are sure to attract your Valentine.


セクシースタイル | Sexy Style
リングチャンプ[Ou・Ba・In] | Ring Champ
ツェルハトゥール[Ba・In] | Zell Hatoule
タイガーリボン 黃 | Yellow Tiger Ribbon
タイガーマフラー 黃 | Yellow Tiger Scarf
タイガースカート 黃 | Yellow Tiger Skirt

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PSO2 JP AC Scratch: Starship Valkyrie

Starship Valkyrie
(Until 2.8.2017)



ヴァルザレシオ[Ou] ║ Varza Ratio [Ou]
(6 colors)


ヴァルザレシオ[Ba] ║ Varza Ratio [Ba]
ヴァルザレシオ夜[Ba] ║ Varza Ratio Night Blue [Ba]
ヴァルザレシオ雅[Ba] ║ Varza Ratio Elegant Purple [Ba]
ヴァルザレシオ月[Ba] ║ Varza Ratio Yellow Moon [Ba]
ヴァルザレシオ雪[Ba] ║ Varza Ratio White Snow [Ba]
ヴァルザレシオ影[Ba] ║ Varza Ratio Black Shadow [Ba]


ヴァルザレシオ[In] ║ Varza Ratio [In]
ヴァルザレシオ海[In] ║ Varza Ratio Blue Sea [In]
ヴァルザレシオ雅[In] ║ Varza Ratio Elegant Purple [In]
ヴァルザレシオ月[In] ║ Varza Ratio Yellow Moon [In]
ヴァルザレシオ雪[In] ║ Varza Ratio White Snow [In]
ヴァルザレシオ影[In] ║ Varza Ratio Black Shadow [In]



ソリッドオール[Ba] ║ Solid Ol [Ba]
ソリッドオール月[Ba] ║ Solid Ol Yellow Moon [Ba]
ソリッドオール夜[Ba] ║ Solid Ol Night Blue [Ba]
ソリッドオール葉[Ba] ║ Solid Ol Leaf Green [Ba]
ソリッドオール雪[Ba] ║ Solid Ol White Snow [Ba]
ソリッドオール影[Ba] ║ Solid Ol Black Shadow [Ba]


ソリッドオール[In] ║ Solid Ol [In]
ソリッドオール月[In] ║ Solid Ol Yellow Moon [In]
ソリッドオール海[In] ║ Solid Ol Blue Sea [In]
ソリッドオール葉[In] ║ Solid Ol Leaf Green [In]
ソリッドオール雪[In] ║ Solid Ol White Snow [In]
ソリッドオール影[In] ║ Solid Ol Black Shadow [In]



ヴァルザライズ[Ou] ║ Varza Rise [Ou]
(6 colors)


ヴァルザライズ[Ba] ║ Varza Rise [Ba]
ヴァルザライズ夜[Ba] ║ Varza Rise Night Blue [Ba]
ヴァルザライズ雅[Ba] ║ Varza Rise Elegant Purple [Ba]
ヴァルザライズ月[Ba] ║ Varza Rise Yellow Moon [Ba]
ヴァルザライズ雪[Ba] ║ Varza Rise White Snow [Ba]
ヴァルザライズ影[Ba] ║ Varza Rise Black Shadow [Ba]


ヴァルザライズ[In] ║ Varza Rise [In]
ヴァルザライズ夜[In] ║ Varza Rise Night Blue [In]
ヴァルザライズ雅[In] ║ Varza Rise Elegant Purple [In]
ヴァルザライズ鋼[In] ║ Varza Rise Steel Gray [In]
ヴァルザライズ雪[In] ║ Varza Rise White Snow [In]
ヴァルザライズ影[In] ║ Varza Rise Black Shadow [In]


タウリアラーグ ║ Taulia Larg
タウリアラーグ海 ║ Taulia Larg Blue Sea
タウリアラーグ空 ║ Taulia Larg Sky Blue
タウリアラーグ月 ║ Taulia Larg Yellow Moon
タウリアラーグ雪 ║ Taulia Larg White Snow
タウリアラーグ雅 ║ Taulia Larg Elegant Purple


ドラウリア・ヘッド ║ Draulia Head
ドラウリア・ボディ ║ Draulia Body
ドラウリア・アーム ║ Draulia Arms
ドラウリア・レッグ ║ Draulia Legs


ドラクレス・ヘッド ║ Dracless Head
ドラクレス・ボディ ║ Dracless Body
ドラクレス・アーム ║ Dracless Arms
ドラクレス・レッグ ║ Dracless Legs



  • トリリアムマリー鋼[Ou] ║ Trillium Marie Steel Gray [Ou]
  • トリリアムマリー冬[Ba] ║ Trillium Marie Winter White [Ba]
  • トリリアムマリー海[Ba] ║ Trillium Marie Blue Sea [Ba]
  • トリリアムマリー冬[In] ║ Trillium Marie Winter White [In]
  • トリリアムマリー空[In] ║ Trillium Marie Sky Blue [In]
  • フラグメントクラウン鋼[Ou] ║ Fragment Crown Steel Gray [Ou]
  • フラグメントクラウン冬[Ba] ║ Fragment Crown Winter White [Ba]
  • フラグメントクラウン玄[Ba] ║ Fragment Crown Mysterious [Ba]
  • フラグメントクラウン冬[In] ║ Fragment Crown Winter White [In]
  • フラグメントクラウン玄[In] ║ Fragment Crown Mysterious Black [In]
  • モダンハオリ冬 ║ Modan Haori Winter White
  • モダンハオリ玄 ║ Modan Haori Mysterious Black
  • モダンハオリ静 ║ Modan Haori Tranquil Blue
  • アイスオールブリンク ║ Ice Ol Blink
  • ダークオールブリンク ║ Dark Ol Blink
  • モンツキハオリ冬 ║ Montsuki Haori Winter White
  • モンツキハオリ玄 ║ Montsuki Haori Mysterious Black
  • モンツキハオリ静 ║ Montsuki Haori Tranquil Blue

Female Voice #140 (CV: Yūko Minaguchi)

  • 女性追加ボイス140
  • 女性C追加ボイス140 (Cast ver.)

Male Voice #105 (CV: Yuichi Nakamura)

  • 男性追加ボイス105
  • 男性C追加ボイス105 (Cast ver.)

Lobby Action

  • 281「ダンス40」 ║ Dance 40 (/la dance40)


  • 肩乗り白鷹 ║ Perched White Falcon

Mag Device

  • フードデバイス/法撃 ║ Food Device / T-ATK

Support Items

  • 属性変化(闇属性) ║ Attribute Change (Dark)
  • 属性変化(氷属性) ║ Attribute Change (Ice)
  • 属性変化(雷属性) ║ Attribute Change (Lightning)
  • 特殊能力追加(打撃&PP) ║ Add Special Ability (S-ATK & PP)


Bonus Scratch

Play this scratch a specific amount of times to receive exclusive bonus items!

(1) Draw the AC Scratch 5 times to receive:

  • Free Salon Pass

(2) Draw the AC Scratch 10 times to receive:

  • Head Riding Snow Rappy (Accessory)

(3) Draw the AC Scratch 15 times to receive:

  • New Year Carnival 2017 Mat (Room Item)

(4) Draw the AC Scratch Gold 2 times to receive:

  • Free Salon Pass

(5) Draw the AC Scratch Gold 4 times to receive:

  • Magatsu Bonus Key [Silver]

(6) Draw the AC Scratch Gold 6 times to receive:

  • +150% Tribooster

※Players can receive each item only once. All of these items are untradeable.


FUN Scratch

PSU Music Discs

  • Dagora City -Moatoob-
  • Kugu Desert
  • Machine Sparx


  • ミディアムエッジ ║ Medium Edge


  • アームキャノン ║ Arm Cannons
  • ブラスターユニット ║ Blaster Units
  • シシマイのおめん ║ Shishimai Mask 
  • ピッタ・ワッダヘッド ║ Pitta Wadda Head
  • パラタ・ピコーダヘッド ║ Parata Picoda Head
  • レッグバレットベルト ║ Leg Bullet Belt
  • アドオガルホーン ║ Ado Ogar Horns
  • イザオガルホーン ║ Iza Ogar Horns
  • ハンニャのおめん 赤 ║ Red Hannya Mask
  • ハンニャのおめん 白 ║ White Hannya Mask
  • レッドボンネット帽 ║ Red Bonnet Cap
  • ホワイトボンネット帽 ║ White Bonnet Cap


  • フラグメントステッカーA ║ Fragment Sticker A
  • フラグメントステッカーB ║ Fragment Sticker B
  • フラグメントステッカーC ║ Fragment Sticker C

Room Items

  • 戦国屏風 ║ Sengoku Folding Screen
  • 囲炉裏 ║ Sunken Hearth
  • 酒瓶 ║ Sake Bottle
  • とっくり&おちょこ ║ Sake Flask & Cup

Lobby Action

  • 204「ピョンピョン」 ║ 204「Hopping」


AC Scratch Directory



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PSO2 JP: Extended Maintenance and Patch (1/11/2017)

Our first big update of the new year brings gameplay additions and improvements, as well as a Las Vegas Limited Quest!

January 11th Maintenance

PSO2es Maintenance

  • 1/11/2017 @ 8:00 ~ 17:30 JST
  • 1/10/2017 @ 6:00 PM ~ 3:30 AM EST

January 11th Patch

  • Launcher: Version 04.00.03
  • Client: ver. 4.0701.0
  • Patch Size: 1.6 GB (PC) / xx (PS4) / 1298 MB (Vita)

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Patch Notes


  • Added Gathering Spots to Skyscape and Seabed fields.

New Limited Quest

  • 混沌もたらす戯神の嘲笑 Chaotic Pranksters’ Sneer
  • Available until February 8th, 2017

New Client Orders

  • Xie (Until 3/8)
  • New Daily Orders

New Potentials

  • Added new potential abilities


Partial New Item Listing



Time Attack Quests

Changed the names of the following Time Attack Quests

Before After
走破演習:ナベリウス 走破演習:ナベリウス上級
走破演習:ナベリウスII 走破演習:ナベリウス初級

Naberius 1 has become Naberius Advanced.
Naberius 2 has become Naberius Beginner.

Time Attack Adjustments

  • You will now be able to control your character during Operator transmissions in Naberius Beginner and Sanctum Time Attack Quests.


Time Attack Unlocking Conditions

Changed the Unlocking Conditions of the following Time Attack Quests

Time Attack Name New Conditions
Naberius Advanced
Clear the Following Client Orders and Quests:

  • Client Order:「探索許可申請試練・III」
  • ARKS Quest:「デ・マルモス鎮圧」

Or Clear Any of the Following Quests

  • Time Attack:「走破演習:ウォパル」/「走破演習:東京」
Naberius Beginner
Clear the Following Client Orders and Quests

  • Client Order「探索許可申請試練・VI」
  • Arks Quest「ウォルガーダ殲滅」

Or Clear Any of the Following Client Orders

  • Client Order: 「難易度制限解放試練・II」
Marathon Practice Lillipa
Clear the Following Client Orders and Quests

  • Client Orders:「探索許可申請試練・II」&「探索許可申請試練・IV」
  • Arks Quests:「稀少鉱石発掘任務」&「巨大変形機甲種撃破」

Or Clear Any of the Following Quests

  • Time Attack:「走破演習:ウォパル」/「走破演習:東京」
Marathon Practice Amduscia
Clear the Following Client Orders and Quests

  • Client Orders:「探索許可申請試練・I」&「探索許可申請試練・V」
  • Arks Quest:「キャタドラン討伐」&「キャタドランサ討伐」

Or Clear Any of the Following Quests

  • Time Attack:「走破演習:ウォパル」/「走破演習:東京」
Infiltration Practice: Sanctum
Clear the Following Client Orders and Quests

  • Client Order:「探索許可申請試練・VI」
  • Arks Quest:「ゴロンゾラン鎮圧」

Or Clear Any of the Following Quests

  • Time Attack:「走破演習:ナベリウス初級」
Marathon Practice: Wopal
Clear the Following Client Orders and Quests

  • Client Order:「適正能力審査試練・採掘場跡」
  • Arks Quest:「デコル・マリューダ討伐」

Or Clear Any of the Following Quests

  • Time Attack: 「走破演習:ナベリウス初級」
Successive Practice: Harkotan
Clear the Following Client Orders and Quests

  • Client Order:「適正能力審査試練・浮上施設」
  • Arks Quest:「コドッタ・イーデッタ討伐」

Or Clear any of the Following Quests

  • Time Attack: 「突破演習:龍祭壇」
 Successive Practice: Traces of Darkness
Clear the Following Client Orders and Quests

  • Client Order:「自由探索許可申請・遺跡」&「自由探索許可申請・採掘場跡」&「自由探索許可申請・黒ノ領域」
  • Free Field:「遺跡探索」&「採掘場跡探索」&「黒ノ領域探索」

Or Clear Any of the Following Quests

  • Time Attack: 「連破演習:ハルコタン」
Marathon Practice: Tokyo
Clear the Following Client Orders and Quests

  • Client Order:「自由探索許可申請・東京」
  • Free Field:「東京探索」

Or Clear Any of The Following Quests

  • Time Attack : 「走破演習:ナベリウス初級」


Weapons Badge Drop Changes

The following Quests will no longer drop [Weapons Badge 2016]

  • 混沌に惑う白き都 Shironian Pandemonium
  • 混沌まねく未知なる影 Chaotic Beguiler
  • 境界を貫く双角の凶鳥 Border Breaking Bird
  • 混沌導く闇の化身 Chaotic Darkness
  • 混沌産み出す闇の化身 Darkness From the Chaos
  • 来襲せし虚なる深遠の躯 Profound Invasion

You may continue to access the [Weapons Badge 2016 Exchange] from the Badge&Memory Exchange Shop].


Advance Quest Update

Added new interrupt events to certain Advance Quests.


Client Order & Daily Order Changes

Changed the names of the following Client Orders from Klotho.

Before After
勇往邁進の力試し・I 一路順風の力試し
勇往邁進の力試し・II 盤根錯節の力試し
勇往邁進の力試し・III 千錯万綜の力試し
勇往邁進の力試し・IV 一刻千金の力試し
勇往邁進の力試し・V 縦横無尽の力試し
勇往邁進の力試し・VI 水滴石穿の力試し
勇往邁進の力試し・VII 百錬成鋼の力試し


Changed the names of the following Daily Orders

Before After
周回:ナベリウスII走破・H 周回:ナベリウス初級走破・H
周回:ナベリウス走破・NI 周回:ナベリウス上級走破・N
周回:ナベリウス走破・HI 周回:ナベリウス上級走破・H
周回:ナベリウス走破・VHI 周回:ナベリウス上級走破・VH
周回:リリーパ走破・NI 周回:リリーパ走破・N
周回:リリーパ走破・HI 周回:リリーパ走破・H
周回:リリーパ走破・VHI 周回:リリーパ走破・VH
周回:アムドゥスキア走破・NI 周回:アムドゥスキア走破・N
周回:アムドゥスキア走破・HI 周回:アムドゥスキア走破・H
周回:アムドゥスキア走破・VHI 周回:アムドゥスキア走破・VH


Changed the unlocking conditions of Aika and Klotho’s Client Orders.

Client Order New Conditions
一刻千金の力試し Obtain & Clear the Following Situations:

  • Event Item:「遺跡探索許可証」
  • ARKS Quest「ウォルガーダ殲滅」

Or Clear the following Client Orders:

  • 難易度制限解放試練・II
一路順風の力試し Obtain & Clear the Following Situations:

  • Event Item:「凍土探索許可証」
  • ARKS Quest「デ・マルモス鎮圧」

Or Clear Any of the Following Quests:

  • Time Attack:「走破演習:ウォパル」/「走破演習:東京」
盤根錯節の力試し Obtain & Clear the Following Situations:

  • Event Item:「砂漠探索許可証」「地下坑道探索許可証」
  • ARKS Quest「稀少鉱石発掘任務」「巨大変形機甲種撃破」

Or Clear Any of the Following Quests:

  • Time Attack:「走破演習:ウォパル」/「走破演習:東京」
千錯万綜の力試し Obtain & Clear the Following Situations

  • Event Item:「火山探索許可証」「浮遊大陸探索許可証」
  • ARKS Quest「キャタドラン討伐」「キャタドランサ討伐」

Or Clear Any of the Following Quests

  • Time Attack:「走破演習:ウォパル」/「走破演習:東京」
縦横無尽の力試し Obtain & Clear the Following Situations:

  • Event Item:「龍祭壇探索許可証」
  • ARKS Quest「ゴロンゾラン鎮圧」

Or Clear the Following Quests:

  • Time Attack:「走破演習:ナベリウス初級」
水滴石穿の力試し Obtain & Clear the Following Situations:

  • Event Item:「海底探索許可証」
  • ARKS Quest「デコル・マリューダ討伐」

Or Clear the Following Quests

  • Time Attack:「走破演習:ナベリウス初級」
百錬成鋼の力試し Obtain & Clear the Following Situations:

  • Event Item:「黒ノ領域探索許可証」
  • ARKS Quest「コドッタ・イーデッタ討伐」

Or Clear the Following Quests:

  • Time Attack:「突破演習:龍祭壇」
アークス連破能力調査 Obtain & Clear the Following Situations:

  • Event Item:「自由探索許可証・遺跡」「自由探索許可証・採掘場跡」「自由探索許可証・黒ノ領域」
  • Free Field 「遺跡探索」「採掘場跡探索」「黒ノ領域探索」
  • Client Order「アークス走破能力調査」

Or Clear the Following Quests and Client Orders

  • Time Attack:「連破演習:ハルコタン」
  • Client Order「アークス走破能力調査


Story Board

Story Board Update

  • Added an [Easy] option for Episode 4’s Story Board.
  • Adjusted the enemy levels on the following [Normal] Story Quests:
    • 「目覚めの時」
    • 「幻創の現実」
    • 「日常への帰還」
    • 「幻創の暴走」
    • 「世界変革の声」
    • 「地球の導き手」
    • 「哀しき再会」


Team Room

Team Room Update

  • Added new Team Room [Moon’s Surface]
  • The default cursor position prior to starting the Balloon Collecting minigame will now be set to [Yes] instead of [No].
  • Expanded the range in which you can collect a balloon.


Collection File

Collection File Update

  • You can now hold up to two additional Collection Files by paying Star Gems.
  • The rare drop boosting portion of the Collection File results will now display in yellow.
  • Collection File notifications will display upon logging in when the following conditions are met.
    • If you do not possess a valid Collection File
    • If your Class Level is 60+
    • If you do not posses the Title [新世強化の道を歩む者]


Shop Updates

Limited-Time Shop

  • Added [New Year Carnival Shop: Part 1] to Xie
  • [New Year Carnival Shop: Part 1]  runs until February 8th.

Treasure Shop

  • Updated the product listing in the Treasure Shop

Casino Prize Counter

  • Updated the product listing in the Casino Prize Counter

Skill Ring / Cuisine Shop

FUN Shop / My Room Shop

  • Added products to the FUN Shop and My Room Shop.

Recycle Shop

  • Added items to the Recycle Shop
  • Reduced the cost of the [Mag Form Changing Pass] to 1 item.

EXCube Shop

  • Categorized and added Lv.17 PA Disks to the EXCube Shop.

Preview Window

  • Added a Preview Window to the following shops:
    • Recycle Shop リサイクルショップ
    • Pyroxene Shop 輝石交換ショップ
    • Spellstone Shop 魔石交換ショップ
    • Emblem Exchange Shop 証交換ショップ
    • Pet Goods Shop ペットグッズショップ
    • Rest Area Challenge Quest Shops チャレンジクエスト内の交換ショップ
    • Treasure Shopトレジャーショップ


Other Adjustments

Other Adjustments

  • You can now place Cuisines onto the Player Shop market.
  • The My Shop Search menu will now split up Gathering into two categories.
  • Added an option to toggle the display of Rare Item notifications for Party Members.
  • Made it easier to see the damage numbers of Critical hits.
  • Adjusted the conditions of acquiring certain Titles
  • Fainted pets will now be grayed out when switching the Weapon Palette.
  • Added an option in the Drink Menu to temporarily halt the effects of boost items.
  • Certain ARKS League objectives will no longer count if you are in the Campship.

Balance Adjustments

  • Extended the duration of drinks to 60 minutes.
  • Buffed the power of Turrets in certain Hard or Higher quests.
  • Daily Boosts will now cap at +50%.
  • Daily Orders will now provide +5% to the Daily Boost.
  • You can now obtain [Weapons Badge 2017] from Featured Quests
  • Increased the amount of Star Gems you receive from:
    • Maxed Attachment Gauges
    • Magatsu Bonus Quests [Silver & Gold]
  • Buffed the Fishing Animation Speed
  • Relaxed qualifying enemy levels for Koffie’s Level Cap Trial I & II client order.

Campaign Reward

  • Christmas Eve Star Gem Presents have been sent to those who qualify.

Guide Update


Xie’s Client Orders & Shop

Xie is coming to the Character Catalogue after maintenance!


Emergency Quest Schedule

Boost Event 49

▲▲ Eastern Standard Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

▲▲ Japanese Standard Time ▲▲
Please [Refresh] the calendar after maintenance has ended!

Eastern / Central / Mountain / Arizona / Pacific

Hawaii / São Paulo / London / Berlin / Moscow

Bangkok / Philippines / Sydney / Japan

Please Note:

  • The Emergency Quest schedule will update automatically during maintenance. Please wait until after maintenance has ended to see the current schedule.
  • Please resync the calendar periodically to receive the latest updates, as the schedule may change at Sega’s discretion.
  • This calendar is unable to show Emergency Quests that occur at random.
  • Boost Events that occur for 24 hours will appear in this calendar with only their start times.
  • Boost Events that occur for several hours will use the “period” suffix in their titles. Please check the Google Calendar itself to view the event duration.
  • ARKS Leagues are typically 3 hours long. Check the event itself for details on its duration.


Order Request Campaign

Players can vote for a Client Order they’d like to complete in the future. The Client Order with the most votes will run as part of a Client Order Campaign beginning January 18th!

Voting Procedure

  • Click the black and orange [投票する] button to vote for a Client Order.
  • You may vote for a client order once a day after 0:00 JST.
  • Players who clear the winning Client Order will receive prizes in their Visiphone.

Voting Period

  • January 11th ~ January 16 @ 11:00 JST.


Client Order Vote

Client Order 1 Client Order 2
Hans Revelle
暴進せし鋼鉄の健脚  デモリション・アンビション・II
Prize Prize
+30% Ability Affixing Rate (x2)

Grind Skip (→5) (x3)

~ Vote Here ~


※ The Client Order Campaign will begin after January 18th’s Maintenance!


Spend AC, Get Items #30

Players who spend set amounts of AC during the campaign period will receive several prizes!

Campaign Period

  • January 11th ~ January 25th

Campaign Qualifications

(1) Spend 500+ AC during the campaign period to receive:

  • +50% Tribooster
  • 15,000 EXP Ticket (x3)

(2) Spend 2000+ AC during the campaign period to receive:

  • +100% Tribooster (x2)
  • 15,000 EXP Ticket (x5)

(3) Spend 5000+ AC during the campaign period to receive:

  • Rappy Suit
  • +30% Ability Affixing Success

(4) Spend 10,000 AC during the campaign period to receive:

  • +150% Tribooster (x3)
  • Lambda Grinder (x2)

※AC / iAC spent in PSO2es prior to linking does not qualify for this campaign. However, any AC or iAC spent after linking will qualify for the campaign.

Ways You Can Spend AC

  • Playing Arks Scratch on PSO2 or PSO2es
  • Buying Arks Scratch Ticket Bundles
  • Buying Items in the AC Shop
  • Using a Scape Doll to revive
  • Using AC Content at the Beauty Salon
  • Spending AC to add a Skill Tree
  • Spending AC to reset a Skill Tree
  • Spending AC to buy a character
  • Transferring to another ship

Using [Arks Scratch Tickets] to play the AC Scratch does not fulfill the campaign requirements of spending AC.

Prize Pickup Period

  • Available instantly but expires March 1st (Maintenance)

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